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I can’t even get my family to ditch the anti-russia anti-china hysteria.

I can spread things I’ve learned and read but MSM and some conditioning still has a big hold on many people’s minds which is tough to break.

I had a kind of sh*tty experience when I volunteered to help homeless people.

A couple of old folks I worked with were libs u know upset about Russia and trying to boycott and that…

Anyways I suggested maybe a lot of homelessness brings down wages… (trying to apply/misappropriate Marx). They were mean to me but there was a homeless guy there I forgot about who said most of them don’t even want to work anyways.

Then you know talking to those libs about China too is a lost cause to a large degree.

I talked to other volutunteers about what I’m reading and learning about China and I think they were OK with it.

There was a volunteer with a blue lives matter flag but I didn’t talk to him much.

To a large degree petty politics shouldn’t interfere with most of your volunteer work if it just entails making sure people are housed and/or fed and entertained.

I’m sorry people are being used to be clowns like this.

It’s offensive. See the CPC and how well they conduct themselves. They make most of the ‘grown ups’ in the west look like clowns.

And they are full grown communists.

I think he’s pretty sexy, wadda chad.

Sounds like a pesticide or cleaning product to me. Same thing amiright.

Liberals don’t even pretend to care about free speech tho.

It’s that picture in particular. I looked it up and there are better ones from that meeting.

I want to read about this. Shame Fidel looks old.

Big Red Book on China, Carl Zha, On the Governance of China by Xi…

Something to think about actually is how we can organize coder collectives to be radically anti-capitalist.

They certainly will and there is little we can do to stop them so let’s focus on the revolution.

Are you ready to lay down your life for leaders that are thieves, pedophiles, rapists and murderers.

No war but the one that puts these poor f*ckers out of their misery.

Fine because they don’t represent the working class.

That was the impression/counseling I got. And I was told you can make small addons/mods to the AGPL…

How can we learn more about this stuff?

But GPL3 will still restrict the distribution of your software. Sadly if ur sh*t isn’t friendly enough to corporations then it won’t make it to the masses in the tech world.

Ok thank you for the reply. Maybe we need a better solution than trying to make a whole new browser from scratch as an attempt to compete with the corporations.

These are the bamboos I dug up from the neighborhood. I planted them in a pot. And I hope to get some affordable wood stock from these…