The Revolutionary Garden

These are the bamboos I dug up from the neighborhood. I planted them in a pot. And I hope to get some affordable wood stock from these…

Here, nearly everything is shared. There are two community electric cars - donated by the Erssons who no longer have a private car-, shared bicycles (and bike trailers), an extensive fruit orchard, berry and grape patches, and a considerable community garden space. Photovoltaics provide about two-…

Potato Buckets!

I have been really into the aspect of growing potatoes in buckets for multiple reasons: For one it seems cheap enough; Secondly the nature of being able to have buckets as a mobilized garden could be great in so many areas. Don’t have the time or energy to cultivate your soil? Bucket. Live in the ci…

Roth Stout's method of gardening

I’ve tested this out over concrete slabs and over nutrient-starved sand. As long as your bed of mulch and good growing material is thick enough you can grow just about anything. Though, even with the modified method where you add bagged dirt on top of the mulch, I found it difficult to grow anything…

Where to start?

We finally found a bigger apartment we can afford and have a second bedroom we’d like to use for some of our pastimes like sewing and whatnot. I’d like to start growing some vegetables and maybe fruit as well if possible. Does anyone have any experience with indoor growing with hydroponics or anythi…

P.s. The African Violet is named Celery. If anyone has recommendations for names for the seedlings, that’d be great. I have two basils and three (maybe four) eggplants…

A person in this community mentioned this multiple times to me, but I’m still learning about it. Actually, just beginning to in all honesty…

The Revolutionary Garden

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