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>The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia expressed solidarity with Argentina and opposition to the presence of Kosovar troops in the Malvinas. They expressed surprise that “such a step comes from a permanent member of the Security Council, which, as is known, is the highest U.N. body in charge of preserving international peace and security.” (United World, Dec. 28, 2022)

I know that Chomsky makes dumb comments from time to time, but I do like his support of the prosecution of fascist military war criminals and people who committed crimes against humanity in Latin America. I know that all my Latin American friends really like him.

Peru’s elected left-wing President Pedro Castillo was overthrown in a coup by the right-wing-controlled congress. A Peruvian activist explains why the people are rising up and demanding a new constitution . Peru’s democratically elected left-wing President Pedro Castillo was overthrown and arrested in a coup on December 7 by the right-wing-controlled congress, which has an approval rating of between 7% and 11%. Castillo is a humble teacher and union organizer from a rural, indigenous-descent community in a country whose political system has long been dominated by racist elites. As soon as Castillo entered office at the end of July 2021, far-right elements in the congress, loyal to the US-backed former dictator Alberto Fujimori, constantly tried to overthrow him and destabilize his government. Multipolarista editor Ben Norton interviewed Peruvian activist Daniela Ortiz about the protests going on across the country calling for a new constitution and demanding that Castillo be freed from prison.

Cuba: State capitalist?
I heard someone refer to Cuba as state capitalist. When I hear the same thing said about China or the old USSR, I can usually tell when 'state capitalism' is being used in good faith or not. But with Cuba, I don't know enough. My instinct, based on little knowledge, is that Cuba is not 'state capitalist'. Is it? What kind of economy does Cuba have?

>By prioritizing its national health care system, Nicaragua became one of the first nations in the region to devise a robust COVID-19 response strategy, issuing a joint protocol with the Pan-American Health Organization (the Americas branch of the World Health Organization) on Feb. 9, 2020. Thus, its 36,000 health care workers received training on dealing with the virus before the first case appeared.

>Queridos amigos,  > >**Cuba necesita ayuda para recuperarse de los daños masivos causados ​​por el huracán Ian.** > >**La prioridad número uno del Proyecto Hatuey en octubre es enviar un contenedor marítimo de EEUU a Cuba, lleno con 36.000 libras de leche en polvo, alimentos no perecederos y medicamentos. Necesitamos recolectar $50.000 para llenar con éxito el contenedor y entregar el envío. Por favor haga una donación hoy.** > >Además del apoyo internacional de México, Venezuela y Colombia con trabajadores eléctricos, suministros y materiales para techos, los trabajadores eléctricos cubanos en toda la isla están trabajando arduamente para restaurar la energía. Hay un gran esfuerzo para reconstruir miles de casas destruidas. El pueblo cubano está trabajando heroicamente para recuperarse. > >La voluntad y determinación del pueblo cubano de recuperarse es fuerte. Lo que les falta son recursos, debido al bloqueo económico de Estados Unidos y 243 medidas adicionales firmadas por el presidente Trump. Esas medidas no han sido levantadas por el presidente Biden. Cuba acaba de publicar su informe sobre los efectos del bloqueo, que puedes leer aquí. **Durante el mandato de Biden hasta ahora, el bloqueo ha causado daños a la economía de Cuba por $ 6,4 mil millones,** y eso es solo los daños monetarios. El daño al pueblo cubano va mucho más allá, con escasez de insumos médicos y tantas otras cosas. **Por supuesto, nuestra contribución para superar este daño es pequeña, comparada a las necesidades, porque sobre todo, Cuba necesita que se levante el yugo de la agresión estadounidense. Pero somos parte de la ola internacional de solidaridad material y moral que siempre ha hecho saber al pueblo cubano que no está solo. Por favor dona lo que puedas.** > >**[Donar](** > >**En nombre del Proyecto Hatuey, le agradecemos de antemano cualquier ayuda que pueda ofrecer para Cuba.** > >*Gloria La Riva*, Coordinatora, Projecto Hatuey >*Nadia Marsh*, MD, Profesora de Medicina Clínica >*Simon Ma*, MD, MPH, Medicina de Familia >*Leni Villagómez Reeves*, MD >*Rachel Viqueira*, MHS, Epidemióloga (De un correo electrónico. Énfasis original.)

>The demonstrations eventually merged and marched together through Hinche, setting up burning barricades. Banks, public transport and the Hinche market were closed. The cops used tear gas to disperse the crowd. There were injuries but no deaths. The Table of Opposition included civic and community organizations, some small political parties, human rights organizations and the teachers union. ([Source.](

>Thus beginning with the electoral victory of Colombia Humana, led by Petro, the two sides began to study the forms and content that relations would acquire, and they have devoted themselves to the search for methods and instruments to facilitate the path to travel toward normalization of bilateral ties. Just three days after his electoral victory, and following a phone call with President Nicolás Maduro, Petro made public the new government’s willingness to restore normal relations at the borders. > >In turn, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced that he had spoken with the elected president of Colombia and, on behalf of the Venezuelan people, congratulated him on his victory. They discussed peace and a prosperous future for both peoples.

Hola desde Buenos Aires
Hola gente, buenas noches, los saludo desde **Argentina**.

cross-posted from: Gustavo Petro, leader of a leftist antiimperialist coalition (which includes the Colombian Communist Party) and former fighter in the communist guerilla group M 19, just won the presidential elections in Colombia! He is the first left wing president in the countrys history! He defeated Rodolfo Hernandez, a Trump style alt right billionaire who was quoted in a radio interview a few years ago saying "I love Adolf Hitler and his philosophy, he was a murderer but i still love him". YESSS this is great news! A spectre haunts Latin America. Edit: Among several things, Petro made it clear he would reestablish diplomatic relations with Venezuela and recognize Maduro as the legitimate president (Colombia had until now recognized Guaidó). Rip bozo for Guaidó the loser. Edit 2: Petro also promised to enact land reform. In Colombia there was never any land reform done, so peasants live in almost feudal conditions, with landlords, oligarchs and corporations using far right death squads to enforce their will on the peasantry. In fact, the new vicepresident, a black woman, is of peasant background, having herself lived under such conditions. Edit 3: Btw, this is Colombias first black vicepresident ever. Will the libs still simp for her if she doesnt suck up to the US? 🤔🤔🤔

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