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sourcehut is really nice tbh. if the cost is prohibitive of course don’t go for it, but i was hesitant for a while before finally moving over to it and it’s definitely worth it, especially if you’re more of a CLI-type person. the workflow integrates nicely vs GUI. i’m just a hobbyist though so i’ve never used any “hub” to the full extent of its capabilities but everything i’ve done with it has been great

Democrats we call your bluff, voting blue is not enough!

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Inflation has always been “good” (i.e. for the rich) up to a point. Low interest rates with the Fed and it’s policy of quantitative easing makes it even more difficult for the working class to save money in the US - given the absolute meager state of social security and other methods in place to support the working class under capitalism - but it’s nothing but a boon for corporations as more money and higher prices means better profits.

There’s a lot of work going on for the People’s Summit (which starts today!) which would definitely be important to prioritize. Can’t have too many comrades arrested or detained when it’s an “all hands on deck” type situation elsewhere in the city

Yes, and I think it’s important to at least have similar views.

Certainly having a partner be a communist means that such an important part of your lives are compatible makes things easier, as well as having a built-in comrade no matter what. I’m sure relationships work where people with different political thoughts works, but I’ve only seen that (in the US) with a Democrat and a Republican partner. That would work fine given they’re both on the right, but I’m not sure anti-capitalist and pro-capitalists relationship would last, unless their or one of their views was lukewarm and not even close to revolutionary enough.

😒🤚display manager

😏 👉 startx

i’ve never tested start-up times with each but startx just makes a lot more sense when you’re just using a WM manager anyway. bonus points for looking cool and impressing your non-tech friends when logging in though

Anything online’s going to be a crapshoot. Honestly arguing and trying to win over demsocs online is going to be futile. Majority-white “socialists” online aren’t going to change their opinion in confrontations against communists. It can be infuriating, but we all need to hold revolutionary optimism that revolution in the imperial core is an inevitability.

It’s less that we deal with them and more that we pretty much ignore or leverage them for revolutionary purposes.

DSA-type “socialists” aren’t a majority, and they’re not the masses that we should be trying to meet and reach out to; our focus should be on them. Demsocs will either stay hard in their position before inevitably being proven wrong (as history has shown) or flip to being true anti-communist reactionaries when the time comes.

In short by “State” Marxists mean the structure and tools in place meant to oppress other classes and hold onto power. So the the whithering away doesn’t necessarily mean no government, it means the need for a state will cease to exist. Things like medical research aren’t dependent on the state given its definition, and by the time we reach the point to where a state would be useless, reactionary elements would most likely not emerge or be effectively useless and in such small numbers that the people of a communist society would have no fear of counter-revolution.

Remmebr, Marxists aren’t utopian and trying to add conjecture to what a stateless society would look like is futile. There’s also therefore no right or wrong way to how it could eventually be organized.

That’s what I’m waiting for tbh

Yeah posting in liberal online spaces is always going to be hit or miss, there’s no motivation from the other party to enter into good-faith discussions. As this event is currently ongoing, it’s probably best to ease in very gently and try to get a feel if discussing is going to be a waste of time or not, then try to focus on NATO instead of letting the other party dictate the flow towards condeming Russia.

It’s similar to the idea that everyone’s a temporarily embarassed millionaire.

Bourgeois hegemony has drilled into people tenants of “rugged individualism,” and its hyper-influential in the US. Businesses are portrayed as the peak of this individualism: one person with an idea that meets a need and builds on it until its successful.

Meanwhile the government is constantly portrayed as something that should more or less be in the background, with the purpose of easing capitalist transactions. This has changed over the course of time, or varies between sectors of the populace, and differs between countries. In the end it doesn’t matter as the bourgeoisie doesn’t see this variance as a threat. It uses it to give off the appearance that they’re open to “democracy” as people are allowed differences in opinion. And these differences in opinion still see the bourgeoise in power and a capitalist society. As it’s not revolutionary it’s not dangerous to their power.

The PSL’s statement on Russia’s intervention is a good read to view the line we should take on this conflict.

The conflict currently exploding in Ukraine and rippling throughout the region and the entire world is hugely dangerous. The reckless and provocative actions of the U.S. government and its allies must cease immediately. The economic warfare being unleashed against Russia — which will first and foremost affect the country’s working class — will only deepen the crisis, as would troop deployments anywhere in Europe.

Recognizing that Russia has legitimate security concerns does not require an endorsement of all its military actions, nor Putin’s suggestion that Ukraine has no basis to exist as an independent county, nor his larger geopolitical strategies. The role of the U.S. antiwar movement is not to follow the line of countries in conflict with U.S. imperialism, but to present an independent program of peace and solidarity and anti-imperialism.

The menace of war can only be defeated by international solidarity among the peoples of the world and a resolute struggle against U.S. imperialism, which must demand the abolition of NATO. No war on Russia!

The article is a month old now but there are other updates regarding more current events.

Exactly, there’s an entire instance available for organized posting! That alone is already miles ahead of a platform like Reddit. It’d be sad to see other communities ignored while everyone posts here

Void Linux o7 no socks but a straw hat

No joke, I’ve been nicknamed “The Wizard” for doing some side contractor work for a workplace my friend works at.

All I do is incredibly simple data automation (like <50 LOC) in python and fast data entry (hours vs days). It’s an easy dozen hours of $ per month.

There’s a lemmygrad matrix room many are a part of, and definitely lots of posts on the lemmy fedi about the issues with discord