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bspwm \o/

But when I’ve used a full DE I always go with XFCE

Don’t forget about IRC Highway as an option as well

Wow, radicle has a lot more progress on it compared to when I last saw it like 2 years ago! I’ll have to check it out.

I’ve also recently discovered stagit and I think it’s even lighter than cgit. It’s pretty much just static pages that have to be regenerated with every new commit, but it’s super easy to set up.

Horror films are my absolute JAM. There are too many that I’d say are must-watches but I will always recommend Alien. It’s one of my favorite films of all time.

If I had a dollar every time some “leftist” equates Lenin’s words on participating in bourgeois parliaments to voting blue, I’d be able to fund the revolution single-handedly.

I hope more young people begin to realize it. Unfortunately I see a lot unwilling to or that just don’t care. It makes me sad at what the internet could be but I can understand why the youth would see it this way. Ruling class hegemony has done an exceptional job at funneling people towards closed platforms with monetary ideals under the guise of being user-friendly/modern/fun.

I understand the issues people bring up on initial download/install user-friendliness. Debian has needed a site upgrade for ages now, and that doesn’t mean JS-ridden or anything. Just an easy-to-read and more up-to-date with what makes a clean, simple site. There’s a lot more to find on the Debian site so it’s wouldn’t be 1:1, but the site for Void Linux is clear on distro info and how/what to download.

That’s all Debian needed, a good site that points unfamiliar users (something like if you’ve never installed Linux) to the non-free firmware installer. For everyone else, the default ISO will work or they’ll know to get the non-free. Bundling in the proprietary by default just flies in the face of everything Debian’s stood for since its inception.

xbps-src on Void is very similar to Arch’s PKGBUILD. The only thing Void doesn’t have is a user repository akin to the AUR, but it’s entirely possible if the community wanted to created a “VUR” of some sort.


I posted this article in another thread, but in short (as I’m on mobile) it’s related to one of the biggest contradictions of capitalism: the crisis of overproduction.

The timing is pure irony. “Authoritarian” Cuba passes sweeping changes while the “Democratic” US continues to delay until the eventual watered-down bill that in essence changes absolutely nothing.

I haven’t, but it looks like I’m going to have to add it to my to-watch list

It’s also incredibly common in Latin America and not just among the wealthiest echelon. And it’s nearly always lighter Latinos employing darker-skinned.

There’s the classic attempt at justifying it as well, that maids are “part of the family”, with a lot of them (in the wealthier houses) living either full-time or part-time in the house they clean.