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This exists
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/d1381f54-be6c-4aa1-af4c-88267bc8aff6.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/d07953a3-c0bd-48d9-826f-3f44fe492438.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/72ac82f3-42e8-432f-ba75-9f186ccedf65.jpeg)

We’re on a steady track back to feudalism where a Lord owns both the land and all the people that live on the land.

This is right after Ukraine banned the main opposition party and seized all their assets. Democracy!

Watch as all the libs scream misinformation, propaganda, the whole nine yards, right after eating up every single thing the US has said about the Ukraine situation.

Seeing how they’re in Australia, I’m genuinely concerned for their safety after a statement like this. Australian government is shady AF and rabidly anti-China and anti-socialism.

We’re getting real close to someone making NFTs of sexual orientations and genders themselves. “Want to be gay? Sorry, I own that.”

If we can manage to do this with the inedible parts of food crops, like the husks and stems, we’d be golden. Though, those parts usually only contain cellulose and not much else. If the process is glucose based, it’d be able to handle it no problem. If the process is fatty acid or protein based, that won’t work because the structural parts if plants contain very little fat and protein. And the fat and protein are also coincidentally the reasons the plant parts we eat are the parts we eat.

Word of warning, make sure your dog/cat doesn’t poop where the robot can get to it. There’s a really gross image that went viral a few years ago where a roomba ran over a dog turd and smeared it all over the house. I thought “how often could that possibly happen?” Until our family got a puppy, who still poops indoors on a pad we put on the floor, and literally within two months it fucking happened. Dog pooped, we didn’t notice, roomba got to it first. All this happened within three minutes. FUUUUUUUCK!

Okay, 1984 is a pretty bad political commentary and very much a strawman argument against socialism. But that’s not even the problem here. The 1984 quote is about changing history and gas lighting people to think the new narrative is actually how it happened (which I see the West doing more than the USSR or other socialist countries, BTW), but when exactly did Elliot Page try to convince anyone he was always called Elliot Page? It’s called transitioning for a goddamn reason?! Saying “I now prefer that you call me this” is not changing history, it concerns the present and future, not the past! Transgender people saying things like “I’ve always felt like I was the other gender” or “I’ve always wanted to go by this name” isn’t changing history either, they’re literally acknowledging that they were not recognised as that gender and/or name in the past!

All in all, you, commenter, get an F in literary analysis. You completely missed the significance of the quote in the original text, and tried to apply it to a completely irrelevant example.

Immigration lawyers’ marketing tactics always seem super predatory to me, like, even more predatory than your garden variety marketing. Speaking as someone who’s been through the immigration process.


F-droid link: https://f-droid.org/packages/de.tadris.fitness

F-droid link: https://f-droid.org/packages/de.tadris.fitness

Literally no other of his country stick figures has ever had that facial expression. It’s strictly for East Asian countries, and this is their neutral face. The Asian countries in his videos also have a lot less facial expressions in general.

Given the fact that “slanted eyes”, “narrow eyes”, " look like they always have their eyes closed", etc are a common racist stereotype for East Asians, he has some explaining to do.

“Russia/China/whatever is undermining countries’ right to self determination!”

And in literally the next breath:

“Don’t buy this country’s stuff because we said so!”

“Forced to”

They can’t afford to even if they want to! You know, that’s the actual biggest reason mentally ill poor people don’t get treatment?

Happy we think we can apologize for genocide to wash our hands of all responsibility day!

Yeah because Europe really appreciated it the last time.