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Wolff is a strange one. Half the time I think he wants the USSR but with coops, and half the time the US but with coops. IIRC Wolff had a debate with Paul Krugman where Wolff said that Bernie Sanders was a socialist and Krugman was like lol no.

Bold of them to quote Zenz and then complain about biased media.

in any normal country it would take about ten years

And in any normal country it would take about ten weeks to build a hospital, but we’re not talking about a normal country. China can move fast if it wants to.

One more thing: The first graph shows a separate line for Hotan and Kashgar. There was a major earthquake in Kashgar in 2008: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kashgar#People’s_Republic_of_China It was unexpectedly lethal because “Many of the old houses in the old town were built without regulation, and as a result, officials found them to be overcrowded and non-compliant with fire and earthquake codes.”

So China relocated the population in order to demolish and rebuild unsafe housing. Probably younger and less-privileged people were over-represented in this unregulated housing. That could explain the sharper drop in birth rates.

There’s a response by a Chinese paper using the same Statistical Yearbooks here: https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202101/1212073.shtml

On the decline in birth rates:

  • “According to the 2017 amendment of the Population and Family Planning Ordinance of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang enjoy equal rights in family planning.”

Before 2017, Uyghur people were allowed to have more children than the Han majority.

  • "The mindset on marriage and procreation has been shifted. … deeply influenced by the conception of ‘the fewer and the better,’ many married women of ethnic minorities in rural areas were able to go out finding jobs to earn more money, so the previous life cycle of ‘marriage-maternity-farming’ has been broken and their status in family has been greatly enhanced, women have more chance than before to decide whether to have babies. "

So, development, as you said.

  • “Religious extremism has been effectively curbed. … In the process of eradicating extremism, the minds of some women were emancipated, the scientific consciousness of gender equality and reproductive health has been promoted, making women not being reproduction machines any more.”

The fight against religious extremism has eroded the patriarchy and allowed women more independence.

As for the sterilizations graph, even the AP article says that “starting in 2016, the Xinjiang government began pumping tens of millions of dollars into a birth control surgery program and cash incentives for women to get sterilized.” So it’s not forced sterilizations, it’s cash incentives. Make something free and people will use it. The same thing happened in the US after Obama made contraceptives free: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29544988/

If reddit were around in 2003, they’d ban you for denying Iraqi WMD too.

To Lenin, imperialism is the dominance of finance capital. Specifically, he does not define imperialism as it is generally defined, namely, the building of empires by subjugation of territories and the exploitation of these colonial territories for new materials and as markets.

“As markets” is the key here. Lenin didn’t say that imperialism had nothing to do with war. He said that the highest stage of capitalism was dominance of finance capital, rather than the use of colonies as markets (as, e.g., Britain did to India in the 19th century).

From preface to Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism:

It is proved in the pamphlet that the war of 1914-18 was imperialist (that is, an annexationist, predatory, war of plunder) on the part of both sides; it was a war for the division of the world, for the partition and repartition of colonies and spheres of influence of finance capital, etc.

That is, imperialist war annexes territory to enlarge the sphere of influence of a county’s finance capital.

Also from the preface:

And this summary proves that imperialist wars are absolutely inevitable under such an economic system, as long as private property in the means of production exists.

In other words, war is not just incidental. It is an essential and inevitable part of capitalist imperialism.

So China’s lack of foreign military bases and it’s unwillingness to start wars are solid arguments that it isn’t imperialist.

inter-imperialist rivalry between the U.S. and Chinese imperialists

World history since Columbus is Western Europe and its white settler states stealing 3 entire continents, and parts of the 4th and 5th, while genociding or enslaving 100 million people.

Do you really not see a difference between that and anything that China is doing? Aside from the slave state of Tibet, has China taken any territory that wasn’t already part of China before European/Japanese invasion?

As of March 30, over 60 countries had not received a single dose of vaccine … capitalism sees the vaccine as another vehicle for racist profits and a weapon in inter-imperialist rivalry between the U.S. and Chinese imperialists.

So China not giving the vaccine to some countries is your argument that it’s imperialist.

China’s bosses are winning the vaccine war as they have become the main sources of vaccines to Africa, Asia and South America, increasing their ever-growing imperialist influence in these areas.

But now China giving the vaccine to some countries is your argument that it’s imperialist.

During the cold war, the anticommunist ideological framework could transform any data about existing communist societies into hostile evidence … A scarcity of consumer goods demonstrated the failure of the economic system; an improvement in consumer supplies meant only that the leaders were attempting to placate a restive population and so maintain a firmer hold over them. If communists in the United States played an important role struggling for the rights of workers, the poor, African-Americans, women, and others, this was only their guileful way of gathering support among disfranchised groups and gaining power for themselves. How one gained power by fighting for the rights of powerless groups was never explained. What we are dealing with is a nonfalsifiable orthodoxy, so assiduously marketed by the ruling interests that it affected people across the entire political spectrum.

–Michael Parenti, Blackshirts and Reds

Mine’s Zenz. It’s hilarious how much Sinophobic propaganda leads right back to that one fanatic.

“Go to college, they said! Major in STEM, they said! Otherwise you’ll serve food, they said!”


Step 1: Charity

Step 2:


Seriously, though, what’s your step 2? Modi has annexed a semi-autonomous territory using the military. He’s used police to torture and oppress civilians on a massive scale. He’s disenfranchised large groups based on ethnicity. He cut off the internet in Kashmir while committing the worst of these atrocities.

So how do you respond to that? Let’s say you ran a charitable group passing out food to your neighborhood somewhere in Kashmir, or maybe teaching kids to read. Now what? How do you get from there to pushing back against bourgeois state violence?

And they are very good at searching the internet: ddg.gg

It’s well-written, thanks for posting! Is this the mainstream CPUSA position these days? IIRC they previously encouraged people to vote for Clinton and Biden who were responsible for the coup in Honduras.

“100% fake!!” declared 100% real French journalist Adrienne Zenzmerde.

An earlier source, Reality Winner, printed secret documents. It turns out that each printer prints a pattern of faint yellow dots on the side of a page that can be used to identify it. The Intercept put the original printouts on the web, that’s how they got her.

So, incompetence, basically.

A blue checkmark who’s actually good?

All they have to do is talk about it as little as possible. The petit-bourgeois are sheep who get angry at the president on command.

“No, you see, Biden changed literally everything! The concentration camps are now called influx shelters! He may even change the name of the FBI building!!”