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Part of why this is happening is the central bank raising interest rates in the US because of that inflation. When it looks like it’s going to get more and more expensive to hold dollars in the future, the dollar is bought up a lot, forcing other currencies out. This and the energy crisis the US created is forming a combined effect to destroy those currencies. It makes the dollar stronger internationally, while doing very little to address domestic pricing problems.

They’re already blaming Russia for the energy crisis. Come winter, when people start freezing, they’ll blame Russia even more and I think that’s how the next world war is gonna get started. As bloodthirsty as they are about death in ukraine, it’ll be exponentially higher at seeing death in western europe.

Oh, yeah. Azov responded by sending more people to the frontline and threatening to send even more. Other politicians actively called for his death. An entire social media campaign got started up accusing him of capitulation to Russia.

With all that going on in public, I’m sure there were private talks that did even more to convince him to stop even making small attempts at peace.

It’s been useful for destabilizing the region in general. A lot of the people involved in the 9/11 attacks in the US were Saudi, and it was a convenient excuse to start wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Nobody ever even got upset with KSA.

We’ve been treating Germany badly for a while now. Ally isn’t the greatest word for it. Maybe supra-colony?

Would it be fair to say that fascism is a feature of liberal democracy? Or at least that liberal democracy isn’t exclusive of fascism?

Meanwhile, we literally sell air in canisters at corner stores in the US. It even has the face attachment included.

Yeah, it’s not a gun fight when both sides don’t have guns. It’s a shooting. Like that was a nuclear holocaust, not a nuclear war.

What gives you the impression that the system has ever represented regular people?

I don’t think it would be the end of history, just the end of history as we currently know it. There would still be events worth documenting, for example, but history books would look a lot different if they weren’t so focused on the conflicts that are inevitable in class society.

One of the big changes was talk radio. They worked really hard to differentiate themselves from the people they were shit talking by referring to all of them as liberals all the time. The more progressive liberals co-opted it as they do with everything and now almost everyone thinks conservatives are distinct from liberals somehow.

Yeah. They don’t count as European anymore because they aren’t white anymore.

Just basically national sovereignty, right? All nations should have the right to sovereignty, not just the white nation. In practice within the US, this would probably mean balkanization and federation. Land Back and New Afrika are the single most important issues to support within the US, imo. The capitalism within this country is founded not on imperialism outside of itself, but on internal colonization of the Black and Indigenous nations. Undo that internal colonization, and the empire will crumble.

This is pessimistic, but I think ww3 is still more likely. The energy crisis is already portrayed as an act of aggression by Russia, and it could easily be used as justification for war with the rising fascist movements in the west. The US is already trying to pick a fight with China, too. And Russia and China have declared themselves allies without limit(I don’t think I got the phrase right).

I always tell people fascism is the name they gave colonization when it affected white people. By separating the two, Western people can deal with the trauma it caused without addressing their own guilt in doing the same to others.

Yeah, this is how the US justified the Iraq invasion. It removes their statehood and builds the narrative that almost everyone in the country is a slave of the leader, who has ultimate power over everything in their borders. It’s part of the dehumanization of the people and the cartoon villain image of the leader.

Which Party?
I'm in the US, and I was wondering what everyone thought of the differences between PCUSA, CPUSA, & PSL. I've heard a little about each, but thought there may be comrades with experience in the parties that could help clarify their differences. After doing a sitewide search for the PSL website, I couldn't find Marxism-Leninism anywhere so that was disappointing. I found it on both other sites, but PCUSA accuses CPUSA of being revisionist, and I've heard rumors about CPUSA being filled with bad actors, but don't know enough to confirm it deny it. It's just worrisome. PCUSA seems very new, so I wonder how their organization is going. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Edit: sorry if this is the wrong community for this, but this community has a lot of principled people, so that's why I thought I might get the best answers here.

My mint
These are out front. I've told my neighbors they can come by and grab some when they want. I think only one neighbor has come so far. It grows quick, so it doesn't take a large patch to keep plenty around.

They're usually bigger, but it's been a hot, dry summer. The leaves are edible and go great in soups or with eggs! They need to be cooked, though, or they'll cause gastrointestinal distress. At least, I was told that and haven't bothered testing it. Lol

Lenin: 3 sources and component parts of Marxism
I wanted to see what others thought when reading the introduction. I immediately thought of all the "science" done in the US that said smoking wasn't bad for you or that climate change wasn't caused by human activity. I'm sure there are many other examples, but Lenin is specifically talking about social sciences. Does anyone know of any examples of this? I like to try to connect theory to historical or current events because it helps me understand better, but I'm drawing a blank right now. I've included the intro that I'm talking about below. "Throughout the civilised world the teachings of Marx evoke the utmost hostility and hatred of all bourgeois science (both official and liberal), which regards Marxism as a kind of “pernicious sect”. And no other attitude is to be expected, for there can be no “impartial” social science in a society based on class struggle. In one way or another, all official and liberal science defends wage-slavery, whereas Marxism has declared relentless war on that slavery. To expect science to be impartial in a wage-slave society is as foolishly naïve as to expect impartiality from manufacturers on the question of whether workers’ wages ought not to be increased by decreasing the profits of capital."

Have y'all found any other communities since coming from Reddit? If so, what are your favorites so far? Are there any communities you would like to see that you haven't found?

NSFW function
Just wondering if there's a NSFW function here. I just saw a post about the Ukraine conflict, and the poster mentioned they didn't know how to blur the photo that was included. That got me to realize I don't know how to, either.

Learning Plan?
I know some things work differently here on Lemmy, but is there a way to put a learning plan into the sidebar or something similar? Would we even want that?