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Desirable pressure/airflow/wattage for radiator fans?
For my workstation water cooling project I plan on ordering some of these [18W fans]( to mount to the radiator. I plan to test with PWM what output is optimal for the whole system. I would like to see if it's really worth it to pay more for these heavy duty guys. I figure since the bottle neck in any fan dependent cooling system is the air thermal conductivity then it should be advantageous to pass more airflow but I don't know at what point there is another limiting factor. I want to get better metrics on this.

No markation and IC is shaved. Want to use for radiator fans on my workstation water loop. ![](

Workstation cooling system - what fan system should I use to cool radiator?
I've ordered a [360mm radiator]( for my budget Xeon workstation project. What fans should I buy and how should I wire it to my motherboard which has two 4 pin fan connectors?

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