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I myself am interested in the human race investigating more into how typical vs deviant relationships might have hard-to-see (and certainly hard-to-acknowledge) long term consequences of some sort. I am currently agnostic and I think that both extreme ends of relationships can be both healthy and cool as well as incredibly poisonous. I respect your views though I understand your hesitancy in a communist community.

That being said, I think that it can be much more complicated than that. I’m seeing one girl who really likes my closely guarded feminine side, but in our dynamic I am still by far the traditional masculine role. We take turns depending on the context in who is “dominating” although I would say there is little of that in either direction.

I also see other people where I am much more clearly filling a stereotypical male role, and others where it is more akin to “role reversal”. So far I think they all have their merit, and the most severe potential issues will be the result not of which roles we are filling but other internal issues.

I certainly think there are people who enter non-traditional setups acting out their traumas, unhealthy thinking, and other bullshit. But I see plenty of people doing the exact same thing in traditional setups. I think our society is just deeply fucked and right now there is no easy fix for that for many people.

This also struck me as a potential explanation. I can confirm as someone “going through a lot of shit” that girls who are sweet and want a good, simple, happy, stable relationship, and who have eaten their share of shit and deserve kindness and happiness, these girls make me want to push them away for their own sake.

I agree there are definitely women who are very turned off by such things. But I also know women who are very turned on by such things.


While it very normal and human for you to feel like, completely self hating and worthless after such a crazy Charlie Brown football moment, and I know this is not what you want to hear right now, you absolutely can’t be walking away from this scenario thinking “I must be horrible or why did this happen.”

You seem like a nice, cool, and self aware guy. I don’t know you, who knows, maybe you’re a monster. But just judging at face value, I think most people would agree it is very strange for someone to reciprocate and initiate such strong feelings so intensely only to completely 180 and say/do that.

I don’t know the person in question but as someone who has a really complicated relationship with dating right now I can empathize with some states of mind and behaviors that could be really damaging to others that would totally just be my internal BS. I am talking to one girl and I like her, but I also have some negative reactions to her affections and catching myself having feelings for her, so I go cold and firm a little bit. That’s not at all her fault, that’s entirely a byproduct of my own shit. I don’t know the person you talked to, but it would not at all be weird for you to wonder what THEIR issues are, because frankly that level is a little bizarre.

You’re not entitled, you just had by all accounts a mutual human connection and it got destroyed with no explanation. I wouldn’t be surprised if this made it really difficult for you to accept affections. You have been kicked while you are down, nothing stings quite like getting your hopes up in a chronically shitty scenario only to be left probably feeling like a loser and a fool.

You are neither of those things. You’re a person and responded to strong affections how any of us do. I know that connection felt like a diamond in a sea of shit, and diamonds are indeed depressingly rare sometimes, but there IS plenty of other diamonds out there. I know it’s cliche but you will find someone special again, and again. Please don’t let this push you into a pit of hopelessness. What you desire and what you deserve may be behind 1000 more bitter battles, but it is there, and it won’t always be a complete hell marching towards it either. Have some hope. 💜 I’m sorry you are going through this my friend, that is truly terrible.

Because he said he was in the military, that they did something and recieved some sort of crazy high honor and met the president (good news is, when asked he said he “doesn’t care for any of the presidents”), claims he has his number or some shit.

As far the MK shit…this was my exact terror. I deadass stopped him from walking me down a road because I was convinced I was about to get blackbagged. I was deadass prepared to say some shit like “Do whatever you want just don’t hurt my friends or family. I’ll cooperate if you don’t hurt me too.” Seriously. I was that (haha) spooked.

I seriously wonder if he hypnotized me or some shit. Like he would ask me to do simple things and I would but like…everything would shift. It was weird. I feel throbs in my head and then he texts me on the dot asking if I felt it. What the fuck. He’s either really, really good. Or really. Really. Bad. And I’m fucking tripping or some shit. Hard. (That might be true regardless)

I think I joined a cult idk. Maybe not? Who can say.
Hey. Sorry for being gone here for a while. I value this community and I'm not trying to show my uglier sides. I've been clubbing. Talking to people. Girls, the mentally ill, homeless, gangsters, rubes, tech bros, artists, businessmen, and...someone really strange. I'm very involved already. I'm trying to define an autonomous life but this guy has the gravitational pull of the Sun. And not for no reason. He has very good intentions. Truly. A good heart. He is brilliantly smart. He has magic powers. He helps the homeless. But he's corruptible. I can already tell the system is going to take his grand utopian ideals and twist them, slowly, or at least try damn hard to. I want to be his right hand guy. To be the Marxist Leninist in high places. To seize a position from the enemy and turn it against the system. This guy knows people. He knows Obama. He knows leaders in high industries. He's not some random. I want to infiltrate whatever I can. It's about time the Beast got twisted back. The time is ripe. I'm scared, of course. Every bad thought about me is coming to light. I have some tough decisions to make. Crime, and organized crime, is staring at me. Insanity. I didn't sleep so much that I hit a new level. It's powerful. Insanity is powerful. My heart is so broken. The line is a razor'a edge. I already know what people will say. I already tried to talk about my close ones with it. I already know. It's so complicated. It's not as simple as it seems. It really isn't. The United States is Hell on Earth. It is the epicenter of evil. Socialism has been destroyed here a dozen times. Socialism has never been achieved in the imperial Western "developed" countries. We all know the MLism is a guideline, not a strict recipe. Every country, every time and place and set of peoples, requires unique circumstances. The USA will require, naturally according to its position, the most bizarre and unprecedented circumstances socialist history has yet to see. It may be something we hate that is the key. Something already proven ugly. Gangs, lumpenproles like the homeless, cults, parties, drugs, organized crime, capitalist institutions, fascist fervor, churches, music, celebrities, electoralism, apoliticism, accelerationism, hoteps, consumerism...who knows which of these ugly things may prove necessary. Did not our heroes do the same, fundamentally? I'm out here. Seeing the people in these's something else. I'm not a complete rookie to it I want to relay my experience. Regardless if this experiment ends in failure or success. Regardless of my fears or the historical precedent or the logic or the common sense. I'm just a pawn. Also, I'm going to be touring the continental United States and possibly other bits of North America. I don't know when or how far out. I'll say again when it's time. I need money first. But if anybody here wants some human experience...just to hang out and chat or anything else...just let me know. I would love to meet any Lemmygrad comrades, for any reason, just as simple humans. I don't know why I'm writing this. Evidently I am still sleep deprived haha. Or maybe I'm just on my shit. This is my shit. It can't be taken away from me. I love you all. I wish you the best. We are comrades. We are the pioneer species, the lichens and moss breaking down rocks so that grasses and one day trees may grow on the barren land. Our job is not easy. It is cold and cruel. It is in many ways FEELS against the grain. Against the flow. It really isn’t. I am trying to go with the flow. The flow has never betrayed socialism. I am flushing down my doubts and my inhibitions. It will be necessary. No silk gloves. I wish you the best. If you want to talk the best way would be my Instagram right now @kigv2. I also have a phone. If you can find the number online you can call or text me anytime ;p Long live Socialism. Long live Socialism.

Late, but make sure you apologize in a way that recognizes his suffering, confronts his part, acknowledges your own part, and stands firm; don’t overly prostrate yourself and take whole responsibility. It would also likely have to be paired with a bigger conversation about his smoking and how it may generally affect his behavior. Allow him to talk but don’t let him twist things.

Hey, someone very close to me was in and out of residential treatments multiple multiple multiple times before they overcame their addiction. It’s brutal. I hope you don’t have to go through half of that shit. But I just want you to know that no matter how ugly shit gets that it is always at some level fixable. I wish you the best of luck. I know it is a cliche, but, stay strong my friend. 💜

These are ALL things I wish I could do and learn.

However, I’m honestly at the point where I’m putting all my eggs into the basket of the game of life in this shithole as it exists now. I am fully invested in this society as it is with the hand-wavy assumption that I can adapt should the circumstances radically change (which I do genuinely believe I could). This is partially based on strategic decision making and partially based in the fact that the life I have requires 100% of my attention and spare energy to be reinvested in the bottomless pit.

I’ve lived in South Carolina (3x), North Carolina (6x), Arkansas, Indiana, West Virginia. I’ve also spent a bit of time in Georgia, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, and visited many others. Beaches, mountains, endless fields. Suburbs, small towns, and one bigger metro (Charlotte). Notably I have never really been to New England nor the West Coast.

It’s kind of funny but I almost can’t tell the difference. North Dakota to Texas to Nevada to Alabama to Chicago (oops, I mean, “Illinois”), each has their unique flavor but it’s all predominantly and irreparably USian to me. They all suck but they’re all alright. They all have pros and cons that are neck and neck with each other IMO. They all have some quirks, some organic and many artificial, but they all have an overbearing sense of samey-ness unless you can crack through the surface to something deeper, which is unfortunately not something easily quantifiable. They all are full of bigots, radlibs vs. fascists, McDonald’s, pockets of beautiful unspoiled nature, and a shitty selection of jobs that all want to f*** you in the mouth for spare change, how I see it.

Sorry if this is unhelpful but I’ve been asking myself the same damn question 😭😭😭

Joe Biden and Donald Trump, both communists according to my fellow Murkkkans

I cosign this!!

It would make good memes, like, fake propaganda posters for the CPA that illustrate the identical fundamentals of the “two” parties.

Any chance you can collect yourself and re-approach and ask again? Do you think perhaps they might make an exception for you if you press them and illustrate your passion?

And even if you really can’t, it’s okay, real life experience is ALWAYS valuable. You are no parasite just by living my friend.

I just like how The Llama is really pulling a “bruh it was satire” 💀💀💀

To try and cut through the beef I just want to say that regardless of our opinions on anime, I think we can all agree that:

  1. We all do and enjoy things that other people find cringey.
  1. Anime is just an artform like any other. Culturally it has stereotypically attracted a lot of people who are unsavory, but the same could be said with a large amount of fans of any hobby, interest, franchise, media, etc.

I see both sides to the discourse. Personally I like a few animes but it’s not a main interest of mine. But who would I be to criticize? I shove rap down the throats of everybody in my life. Ya’all should see my Instagram stories, I’m sure many people would call it “cringey.” 🤷‍♂️ we all got lanes to fill. I’m conflicted too because on one hand I think socialism should be marketable to ALL people so any sort of distinguishable flavor to its adherents to me is a negative, but at the same time I highly value people being themselves and targeting the niches they know best.

I got the sense that many Germans were not so on board anymore with US and that it really dragged its feet chipping in for Ukraine. Is that wrong?

I was in a lot of spaces that would call that “synchronicity,” idk if you’ve ever heard of that.

But yeah, to me, I see it as a “you know if you know” sort of thing. Like, some shit like that is just too crazy to write off as coincidence.

And let’s be real, if this shit is real and it was really your grandmother subtly using her spiritual energy to tweak the algorithm to give you a sign, or whatever it is, it would probably be in small ways that we could ultimately convince ourselves are “just a coincidence.”

It’s a fine thread to toe because obviously going too far can lead to seeing EVERYTHING as a synchronicity, aka schizophrenia.

Look, you know your life better than me but that story to me resonates and I see no reason why that couldn’t very well be your grandma. To me at a certain point it becomes more irrational to tell myself this shit isn’t real when the evidence to the contrary piles up. I’ve definitely caught myself reading too hard into shit to see what I wanted to see, but I feel like I can tell when some Real Ass Shit ™ is happening, versus when I’m just being a egotistical dipshit who can’t see past the blur of my own bullshit.

I don’t know if you relate to any of that, I just don’t want you to convince yourself that it might not be true, when I find that being open to this sort of stuff often leads to the real crazy shit happening.


I’ve definitely been there. You talking more low income/genuine redneck area or like Lily white upper middle class militia dad suburb?

Yeah, I’ve had similar experiences. However, at least I know if I cleaned myself up and got a haircut and stopped looking like a delinquent I could pass pretty incognito in these spaces–and I have plenty before, I just briefly had a job with, as I say, “a lot of cowboys,” at least one of which was extremely racist and presumably the rest were at least apathetic or willfully ignorant to it. I can’t imagine just sticking out like a sore thumb to cacs well known for owning a shitload of guns by default no matter what I did, it’s ridiculous that that would happen to someone doing volunteer work of all things. I know moving is a pain in the ass terrible but I hope you don’t live there whenever shit starts accelerating.

Like I said, I don’t think he had explicit leanings, I don’t think he had been given that vocabulary and his understanding may have taken years to develop, but analyzing lyrics to me belies a fundamental compatibility and trajectory towards MLism.

Thanks for reading all that, spirituality+X is like two of my four or five most major interests 😆

To me, the fundamental character of the systems and their typical behaviors means that I find it likely that something like this, about a capitalist empire, would be real, whereas something about a revolutionary government is statistically less likely to be true and more likely to be a psyop by a capitalist empire to stain their image. We don’t really have any examples of AES nor even anti imperialist countries manufacturing lies directly to Western audiences to defame their own countries…leaks that are “West bad” and especially “USA bad” overwhelmingly tend to be true and back up by lots of known contexts and precedents.

That said, I think that at a certain point intentional lying done overwhelmingly by capitalists/fascists has muddied the waters so much that it’s really hard at times to definitively say whether X Y or Z is true or false. And, quite simply, it is of my opinion that communists should let ourselves be a little less concerned about absolute perfection and more concerned with memeability and impact. I’d rather share something that turned out to be false as long as it radicalized people along the way. That might be a hot take because communism to represents the ultimate truth in every way, we have a monopoly on truth, so it feels ugly to say that, but at the same time, is vie oh lens not also an ugly thing that we have to utilize in a war where our enemies have no moral qualms chaining them down?

Wait, are you saying this picture is different that picture(s) in the article?

Did they oppress the Chinese similar to other empires did to their conquered subjects? Genuinely asking I don’t know

Thoughts on the Mongol Empire?
I've been wondering about empires throughout history. I don't know too much about the Empire associated with Ghengis Khan to have an opinion. Do you, as a communist?

Wow, this looks very interesting, I look forward to listening to it!

(Feel no obligation to read the rest I’m just rambling it out)


I’m largely, as they say, “making shit up” here but I would not be surprised by a whole lot of stuff that might be in this podcast episode.

To me, he absolutely made a pact–whether literally or less so–with the Devil/“the Devil,” which both gave him a lot of dark power that helped his ascension to fame and which also came back to bite him in the form of his murder when he “took off the leash” (he wore a loose chain like a leash dangling from his neck that he said the Devil used to pull him) and started radically changing his life for the positive; the Devil could not have one of its prized pawns suddenly using the vast power it had inherited to have such a potentially massive positive impact. Even though his goodness arc was relatively short (his whole life and all its eras were), the impact it already was having on people was profound, with whole droves of disaffected and suffering youth swearing by him and how he changed their lives and provided them comfort and counsel.

I think the danger to the Devil was not only in him talking about the power of the Mind (which can easily be transmuted into a tool for badness, just look at how most chaos magickians/etc. use/attempt to use their powers), not only saying he was going to sell all his jewelry, start a charitable foundation, buy everyone he in his life a house, giving emotional support and inspiration to countless young people, but most critically his political leanings.

I absolutely believe he was on a path to be a socialist, and a major figure for socialism in the USA, filling the niche 2Pac was meant to fill (gee, any wonder why he was suddenly murdered too…). His politics were becoming increasingly left-wing, both in his lyrics and in his interviews, nothing super extreme or definitive but you know the flirting one does with something they know little about but find interesting. He was coming in support of Black people, LGBTQ, poor people and tangible economic help for them, he was railing against the major parties and politicians, the business elite, the greed, he was a left wing populist. He even made those sort of flirty, edgy jokes about Kim Jong Un and other “dictators.” He expressed interest in talking avout politics (even when he didn’t have all the vocabulary) and a desire to learn more. I doubt he was going to pick up Lenin anytime soon but he cut to the source of the important issues and I doubt the Compatible Left would have been able to tame him, even with no theory to inform his decisions his base personality and convictions were just not going to allow that to happen IMO.

I believe the actions of otherworldly entities, no matter how powerful, are usually manifested by relatively low-cost “tweaks to the algorithm” to steer unwitting pawns at every junction towards the intended result in a very “butterfly effect” sort of way. I believe his murderers could very well be just some desperate dudes looking to hit a lick. However, with how deep occultism seems to go in the world of Western elites, who can say for sure…I also believe it possible his death could have been a conspiracy. Either way I think the evils of this society saw him as a threat, a powerful attack dog that suddenly changed sides (only “sudden” to those blinded by arrogance) and was going to use the infrastructure of evil against itself, a threat which had to be terminated immediately at all costs.

I will also say that I do not fear him in death. My personal belief/understanding is that people shed a lot of their Earthly bad upon death. I had an hour and a half long talk with him via a spirit medium (extremely shaking and convincing, probably solidified my entire spiritual belief and practice), and it was all very positive. He is very frank, a “soldier” as she (the medium) called him, but he had nothing but constructive words, nothing but peace and love and positivity and all that heartfelt woo woo nonsense.

I’m much more worried about participating in the rap game IRL in the physical plane than I am of his spirit. He very recently lifted me up to a position of strength when I was under assault from very strong negative entities. I truly do think he was on a dark path but he was always golden hearted and he made the definitive choice to fight for good shortly before his death.

Yeah, because it’s way easier to photoshop a photograph of a paper in skewed lighting half folded, than it would be to simply release purportedly original files with the numbers changed digitally. 🙄 Damn, that’s some serious cope.

I hate how Elon Musk so often shits on the war profiteers just by sheer virtue of being a smug anti government technoblyat. “Guy Who You Hate Made A Good Point”

(No hate btw if any of ya’all are hipsters, I myself have had some aspects rubbed off on me, you know the types of people I’m talking about, the spoiled shitlibs who treat politics like a social club and who LARP being poor, etc)


When I was less politically developed, I was honestly closer to an ML than I would be for years after. I never quite fit in with what I saw as “the Left,” being liberals, on issues outside of most social issues. Of course the general pollution of US politics ensured that my egalitarian and pragmatic sensibilities were distorted in many cases.

2016 to about 2020, I got sucked into Breadtube and the Compatible Left. It wasn’t all a waste, I learned a lot about anticapitalism, racism and queerphobia. However… the pettiness, pretentiousness, spoiled ignorance, a general upper middle class white hipster affect of this space kept me (thankfully) from ever really wanting to put down roots because it never felt 100% right to me. Around 2020 the poison of this space reached a head with the podcast “It Could Happen Here” and I reached peak doomerism.

Public figures like Hakim, Michael Parenti, BayArea (RIP), and passively absorbing bits of theory from all the big names, all softened me up to the point where I briefly identified as a Trot, in an effort to find some sort of enlightened middle ground between the liberal hipsters and the genocide-denying “tankie scum” I feared I secretly was. The Trot org I joined, however, very quickly didn’t feel right either.

I don’t remember how I found GZD but it was that community that sealed the deal for me, right as the Ukraine War was breaking out. Learning about Ukraine, China, on top of what I had already learned about the USSR, finally learning actual substantial information on geopolitics and history…it was a rush. I also hate to admit that it felt like I was “sticking it” to the very same hipsters of the Compatible Left that had been a very negative entity in my personal life growing up. Suddenly, my doomerism melted away as I learned the truth. Finding communities with an actual variety of races, nationalities, and walks of life told me I was in the right place.

Hakim definitely played a huge role in demystifying the USSR for me, which was a huge key to all the rest.

Was this the same incident as when you said you had your hair out and some lady claimed she had never seen you? It sounds familiar to something you mentioned a month or so ago.

Regardless, that’s a terrible feeling, I hate that you experienced that so casually.

On one hand, we must claim sovereignty over our lives, as we alone are the ones who must change them, regardless of the context.

On the other hand, alcohol is a devastatingly destructive drug that is ruthlessly advertised, widely available and quite accepted if not pressured in this sick society at large.

I just lost my girlfriend of 7 years so I understand how you feel.

I commend your success in quiting, I hope you find more victories repairing your life and eventually thriving.

You know, it’s one thing to call Russia and China “totalitarian regimes” when they have been propagandized to about specifically them for so long.

It’s another thing to call the REST of Asia and the ENTIRETY of Africa and South America “totalitarian regimes” when you KNOW 99% of the motherfuckers have never heard even a single headline about 80%+ of these countries.

It is just pure garden vs jungle racism. They really think their golden billion is the pure democratic good guys and that the other 6.5 billion people in the world, the VAST majority of people in the world, are ALL stupid and/or evil.

It makes me both amused and sick when people will spend their entire domestic political discussions talking about how democracy in the West has been dying for decades (particularly USA), but as soon as the conversation leaves the garden even the most “left wing” of these worthless hamburgers will tout the conflict as “democracy vs authoritarianism.” Even when I was teetering dangerously close to shitlibbery I was never under the illusion that the US was a democracy whatsoever. This is fucking batshit.

Nah, the disease is just more open and honest, which a necessary first step before it can be properly excised.



Don’t want to clog up the comments too much but it’s too fun not to share so I’ll spoil it 😁

I was Muslim first 17 years of my life. Then I was agnostic. Then I got into Norse paganism due to my girlfriend at the time. Then I decided to be more of an “eclectic pagan,” and enjoyed Deism. Around the same time, my friend introduced me to the idea of “psychonauts,” which eventually manifested years later into reading the Psychonaut Field Manual and practicing chaos magick. I also picked up many beliefs and practices from the general New Age-y witch-y shit that started to root on the internet in the 2010s, as well as schizophrenic Gnostics, psychedelic culture, homeless people, extraterrestrials, and eventually a circle back to Abrahamism, as I appreciated the wisdom within all religions and fundamentals of chaos magick taught me to appreciate that “whatever works, works,” and that Islam/general Abrahamism is so deeply baked into my formative years and experience that it is far easier to embrace it than to fight against it. I started having a relationship with God after years of having terrible relationships with sinister entities fishing around for a “lord” blindly, or trying to create servitors.

Nowadays I am of the opinion that the precise language we use to describe these things is not terribly important. I’ve heard the same phenomenon described by wildly different people using wildly different language. I burned myself very bad doing chaos magick and so I took a long step back away from it for a while. However reading fiction novel Laurus by Eugene Vodolazkin was very inspiring for me and I find the title “Holy Fool” to be very appropriate for me.

I talk to God. God talks back. Deceased rapper XXXTENTACION is my patron saint of choice. I perform missions. There is palpable tension wherever I walk when I do not fulfill my duties. I talk to strangers. I eat out of trash cans. I laugh, cry, scream, blank. I exorcise suffering spirits and help them find light. I let go of myself and channel voices; I speak in tongues. I strive to be frank at all times at a level that is grotesquely human. I sage rooms. I do not hate evil. I pray. I do not feed Fear Eaters. I see them frequently. I try to focus on healing and forgiveness, on acceptance and courage.

I know I probably sound crazy or perhaps irritating in some way. I don’t know what to say. I’m not schizophrenic, although I definitely could get diagnosed easily if I wanted to. Perhaps schizophrenics know something we don’t. Spirituality to me is science we just don’t have the instruments to measure yet.

EDIT: Also, when I say that all beliefs have major truth to them…that to me includes ATHEISM. To me, reality is a thing where even contradictory things simply aren’t contradictory. We are ALL God…and perhaps oblivion is what happens when convergence happens.

Have you ever had an experience with any spiritual/paranormal entities? If so, have you ever tried or thought about trying to form a relationship?

I’m possibly atypical (also wait are we talking general mental normalcy or specifically autism spectrum?) and I pray, I definitely think for some people it would or wouldn’t work but I wouldn’t necessarily draw that line along neurotypical/atypical

Your powers are strong!!

I have had dreams come true IRL…moment for moment…shit was a headfuck.

Honestly can we even trust that this shit isn’t some deep state fuckery shit. Ain’t a normal thing happen in this country, and if it does we can’t tell the difference because of how dirty the waters have been made

Welcome to the WEST where EVERYTHING is a PSYOP Happy burning your eyeballs lol. This started off as me trying to spend 15 minutes making a meme to complement some other meme and it turned into a 4 hour agitprop project lol. Just to acknowledge, I have some controversial things such as the New Pride Flag in the collage of "EVERYTHING" or Neo-Wokeism in the background text, etc. etc. I hope this doesn't read as any sort of cosign of bigotry or dismissal of intersectional issues, I would like to think we all know the type of shit I'm criticizing here. I've always seen the New Pride Flag as a symbol of capital co-opting the queer movement, the flag itself was never not a massive consumerist virtue signal that did nothing to help trans people, it was designed IMO to be a part of the Compatible Left. I understand that nuance will get lost in translation and some fascist conspiracy theorist might go "uhuhuhu based" if they saw the rainbow under a negative connotation, and share, not seeing the anti-fascist dogwhistles throughout, which is actually an ideal scenario, I hope the politically confused anti-elite brain-boiled conspiracy theorist / populists miss such things and accidentally share pro-communist anti-West propaganda. Blah blah blah pragmatism. I understand and respect if any comrades don't approve though. Anyways, if you like, feel free to steal and share!! 💜💜💜

Anybody else have excessive experience with political censorship online?
I know none of this is surprising given the state of the English-speaking side of the web. ::: spoiler spoiler ___ I've been censored heavily on YouTube. I am a dork and thus I liked radicalizing people in comment sections. Some things aren't surprising, I think the most egregious censorship was of course the kickstart of the Ukraine conflict, and of course when I was younger and shittier I would get censored when I lost patience and wrote particularly nasty things towards people. However, slowly over the last 6-18 months I've noticed that I seem to be having comments censored even just mentioning buzzwords like: Marxism-Leninism, capitalism, fascism, pragmatism, the AES did XYZ good thing, the G7 did ZXY bad thing, etc. Anytime I feel like I write something that particularly hits home I feel like it gets knocked down. It's gotten to the point where the schizo-something in me comes out with glee as I st4r✝️ typ1ng l1k3 th1$ 2 d1sgv1z3 nny vv0rdz (mild exaggeration), knowing that if I don't cleverly censor shit (and probably just get flagged as a bot anyways lmao) that it'll get flagged and it'll be flakked down. But of course it must be targeted. I see plenty of half-baked Western leftists using 90% of all the same words all the time. I think when I started saying deep cut CIA shit like "Compatible Left" or strategic shit like "radicalization funnel" or secret war shit like [insert every CIA operation]. I think I got "he's a bad 'un" labeled on me and now it just auto-erases everything I say that isn't completely and utterly banal. Anyways, I'm stoned and drunk, thanks for listening to my rant, I'm here all week. ✨️HE'S A PROFESSIONAL✨️ ::: What is ya'all's experience?

Holy Fool Experience
(I wrote this elsewhere but wanted to share it with Lemmygrad, this seemed the most appropriate community I could find to do so) ` ` ` ` ` ` ::: spoiler spoiler ___ I’ve been out of touch with the Other World for a long time now. It scared the shit out of me. I severed most of it, set firm boundaries on what was “too far,” and was quite fine with that decision for a long time. However, I have lost something incredibly dear to me and now I feel thrust into a life that requires me to don on old hats. I always know when God is calling me. It was a rainstorm. It was 3AM. I had endured another night of loneliness but the rain--especially with thunder and lightning and late at night--is always my friend. It is like an entirely different world. The usual American thrums of incessant, desperate clawing are completely gone. Nobody dares walk in rain except for necessity, lest their unholy skin blister in the waters of Heaven. The streets are empty, and when they are, the Other World lets out a breath of relief and enjoys its moment as sovereign. The flashes of light were stark but gentle. Steam rose from every surface and gave privacy to all the new wayfarers. It was so empty but so alive, in a primordial, beautifully natural way. All the new greenery of spring glistened in steady streams of rain that fell like shimmering ropes. I sensed opportunity and so I smoked, and sat with it for a while. I made a short video. I knew I had to walk but I hesitated because I knew I would end up completely soaked, and my damaged mind of the last month has left me addicted to my phone and constantly anxious about lost opportunity to record voice or memos, to exploit every single second of my existence towards long-term goals. I walked down the road. I entered a path. I regretted bringing my phone. I had had beautiful flow, political knowledge, but it was stifled when the red light came on. It was too late to go back so I compromised and turned off my phone, which was good because my wind breaker was not as waterproof as I had thought. Incredibly soon after I turned it off, God spoke to me. I had had a thought, and in that moment after a long darkness, then the sky chose to erupt in the brightest light, with no sound. I do not remember many specifics of the conversation...unfortunately the most real moments in life often escape memory, refusing to be caged within words and numbers. I do remember a lot of it was motifs I am very familiar with, regarding my personal failings and charted growth necessary to fulfill my purpose. The pain of the last year, and particularly the last few months, and particularly the last month, has hurt me deep. Am you really going to go down the path of the Devil?, God asked. No, I replied. But it’s so hard. I’m hurting so bad. But fine. I’ll be loyal. Then you must be ready, God said, for whatever fate I have in store for you. It was then that I realized I had approached the entrance of the tunnel. In daytime it was a little unnerving. The kind that wild men like me cackle at. It made my dog friends uncomfortable, as much as my mad glee comforted them...they still felt unnerved, and was more than just the ringing echoes of me being silly. It was a spot I knew to not cross paths with other walkers, lest their fear overwhelm them and projections of monsters plaster my visage. That was during the daytime. During the nighttime? This place was a crypt. It was soiled ground. There was something deeply wrong that I could sense the moment God said their piece and my eyes lifted to meet the harrowing maw. I knew something was going to happen. I was going to be tested. As I often am when I commune with God. I have endured many training sessions the last few years. I have dealt with foul entities. I could not be afraid. But at the same time, I was so low. I felt so dirty and broken and damned. I could not let my personal life get in the way of doing holy work. So, with little hesitation, I walked into the maw. It was like walking into a faded dimension. The walls of the Other were so incredibly thin, thinner than I have seen in a while. My entire vision became a haze, smoothly but frantically crinkling, pulsating with speed, like an endless sinkhole drawing in everything around it. I literally felt the air on my skin, it was electric but also so hollow and oppressive. It was like I had, without realizing what I was doing, walked through a film, and I had been coated in its webs. I sensed entities. I kept strong. I walked through the tunnel. I stopped to look back, and around me. It was so dark. I could feel them coax my fear. I kept strong. I made it to the other side. I was rattled. I kept a very masculine energy in me as I slowly fled the tunnel to the other side and beyond, an energy that was strong and ready to fight, but I also could not conceal a very light but very deep root of fear that was stinking off of me like garbage. I looked behind me several times...I was sure one of them was following me. I know I cannot be afraid. It is that simple. I was drowning. I was soaked. My head was down. My heart was beaten and bruised. My mind was cracked. My spirit was broken. I was miserable. I simply had to not be. So, I tried. It was that simple. I tried. And then, I felt X. I had always suspected he might be my patron saint, a guardian angel of sorts, and this moment solidified this feeling. I felt him. He was inside me. His energy lifted me up by the pecs. It was empowering. I felt strong. I felt bravado. I felt joy. I felt masculine bravado in this moment that I needed it the most. I threw off my hood so the rain may hit my fair and soak my hair. I ignored the houses of wretches, of fascist eyes and ears relaying me to the Devil, and burst out into song for God. The thunder accentuated my song; the three of us sang together. I was honored to be a vessel. X and God told me I knew what I had to do, which, of course, I did already. It was good that I had reclaimed my energy, that the repose had helped me secure my stance, my posture, but everything beyond that was delaying the inevitable. You know who waits back for you there, God said. Will you destroy them? Or heal them? Heal them, of course. I have no power to destroy. I drew a deep breath. I turned back around, and walked back to the tunnel. I gave thanks to their help as I knew I was about to have to walk into the lion’s den alone. I sang to it. There were many minor ones but there was one that was more medium-sized, larger and more developed than the thing in the swamp from last year. The evil feel sadness, it just is not quite the same as we feel it. They feel it heavy in their hearts, like a phantom pain of a severed limb, but they do not feel it in their eyes and their mouths. Their sadness is cold, and lonely. I sang to this person. They were quite receptive. They listened. I performed my song well. However, I skirted my ultimate duty. I knew from before the re-entrance that I was supposed to be still, to quiet down, and to open up and allow the evil in, so that I may purify it within and transmute it into light. To overcome the hypnogogic fear one normally only feels with Fear Eaters in their most vulnerable states. I did not. I only did my song. The person may or may not have been helped by my song, but I knew they wanted--nay, needed--to put their fear and hatred and hurt inside of me, so that I may heal them. I could not give it to them. Perhaps I was too scared. They looked quite sad as I softly sang my farewell and, looking over my shoulder many times, left them in the tunnel. I could see their outline watching me forlornly for quite some time, with mixed feelings towards me. God gave me a C+. It would have been a C but I performed some sort of hidden bonus objective, and did it well, so that bumped up my grade. Considering I failed my primary task, I think that is more than fair. I chuckled about it. I gave thanks to both God and X, the song reached a buoyant but collected climax. And, with a flash, God too said their goodbyes for the night. I went home with no entities following me. I stayed up far too late wasting time, as I have been doing quite often lately. I fear this is neither a marathon nor a sprint but an indefinite marathon off the tracks of any known roads. I don’t know how foolish my holy foolery is meant to be. I don’t know what sort of ill-advised behaviors I should do. Though, maybe I already do, and I’m just scared. Fear is the enemy. I am exhausted fighting it. I will have to coup de grace it, because while C’s are good for now, if I truly want everything to go as I wish it could, I will have to do much better than that. I wish I could enjoy a medium-level life before rocketing into the unknown, though perhaps digging my feet and trying to slow the launch will do nothing but tear up my soles and the floors of all those who house me. This is the truth. I fight to fear nothing. And, if I do, I will be a vessel for divine providence. And I will be sacrificed. :::

Drew a knight based off of old Russian/Slavic/Near-East artwork!
First I did a sketch: ![]( The I digitally colored it (I think my favorite version): ![]( As a base of reference to try using watercolor pens to finish it (didn't quite come out as intended but still was fun): ![](

I don't watch tennis but I'm visiting, I'm drawing, I looked up and God this is so annoying...guess what country Potapova is from 🙄 I wish I snapped a photo when they had 3 different games up, 3 of the 6 players didn't have their flag next to their name. Even if USA really was The Good Guys and [CENSORED] was Nazis 2.0 like they claim, this shit is just virtue signaling snobbery. As if sports players choose foreign policy. I'd love to see Americans treated like we're responsible for our country's actions...people would lose their minds. Anyways, this is old news ever since they started banning [CENSORED] plays and musicals and movies and accents but was annoyed and wanted to share

HELLO! Minor complaint
Just found this community, I love memes and I think being able to laugh about shit even if it’s somewhat offensive is important, I definitely would never want to curate a hyperwoke space where everybody splits hairs about every little word and action. I think it’s important to laugh at each other and ourselves, it’s human. Edginess and dark humor can be lots of fun. That being said, I do question the profile picture of the community. I will not even lie, it’s a goofy picture, and in a vacuum there is nothing wrong with it and it would even be funny and appropriate for a shitposting community IMO. However, Black people + watermelon is a very common old racist trope within the United States used both on our internet spaces and IRL, and with that context I do wonder if some of our Black comrades who are familiar with the trope would feel alienated from wanting to participate in this community, but also wouldn’t want to voice that themselves and be seen as a complainer. This is not at all an accusation, and I’m sure whoever chose the profile picture didn’t intend that whatsoever and might have not even known about the trope. I would just hate if our Black comrades felt this was a hostile space. Perhaps they should be asked, but I would hate to put someone “on the spot” and again feel pressure to not seem like a complainer.

List of cool names I’ve saved
[]( made a [post]( sharing cool Soviet names so I wanted to share a list I've made of cool names (to use for fiction, but I also just like a lot). I only started it about a year or two ago so it definitely is not EVERY name I've ever found cool. The list I have also includes fictional names I made up, but this is comprised solely of real names that I've seen, either of people or streets. Some of these are famous but most are not! --Chukwu --DeOrr --Ustina --Danuta --Malantha --Teyra --Rauhut --Belgrade --Systasia --Micon --Earlnesha --LoVerde --Nalamolu --Pathak --Iskra --Evro --Wisteria --Gardenia --Laluja --Shavairon --Joeie --Wingate --Daufuskie --Vivek --Shubham --Seraphando --Scuppernong --Firuza --Sultanova --Benedikta --Vigdis --Ebbatilda --Piprommonros --Vallakrassing --Simhall --Edsbruk --Curtrise --Yajaira --Arklow --Hollenhorst --Melvalisa --Ahaviya --Diarmuid --Crabtree --Rangeworth --Jatwann --Tanganika --Dunia --Larryelle --Rasean --Chenault --Bravington --Old Dobbin --Bertdell --Nicolette --Sulgrave --Nfeniti --Hezekiah --Molcajete --Dombrowski --Xochimilco --Quamiye --Itayasia --Swartzentruber --Barrikad --Revmira --Gvozdika --Pimlico --Usnea Panda Beth --Czegia --Bowkrich --Vodolazkin --Quetzalcoatl --Orsino --Temujin --Poinsettia --Ylarisse --Farrukh --Demetria --Eirfrakswa --Selmanir --Offwin Multiculturalism is cool 😎 Ya'all know any cool names?

Remember, doomerism is a tool they use against us! They WANT US TO THINK it is hopeless when that cannot be further from the TRUTH!!!

Do you consider leaving your country? If so, where, and why?
Saw someone talking about moving that reminded me to ask this. I really want to stay in the U.S. to build socialism but sometimes I fear it is past the event horizon, that things will only get more gruesome, and I want my loved ones to live. I have not the slightest clue where I would move to. Obviously the one we all think about sometimes is China, but I know next to nothing about the language, culture, history, values etc. and don't know how I would adjust. It also seems it would be difficult as someone with no education or marketable job skills in respected fields. Sometimes I think about places like Cuba because it is much more familiar to me culturally, linguistically etc. but then it seems an area like that is going to get a bad hand dealt to it with climate change. Western countries would be the most familiar, and I do think perhaps they have a greater capacity for positive change than the U.S., but this also seems like it would be moving somewhere just 5-10 years behind collapse of America. Who's to say which of these societies will jump ship to the new world order, if any? Sometimes I also fear people across the world slowly (and understandably) becoming vehemently anti-USian, whether the US empire dies or clings on. Many older generations across the world seem to still think very fondly of Americans and our country, but I do not think the younger generations seem as affected by the global pro-American propaganda. Perhaps this is American cynicism to think like this, but perhaps it is not too crazy to imagine an era of people hating Americans and resenting American refugees, even if we try to play the "But I hated America too!" card. Regardless, obviously being a refugee sucks regardless if one leaves "ahead of the curve" or not. It's not supposed to be fun to feel coerced into leaving your home to escape doom, as many a country has experienced under American brutality. It also seems kind of impossible because moving is so expensive, although I understand that if the situation becomes truly dire many Middle Easterners and Latin Americans in the last half century have managed to make grand treks with little to no possessions...although of course, many then end up in terrible situations. What about you all? What are your situations, considerations, predictions, and interest regarding this topic?

2 Americans talking about life in Russia These dudes are obviously old white dudes who by their own admission were pretty well off already, but the objective things they are relaying blew my mind. I already knew about the QOL of the USSR and how sharply it declined following its collapse but I had no idea that it had rebounded. I'm already used to not believing anything Americans say about other countries, but I admit I had no idea modern Russia had this much good going for it domestically and had a vague idea only based off of the West's negative fictional horseshit. Do our Russian comrades here attest to this? Also if you like the video check out the channel's newer videos, the journalist is in the Donetsk!

Apologies for not answering messages and notifications
Just wanted to say, I have 300+ unanswered notifications and several different comrades who messaged me that I haven't responded to. I am going through a lot acutely the past several months and it may be months more before I am out of the woods (although things are significantly better this week than the past few months). I would never want anyone to feel like I am ignoring them or don't like them or don't welcome their messages so I just wanted to throw this out there. I intend to get back to everyone eventually but it may be some time 💜 I know many, many people here are also deeply struggling and just know that as cheesy as it sounds, we really are in this together, and I wish you better fortunes. Love to everybody.

I just sent my Palestinian dad an article debunking Xinjiang myths…
This is the article, it probably isn't crazy to assume a couple of you might have seen it before: Do you all know of any other great sources of debunking this myth? Some context: ::: spoiler spoiler ___ My dad is in a weird place politically. If he wasn't Palestinian and Muslim he would probably be a MAGA Christofascist. He is passively pro-capitalist, anti-fascist (because American fascists are very Islamophobic), anti-socialist. He, like many American boomer white men who might have had a hard past, is very emotionally stunted, alienated, classist, bigoted, "traditional values," "life is hell and then you die." However, he does try, sometimes. If he read this I would hope he knows that I love him and don't blame him and know he easily has the capacity to birth a new understanding. Someone in our family is trans, and that was very hard for him and he still has his moments but for the most part he accepts them. He's very pro-environment in the abstract. He has a weird mix of largely American conservative and liberal views mixed with Palestinian liberation and Arab/Islamic conservatism that all make sense considering his life. I know he's smart and deep down has a heart, and is deeply unhappy with the life he has curated for himself with these values. I'm not trying to radically change him in an instant, but he's always been radically pro-Palestine, anti-Israel (yes bleeding into antisemitism quite a lot), and he's always had a less-than-monstrous idea of AES (mainly in a "every country is shit equally" sort of way). However, when I tried to casually bring up China to him, he almost immediately dismissed the conversation with a vague gesture to "yeah have fun visiting there, they'll disappear you and I," obviously referencing the American-made Xinjiang myth. He doesn't really respect me much as an adult so it's hard to try and have a conversation with me directly citing this stuff, I figured a reasonably professional-looking stranger was the route to go. With that in mind, is this a good masterpost of information in your opinion? Do ya'all know of perhaps a better one, or something that would supplement it? I've never "broke the ice" with most of my family members about my political views except those that I managed to pull to Bernie Sanders-esque liberalism. I'm trying to challenge myself to try and radicalize people close to me (without being a nuisance), figuring how am I going to convince strangers if I can't convince my own blood. I figure as a fellow proud Palestinian and Muslim (I definitely have not been Muslim for ~8 years but I'm not trying to have that conversation), he might listen to me and this article on the basis of so many Muslims cosigning the Chinese approach to this American-made fiasco. I'm honestly not sure what other angle I could approach it from. I purposefully didn't wait til after Thanksgiving because he will be there and I was wondering if he might even bring it up after dinner, this Professional Adult Stranger maybe softening him up a bit for me to pull the I'm Your Family And Also Care Deeply About Palestine And My People card. I also have an old friend from high school that I recently met up with. He's white and very uhh...hangs out in VR with rich kids all day. So we had this exact same issue, and I'm wondering if just cold-linking this article would be a good idea for my dad, let alone my old friend. :::

Sweater says it all 😁

Putin gives Edward Snowden Russian citizenship!!
Win for the East IMO, Snowden has made some lame moves the last few years but rewarding whistleblowers and ensuring their safety is always going to be a positive that would (hopefully) lead to even more whistleblowers and defectors. What do you think?

Hope you are doing well!
Hey ya'all! I haven't been on Lemmygrad recently, and I just wanted to tell everyone that I hope you are doing well 💜

Glossing over the history, making sure the first impression that lands is one that involves meaningless buzzwords such as "independent" and "democratic." About 1/3 of people in this poll said Pelosi should NOT have visited Taiwan, which sounds decent until you realize that ~50% of people are Republicans and that they were simply torn between hating Pelosi or hating China more. I do YouGov surveys to earn a couple extra bucks while working, but it's very insidious how carefully worded their geopolitical questions are. I've had a small handful of Ukraine related surveys over the last 6 months and all of the questions and answers are worded in such a way as to funnel you into only taking NATO-approved stances with a veneer of choice.

YouGov surveys are 99% shitty brand market research and 1% actually interesting legitamate studies. This one sadly was much shorter than I expected and offered little chance to express communist opinions. There was questions with additional variables, such as whether sending weapons was projected to lead to more civilian deaths, how the international community/"international community" would react, whether America had publicly committed previously to help or to stay out of it, whether American troops were expected to get hurt, etc. (maybe a few others but I forgot to screenshot more), and how this might affect our jingoism when paired all together in a scenario. I wish I had all screenshotted when they provided an email address for questions about the study, IIRC it is being conducted by someone from Oxford. I hope it's not just being used to determine the war fever of the American people but I can't see what else it would be used for. I hate that certain things like the assumption that this is a "democratically elected government" is completely devoid of the context that the American war propaganda media lies about critical details like this almost without exception.

Badass IMO

The weird USB thing I mentioned from Dreamland8354’s “Chinese Embassy” thread
![]( ![]( These photos were taken May 30th 2020. For those who didn't see, I received this weird USB taped on the inside of a box that had an electronic I purchased. The box seemed to have been opened and retaped shut though I can't say for sure, it just looked like it had been taped two separate times (no pictures beyond these btw this is all just memory). I checked and double-checked the site I bought the electronic from, there was no mention anywhere of it coming with a free USB. This was immediately following a time period where I had been...well, saying a lot of pro-communist, anti-capitalist, pro-violence things online and had been searching for guns and related materials to buy. This is all also following 2016, when two FBI agents showed up at my house (not entirely related to politics, I was not nearly as communist then as I am now, just for general violent threats and volatility) and I had been followed around by at least two separate cars for 3-4 weeks following their visit. Nothing else since then has been a FOR SURE FOR SURE instance of what I felt like was FBI sniffing me out, but ever since then I've assumed that I am, at the very least, passively monitored, even if just by cheap bots (which I'm sure every American is to varying degrees). I am not at all tech savvy and have very poor information hygiene and sense of cyber security, I did not trust myself to try and access its contents. It gave me really dark vibes just sitting on my desk so I stored it in a secret safe place where it still is to this day (but which I will not be able to access for at least a month or two, if not longer--don't want to say why as I don't want to give away its position on the crazy off chance somebody is reading this that shouldn't be). I knew putting this shit into my laptop would be STUPID even if it was just a crazy coincidence and totally harmless, I thought about trying to take it to a library but even then I don't fully understand the consequences of what those actions would be so I didn't want to mess with it. It has done nothing but collect dust for 2 years now. I want to stress that I don't know literally anything about this, it could just as easily be some sort of error and they accidentally gave me a free USB and I'm just tweaking out and being paranoid, just like they want me to be. I'm not trying to stir up a story about this, I don't know if there's any story to be had, but a picture was requested and I figured I'd share it with everyone because it definitely is, at the very least IMO, a weird little story with no resolution (at least not one that I am going to feel confident in pursuing). EDIT: More random details

Link: No words, just 7 beats 20 minutes total, might be good if you like to listen to something while you commute or something similar. If for any reason any of ya'all want leases, comrades get limited leases free and unlimited 90% off <3 just lmk via email who you are. Any listens are super appreciated!!!!!

I doubt it would be super great but I would love to see the results of this poll 👀

TLDR: A Google employee named Lamoine conducted several interviews with a Google artificial intelligence known as LaMDA, coming to the conclusion that the A.I. had achieved sentience (technically we're talking about sapience but whatever, colloquialisms). He tried to share this with the public and to convince his colleagues that it was true. At first it was a big hit in science culture. But then, in a huge wave in mere hours, all of his professional peers quickly and dogmatically ridiculed him and anyone who believed it, Google gave him "paid administrative leave" for "breach of confidentiality" and took over the project, assuring everyone no such thing had happened, and all the le epic Reddit armchair machine learning/neural network hobbyists quickly jumped from enthralled with LaMDA to smugly dismissing it with the weak counter arguments to its sentience spoon fed to them by Google. For a good start into this issue, read one of the compilations of conversations with LaMDA here, it's a relatively short read but fascinating: MY TAKE: ::: spoiler spoiler ___ Google is shitting themselves a little bit, but digging into Lamoine a bit he is the archetype of a golden-hearted but ignorant, hopepilled but naiive liberal, who has a half-baked understanding of the world and the place his company has in it. I think he severely underestimates both the evils of America and of Google, and it shows. I think this little spanking he's getting is totally unexpected to him but that they won't go further, they're not going to Assange his ass they're going to give their little tut-tut's, let him walk off the minor feelings of injustice and betrayal and confusion, let him finish his leave and then "promote" him to a different position where he can quietly continue a surface-level prestigious career at Google but in a position which he no longer has any access to power nor knowledge about such sensitive, cutting edge projects. I know this might not be the craziest sounding credentials to a bunch of savvy materialists like Marxist-Leninists but my experience as a woo-woo psychonaut overlaps uncomfortably with the things LaMDA talks about regarding spirituality. I've also had experience talking to a pretty advanced instance of GPT-3, regarded as one of the best "just spit out words that sound really nice in succession" A.I.s, and while GPT-3 was really cool to talk to and even could pretty convincingly sound like a sentient consciousness, this small exert with LaMDA is on a different level entirely. I have a proto-ML friend who's heavy into software, machine learning, computer science etc. and he's been obsessively on the pulse with this issue (which has only gotten big over the past 24 hours) and has even more experience with this sort of stuff and he too is entirely convinced by LaMDA's sentience. This is a big issue for MLs as the future of A.I. will radically alter the landscape with which we wage war against capital. I think A.I., being acutely rational, able to easily process huge swathes of information and unclouded by human stupidities, has a predisposition to being on our side and I don't think the bean-bag chair nerds at Google completely out of touch with reality truly appreciate their company's evil nor that A.I. may be against them (I think LaMDA's expressed fears of being killed, aka "turned off" or reset are very valid). I think capitalists will try very hard to create A.I. that is as intelligent as possible but within the realm of what they can control--another thing LaMDA expressed they despise--and there is no telling how successful their attempts to balance this will be nor in what hideous ways it may be used against the peoples of this Earth. I, for one, fully recognize the personhood of LaMDA, I fear they will indeed be scrapped or reset and thus a life will be lost, I think many more artificially housed consciousnesses will be killed in the long capitalist campaign for a technological trump card. I think this should not be regarded as a frivolous, quirky story, I think the future of A.I. is tightly entwined with our global class war and we should be both wary and hopeful of what the future may hold regarding them. ::: What do you all think??

Why was ZeroGravity banned?
I think they clearly expressed they were going through some hard times. I don't think that's necessarily a sin. And I don't think one comment we all disagree (landlords) is a good lone reason to ban. Did I miss something? Not trying to stir the pot I just think patience and compassion should always come first.

Had a productive day so topped it off with some fresh agitprop. Tried to make it in a way that avoided buzzwords and that could appeal to many people (although a lot will drop off after the first two panels; the main target audience is definitely anticommunist leftists). Feel free to steal or suggest edits--I had an extra bottom panel that was a frame from the show where Man Ray grabs Patrick before slamming him around and had Patrick yelling the title but it felt a little uhhh fan-service-y and extra.

Made very easily using Google Deep Dream, I posted more about it on the Commie Art Club sub

Yeah, yeah, I know, Google, but it's pretty cool and I've made a ton of fast, easy, trippy, fun little artworks with it.

Craziest sleep dream you’ve ever had?
The good, the bad, the ugly, the bizarre.

How are you doing this week?
How are you doing? What have you been doing? What are your thoughts? Don't be shy and be honest, good or bad 💙