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District Attorney Brian Mason drops all remaining charges in Adams County; all felony charges now withdrawn in multi-county prosecution of peaceful protest leaders. Community calls on Arapahoe County to drop the remaining misdemeanor charges…

Which version do you have? I know earlier versions had constantly changing keybindings, but in v3.6 it shows z as archive. You can also use ] to open up a shell and run an arbitrary command, or write up a script to use as a plugin to archive/extract/etc.

Mostly memory safety vs other systems languages. I’m not super knowledgable on the details as I’m a hobbyist pythonista, but I’ve been looking through the Rust book to slowly learn it for projects that might be better than using Python.

If you like terminal programs, you can give nnn a try.


Fast, great feature set and keybindings, and very configurable! And you can either list the contents of am archive or mount it as a filesystem

Void Linux btw

Nearly all tech spaces are filled with libertarian tech bros, hopefully this’ll be a nice change of pace

@muad_dibber@lemmygrad.ml If you could transfer ownership to my new account please!

I feel those in whatever you’d call the general opem source community that stand against the GPL are the perfect example of “freedom” loving libertarian techbros. They can’t stand the idea that something could restrict their desire to do whatever they want at the expense of others.

Libre software allows everyone to own the software in some capacity without the ability to suck it for profit.

The revolution won’t happen online. Spreading memes and online propaganda only goes so far. Organizing must be done in the streets, the masses won’t be found on social media and “leftist” circles.

The internet is a massive tool and it must be used but it has its place. I’d recommend reading this article, it isn’t exhaustive but focuses on social media and its pitfalls MLs face in its use while organizing.


Theory bending pls

There was the update to 0.10.0, so any issues faced are most likely related to that.