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  • My guess is the rabid dog is going to do its rabid best, its going to cause horrible suffering more but, it is just accelerating its own demise, and I’m telling myself that this course of violent self destructive death throes will actually in the long term end up saving more innocent lives across the world.

    Israel is completely fucked and irrational to the point that it can only be described as suicidal. The U.S. is too it just hasn’t entered its unbridled burning madness stage. How could you be the pinpoint of evil on humanity and not be suicidal after all.

  • I always like seeing what the enemy is doing but at the same time it is energy vampirism having to witness all the repetitive dogshit they force down your throat from every fucking direction I HATE BILLBOARDS I HATE ADS I HATE COMMERCIALS I HATE BANNERS I HATE FLYERS I HATE SPAM I HATE LOGOS I HATE PRODUCT PLACEMENT I HATE SIGNS I–

  • I think Russia and China both in their own ways have done serious legwork in destabilizing Western hegemony and creating the situation where Palestine for the first time in a very long time actually has a chance to be free forseeably. Without Ukraine destroying Western stocks, morale, exposing their weakness etc, this situation would be going even worse for the Palestinians. I think Russia has stuck its neck out enough, I would like to see both of them supporting Iran as much as possible. Does anybody know if they are? I assume they are, all being a part of the West’s “Axis of Evil” or whatever they call it.

  • I’m sure it’s different everywhere, and I’m more or less a cishet man, but I used Tinder, Bumble, Okcupid, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, Taimi, Tumblr (not a dating app but hey I love crazy women so), and briefly Grindr, all in 2023, and I will say, Hinge at a glance seemed interesting and different, but it quickly became my absolute least favorite app–INCLUDING cesspools like Grindr or scam-filled PoF. It had the most incessant stream of painfully personality-less daddy’s money people I have ever seen. I can’t remember the specifics why but, it was also painfully difficult to match and actually talk to people because of artificial barriers and horrible location matches (recommending me people 500 miles away even when I try to set otherwise).

    Enshittification of everything, paywalls, and our toxic social/dating culture ensures all these apps suck to find love or friendship, but if I had to say the best, my personal recommendation would be Tumblr, Taimi, Okcupid, and Bumble in that order.

    Tumblr is not built to be a dating site but you meet all sorts of amazing people on there consistently. It would take a long time to get the ball rolling and actually finding people though.

    Taimi is touted as a queer website but is very straight friendly too. Many cool people on there. There’s also an actual POC presence as opposed to most other dating apps.

    Okcupid is kind of libby and filled with 30+ year old white artisan hipsters into therapyspeak and ethical non monogamy, but people actually have reading attention spans on there.

    Bumble doesn’t have a distinct flavor but it feels like the least-worst-of-all-worlds.

    Nothing beats vibes and happenstance, but sometimes it happens online, even in these sundowning days, I can attest to that several times over. Best of luck friend.

  • Well, thank you for assuming I’m bright 😅😅

    I do try and find a link between the harder scientific materialistic indisputable core of Marxism Leninism and the softer amorphous woo-woo borderline-insane depths of spirituality, conspiracy, and pop-history narratives because I am deeply interested in “selling” Marxism Leninism to the types of people susceptible to this thinking and, to be honest, I have a little bit of it in myself; I would like to be a translator between the sensible people here and the half-baked delusional regular people I encounter in day-to-day American life. I definitely veer too far and I am a little schizo with substance abuse problems and so I do measure reactions such as this to the stranger things I play around with; I appreciate your reaction and the reaction of others and it helps me understand what is worth exploring mentally and what might be a waste of time. Blessed day to you.

  • Okay, you probably know more about the nitty gritty of the Romans than I do. I have an honest question, I’m not trying to troll or be stupid or argumentative I’m sincerely asking. Does it matter in its core? Like, is how the Roman Empire run, be it on a micro or macro level, is it functionally that different than the USian Empire? Is it weird to look at the USA as just a modernized, boiled down, truer-to-self version of the je ne sais quoi that was at the bedrock of Roman society. Not just in legislation but down to a psychological and interpersonal level. I’m not accepting that I am asking for a “vibes” answer but I look to hard and soft sciences with equal appreciation.