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Covid vaccines have killed and injured fewer people than cars, eating too much, and you know, covid.

Imma buy 750 nm and sue the rainbow for infringing on my ownership!

The Keto people especially, I’ve noticed. Because god forbid you’re exposed to the toxic waste that is beans.

Geneticists be like:


Ah yes. The most vital organ: shoes.

I find it more frustrating when I just start typing into vim because I forgot that it doesn’t default to insert mode.

Thought experiment: if a mainstream news outlet (is Fox still considered mainstream in the US? I feel like it’s become a fringe outlet that’s become largely discredited) offered to interview Lemmy’s devs or instance admins, how would/should we respond?

Personally, I would never go on a televised interview, or even a phone interview, just for privacy reasons and because I get crippling stage freight. At most I’d write in with my responses to their questions if they asked me to, though I feel that even that should only be done collectively by the entire dev or admin team.

The admins have the ability to and reserve the right to appoint a new head mod to any community on their local instance. We actually do it semi often on Lemmy.ml, you can request to become the mod of a community if it has no mods, or all the mods have been inactive for several months.

But that shouldn’t exacerbate with height, should it? Shouldn’t the surface area alone determine energy use?

The article proposes that it’s because the air temperature is much colder the higher you go, and winds get much stronger, but also admits that it’s just a theory.

IMO, if someone isn’t even able to look past a name, they were never going to be convinced.

They DEFINITELY don’t “just work” if you have anything other than the latest Apple products.

You have really pretty eyes

Or tax according to income? Or even the cost of the car?

Is there no guardrail separating the offramp?

Cheap Intel Atom/Core M tablet running Linux with your favourite document reader?

Pine64 also has the PineNote if you want an E-ink display.

People who’ve had to deal with tech support chatbots know the frustration.

Reminds me when they were selling iPhones with Parler installed for absurd amounts of money on eBay.

Pictured: A diagram of plant evolution and speciation, simplified…

Government: a TV segment about how healthcare workers are heroes and a fighter jet flyover on a major hospital. Take it or leave it.

I’ll stick with the ol’ toothpaste and orange juice