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The amount of sheer evidence at the failure of anarchism, on top of documents from the imperial core stating it’s ineptitude and a way to counter true proletarian struggle, and Western “leftists” still don’t see it.

It’s not even blind ignorance, although many might be. They just care about themselves and the benefits of living in a society that extracts wealth from the Global South.

It’s just hard to make that argument in my mind when all these big companies that suck up the wealth of the entire world are built off FOSS software.

There’s truth there for sure, but any sort of mode of production can be taken and used in a different system. Post-Mao China has clearly taken advantage of capitalist means of production but under the guise of a workers state as businesses cannot run in the country without being overseen by the CPC. So in reverse, capitalist entities can take FOSS and use them for their own benefit, especially if the software in question isn’t using staunch copy-left licensing like GPLv3.

Exactly, the biggest issues with Linux are always hardware support. Microsoft was the first to hit it big in the consumer world, so along with their monopolization and the MaRkEt they were cemented as the platform that everything focuses on.

Yeah that argument is shit. Nobody is asking companies to support everything possible. Honestly as long as software is created with actual effort and packaged with .deb and .rpm, the community will figure out the rest. If it’s on Linux I’ve been able to install it on Void regardless of how it’s delivered.

The biggest issue though I see in Linux and general FOSS software adoption is capitalism. Companies will never put full effort in a large scale to put capital into development of solutions that make them less money. Until a proletarian state apparatus is implemented, where FOSS is mandated, Linux will never gain widespread adoption. Because let’s be honest, FOSS ideals are communist - much to the anger and denial of techbros who bang on about “don’t tread on me”

I haven’t seen this ep yet but I’m conflicted on it.

Sure getting attention of use is good, but the tactic of approaching this as a noob isn’t working. I seriously doubt someone would go straight to the terminal to install something of the GUI didn’t let them, or attempt things so pigheadedly. They’re attempting to use a different OS with the same Windows mentality. You’d have similar overall results getting someone trying to force Mac to act just like Windows.

Also while blocking any legislation for improvements in public transport, and what does go through are half-assed “improvements” for buses (dedicated lanes, etc) with caveats that make it impossible to ever upgrade them to rail without going through the whole process over again.

It's amusing to browse /r/gcj until you remember it's filled with this...

Libs complaining about the ephemeral tankies invading everything with zero self awareness. Not like MLs can help it that a spectre is haunting them…

I get the hate for Ubuntu, but the counter of Arch annoys me to no end.

Ubuntu is widely used for a reason, Arch is niche for a reason. You don’t see Void or Debian users like me jerking about distros. We find what works for us and use it for whatever we need

From what I remember seeing they’ve been officially using Reddit as it places less onus on the maintainers to have to organize and maintain a separate forum. I get it, the team is small and having something else is more overhead. It’d be nice to use something other than Reddit though for sure.

Unrelated but I hate how Rust closed their IRC rooms and are officially on Discord, and even worse platform honestly. I’m still hoping to really start learning Rust but the thought of having to use Discord for anything when IRC and Matrix exist annoys the hell out of me


Custom domains where what I used to move off gmail years ago, it makes it so easy to switch, and it’s why I could never consider posteo (unless they now allow for custom domains). Just point it to the new provider and import old mail and you’re good

You can’t be entirely sure, but their plain outward support for these nationalist movements means they’re at odds with their opposition, Hong Kong/China & Belarus/Russia. For the former, the Hong Kong protestors were clearly a guise to attempt to destabilize China. The latter is slightly less obvious as Belarus isn’t socialist and Lukashenko isn’t a communist, and the protests weren’t entirely nationalist, but it was co-opted in an effort to further Western imperialism given Lukashenko’s dismissal of giving into neoliberal measures that benefit the US et. al..

And given everything I’ve seen from them is also in English, it means they cater entirely to Western audiences and obviously hyper-focused on English speakers, who will all fall under the umbrella of US hegemony more so than most. Yet they were incredibly quiet during the BLM protests in the US last year, making zero effort to proclaim they’re on the side of activists that aren’t funded by the US. There’s no mention of siding with the activists fighting the continued attempts to destabilize China, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, etc. - and that’s all recent.

Overall it’s very suspicious. They cannot be trusted to provide encryption and security given their agenda easily made clear.

And no surprise. Despite vacillating between clasifying China as “friendly” (i.e. subservient) or “hostile” 70s-onward depending on its current perceived threat level to US hegemony, the US will always take any chance to try and erode China’s influence under the guise of “freedom from communism.”

I’m giving a try and it’s working great so far, and has all those features available. Also much cheaper

Revolution is my retirement plan

The takeaway is it’s upholding of color revolutions and nationalist movements.

Contrary to what many people in the West say, everything has politics to a degree, whether it be explicit or implicit. This thinking is unfortunately very prevalent in tech communities. The cries to keep politics out of things simply does not make sense; ambivalency and apoliticalness is a form of political expression which, in its nature of “not caring,” gives way to the dominant political ideology of the ruling class and it’s state power over society.

In this case, claiming to be for “privacy” and “activists” while citing explicitly money being funneled into pro-capitalist and nationalist movements pushed for by the ruling class, is hypocritical and is the result of what I said above. It shows their true colors and how untrustworthy they are, where their allegiances lie with the ruling class. Their upholding of Western capitalism means they cannot be trusted with actual liberation movements of the masses, of privacy from the insidious arms of the State, and actual freedom for the many.

I’ll have to give this a whirl. I usually use nnn for more complicated directory traversal in lieu of ol faithful cd && ls but this could come in handy

Yet another reason to use vim/neovim

Broke: card-carrying communist party member

Woke: activist card carrier

I got suckered into ProtonMail a few years ago as a secure way to send email given its convenience. But then what’s the point when the vast majority of my email log is going to be mailing lists/updates etc. and the things that should be encrypted aren’t really as the other party doesn’t use PGP keys?


Email is inherently insecure. If you want or need secure communications, that’s what software like Briar, Matrix, or Signal (yes despite some drama). …


That would be pretty redundant given it’s always going to be liberal shit :P

If there’s enough content to differentiate it from here or /c/shitfascistssay then sure!

@savoytoFULLCOMMUNISMNo thanks

lmao at this post comments on reddit, some touchy USians couldn’t take it