All Cops Are Bastards

"All cops are corrupt" would have been a better name, it'd confuse less apolitical people.

Apolitical people regularly get confused by names like blm. (They think black lives matter means ‘only black lives matter’ rather than ‘black lives matter too’)…


The march began at Academy Park High School, where in August police shot into a crowd leaving the football stadium after a game. Police fired into a vehicle they mistakenly suspected of being involved in another incident, killing Fanta and wounding three others. …

Cops Drag (Black) Paraplegic Man From Car by His Hair

Police in Dayton, Ohio pulled over Clifford Owensby, a paraplegic, for a traffic stop. Despite being told that Owensby was paralyzed from the waist down and that removing him from the vehicle improperly could cause injury to him, the officers refused to have a supervisor come to the scene before r…

All Cops Are Bastards

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    A community for bringing attention to the totality of the bourgeois policing force.


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    3. No defence for the police. Yes all cops, they’re tools of the bourgeois state.
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    “You might think you’re Punk, but don’t act like one when the police are around” -Shepard Fairey

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