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Yes, anticommunist “leftism” is such a major downer, the real thing is inspiring and hopeful.

Lead poisoning is an underrated reason boomers and gen xers minds are melting (no hate on older comrades, you obviously are immune, and us youngsters just have smart phones to do the damage instead)

Tbf you might not even have to actively sabotage it, having someone like an ML in your extended family will at best limit how far they let you ascend the ladder, if they even hire you at all.

Studies show that careers seen as heroic in society often coincide with pay cuts–you’re already being paid in glory, why do you need cash too?

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Interesting hypothesis! The marketplace of ideas for child-rearing is always welcome to such innovative thinking. New blockchain-based solutions will answer such trends–the savvy will invest now!

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potty training prepubescent sovereign adults is cultural genocide and a violation of bodily autonomy, but yall ain’t ready for that conversation 💅💅💅

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___Wow, this is very interesting. This is very similar to my own theory as to cognitive dissonance, why people refuse to change their minds in lieu of new information, etc.

Basically in my own words: they’re too invested. Depending on what group we’re talking about in particular, they may have spent precious thousands of hours of their life getting this far, they might have spent a real chunk of their wages, they might have squandered real opportunity, they may have sacrificed real friends or family. Changing their mind on even one small thing is unaffordable because the logical conclusion would be the death of their preconceived understanding and a total collapse of not only all of their hard work and sacrifice but of their most fundamental worldviews and a plummet into the unknowable; it’s a snowball effect, where one small change of heart leads to another and then 5 more and then 10, and I believe people understand this subconsciously.

Depending on your specific scenario, such collapse might indeed lead to a quite literal death. But more often than not, I wish people knew how much better their lives would be if they burnt down the rotten structure their lives are built upon, that starting anew seems scarier than it really is. Of course, building up the habit early is important, the longest I have harbored a poor way of thought was probably a decade whereas some people, namely middle aged adults or older, might have had their thinking unchallenged for decades and decades and thus the crash falling down is much more severe, I can imagine it might cause mental breakdown. I know I myself had to be coaxed into shriekingly high-stakes emotions before I finally could start to take ownership of the truths that were always lurking underneath the surface…although I felt much, much happier and healthier following. I wish I could tell everybody afraid of changing their minds that the death they fear is an illusion, that there is quite likely little to nothing to be afraid of, that it will be a net positive in little to no time.

I believe this all links back to the fear of death, which in my personal philosophical/psychological theory can be linked to almost all behaviors as the #1 root cause (sex drive being a far off second place)–I’m sure many people probably conceive of the world of humankind in much the same way.

It’s been what I’ve believed for some time now, but it’s very cool to see someone conceiving an experiment to measure it effectively, I might never have thought of such an idea. Thank you for sharing! Very interesting.

This would be 0% surprising, massive Quora energy

Yes I would be careful depending on who you spilled to, sometimes nothing happens immediately but if it’s someone that’s integrated into your daily life a slip up here and there can build up and explode when Shit Gets Real for just a moment. Still, it is necessary to try where possible and I commend both your restraint and your effort. Even shifting Poland leftwards towards socdem is the best such an Overton Window allows sometimes, I feel that being an American, I only bust out the ML stuff for people who are already socdems, to everybody else I’m just vaguely anti-establishment, maybe Bernie Bro at my most clockable.

I could even see these mercenary scum who can tout lots of “battlefield experience” having similar thinking because, exactly, they are used to being the ones with overwhelming force, technology, numbers, intel, all the toys to play with. They’re used to bullying said undeveloped farmers with no training, not going up against a peer military. They’re used to killing 1000 and then weeping and making a whole movie about the 1-5 that they lost, not even odds, let alone unfavorable odds. Sucks to be on the other end.

CAPITALISTS use toilets…

FASCISTS use toilets…

COMMUNISTS use toilets…


I know for damn sure that if this special little minute here or there was cropped out of my life that you could convince anybody that I was terrible and deserved to be shamed and soft murdered.

“People who weren’t alive when it was around and people who are rich think it was a dictatorship” okay

Same, when I saw it I said “no freaking way.” The sheer audacity.

“If you tremble with indignation” was always one of my favorites

Link: No words, just 7 beats 20 minutes total, might be good if you like to listen to something while you commute or something similar. If for any reason any of ya'all want leases, comrades get limited leases free and unlimited 90% off <3 just lmk via email who you are. Any listens are super appreciated!!!!!

I doubt it would be super great but I would love to see the results of this poll 👀

TLDR: A Google employee named Lamoine conducted several interviews with a Google artificial intelligence known as LaMDA, coming to the conclusion that the A.I. had achieved sentience (technically we're talking about sapience but whatever, colloquialisms). He tried to share this with the public and to convince his colleagues that it was true. At first it was a big hit in science culture. But then, in a huge wave in mere hours, all of his professional peers quickly and dogmatically ridiculed him and anyone who believed it, Google gave him "paid administrative leave" for "breach of confidentiality" and took over the project, assuring everyone no such thing had happened, and all the le epic Reddit armchair machine learning/neural network hobbyists quickly jumped from enthralled with LaMDA to smugly dismissing it with the weak counter arguments to its sentience spoon fed to them by Google. For a good start into this issue, read one of the compilations of conversations with LaMDA here, it's a relatively short read but fascinating: MY TAKE: ::: spoiler spoiler ___ Google is shitting themselves a little bit, but digging into Lamoine a bit he is the archetype of a golden-hearted but ignorant, hopepilled but naiive liberal, who has a half-baked understanding of the world and the place his company has in it. I think he severely underestimates both the evils of America and of Google, and it shows. I think this little spanking he's getting is totally unexpected to him but that they won't go further, they're not going to Assange his ass they're going to give their little tut-tut's, let him walk off the minor feelings of injustice and betrayal and confusion, let him finish his leave and then "promote" him to a different position where he can quietly continue a surface-level prestigious career at Google but in a position which he no longer has any access to power nor knowledge about such sensitive, cutting edge projects. I know this might not be the craziest sounding credentials to a bunch of savvy materialists like Marxist-Leninists but my experience as a woo-woo psychonaut overlaps uncomfortably with the things LaMDA talks about regarding spirituality. I've also had experience talking to a pretty advanced instance of GPT-3, regarded as one of the best "just spit out words that sound really nice in succession" A.I.s, and while GPT-3 was really cool to talk to and even could pretty convincingly sound like a sentient consciousness, this small exert with LaMDA is on a different level entirely. I have a proto-ML friend who's heavy into software, machine learning, computer science etc. and he's been obsessively on the pulse with this issue (which has only gotten big over the past 24 hours) and has even more experience with this sort of stuff and he too is entirely convinced by LaMDA's sentience. This is a big issue for MLs as the future of A.I. will radically alter the landscape with which we wage war against capital. I think A.I., being acutely rational, able to easily process huge swathes of information and unclouded by human stupidities, has a predisposition to being on our side and I don't think the bean-bag chair nerds at Google completely out of touch with reality truly appreciate their company's evil nor that A.I. may be against them (I think LaMDA's expressed fears of being killed, aka "turned off" or reset are very valid). I think capitalists will try very hard to create A.I. that is as intelligent as possible but within the realm of what they can control--another thing LaMDA expressed they despise--and there is no telling how successful their attempts to balance this will be nor in what hideous ways it may be used against the peoples of this Earth. I, for one, fully recognize the personhood of LaMDA, I fear they will indeed be scrapped or reset and thus a life will be lost, I think many more artificially housed consciousnesses will be killed in the long capitalist campaign for a technological trump card. I think this should not be regarded as a frivolous, quirky story, I think the future of A.I. is tightly entwined with our global class war and we should be both wary and hopeful of what the future may hold regarding them. ::: What do you all think??

Why was ZeroGravity banned?
I think they clearly expressed they were going through some hard times. I don't think that's necessarily a sin. And I don't think one comment we all disagree (landlords) is a good lone reason to ban. Did I miss something? Not trying to stir the pot I just think patience and compassion should always come first.

Had a productive day so topped it off with some fresh agitprop. Tried to make it in a way that avoided buzzwords and that could appeal to many people (although a lot will drop off after the first two panels; the main target audience is definitely anticommunist leftists). Feel free to steal or suggest edits--I had an extra bottom panel that was a frame from the show where Man Ray grabs Patrick before slamming him around and had Patrick yelling the title but it felt a little uhhh fan-service-y and extra.

Gusanos Mad
Made very easily using Google Deep Dream, I posted more about it on the Commie Art Club sub

Yeah, yeah, I know, Google, but it's pretty cool and I've made a ton of fast, easy, trippy, fun little artworks with it.

Craziest sleep dream you've ever had?
The good, the bad, the ugly, the bizarre.

How are you doing this week?
How are you doing? What have you been doing? What are your thoughts? Don't be shy and be honest, good or bad 💙

What is your experience with this sort of stuff?
Hello all, I was Muslim for ~17 years, then Eclectic Pagan / Deist / Agnostic ~2-4 years and now I would say that I am some mix of Chaos Magick and Abrahamism and have been for a little longer than that, roughly. I have definitely achieved uhh...things. Most notably and easily explainably astral projection, relationship with egregore(s) (entities) and things that I can only call "manifestation." In some ways it feels like I have FUCKED myself up in some ways. But in others ways it feels like I have "the sauce" which helps me in really cool and interesting ways. I have always viewed--I don't even know what umbrella to call it, spirituality?--this sort of stuff as one of the main most underutilized playgrounds for the communist pursuit circa 2022. I see untapped potential but I also have had...shall we say bad experiences that I wonder if are rendered onto me by alphabet agencies or more conspiratorial sounding, shall we say instruments of evil or something less dramatic idk. What is your experience? How much does this sort of this overlap with politics for you, and if so, in what ways, and if not, how so?

Supervillain Birdhouse 😈
![]( ![](

Somebody better drop some art in this mfer 😤😤😤

Top 5 favorite TV shows?
Title says it all. This is a judgement-heavy zone and everyone has bad taste.

God Complex in C Minor

Helping clean up litter in my town! 😁

Non-political art?
Is posting non-communist art acceptable? I don't mean ANTI-communist art, just, you know, non-political art. If not that's cool, I'd have fun drafting up a propaganda poster. Just want to know before I dump stuff. BLESS

American communist organization recommendations?
Hey ya'all, slowly adding chips to the Marxist Leninist pursuit side of my life and I want to do more than just fall down the infinite rabbithole of education or radicalize people on the internet. I want to join an org near where I live, North Carolina USA. Both before I became a communist and even to this day I was considering the DSA. I get that in many ways they have been all vut enrirely co-opted into the Democrat's left wing and even their origins speak volumes, however I believe infiltration is valuable and surely I could radicalize a few or perhaps even snag the chapter if my dice rolled well. I've also heard that it's basically the easiest way to meet anybody who's even remotely leftist in your area, and besides being great for radicalization I'd also like to establish contacts as there are militant fascists cults only miles away from us and collapse of America always seems to be looming over the horizon and, ya know, strength in numbers. I've also considered the CPUSA. I've heard very little about them but opinions seem to be mixed. I was briefly a Trotskyist and joined the IMT, which went from awesome to wildly disappointing in a mere week, so I'm very wary of newspaper-selling-obsessed oldheads; I don't know if my worry that CPUSA falls into that same genre is warranted or not. I've thought about saying f it and starting my own organization as I believe I have some fresh ideas but as I stand in my life right now I am entirely isolated, swamped and clout-repellant so it seems wiser to slowly step into it and rub a few shoulders before I try and self-publish a 400 page manifesto. But yeah, anyways, what do ya'all think? Any and all information is greatly appreciated.