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I’m on Volume 3 now. These are the most important books I’ve ever read and 3 is the best IMO. Hard reads, though, ofc.

AOC with VP vaush.

IMO that’s super optimistic. More likely Dems will nominate Liz Cheney after she changes parties.

@T34toMemesGet back in there.

One day people will be like, “salute the green scaly comrade for crawling out so we could live in FALGSC!”

In 1964 Nguyen Van Troi was a very young Vietnamese electrician from the village of Quang Nam. He was also a communist patriot and member of the National Liberation Front. Trỗi had been married to Thi Quyen Phan only 19 days when he was arrested by South Vietnamese puppet regime troops for attempting to assassinate Robert Strange McNamara.


If only he’d succeeded…

This “stop helping favored industries with subsidies” demand by the bourgeoisie is silly.

Wasn’t the US’s founding genocide a subsidy to capital by government? Weren’t all the genocides making up primitive accumulation subsidies? Wasn’t government enforcement of slavery a subsidy? Isn’t the Iraq War, and all other imperialistic wars, coups, and blockades?

It’s subsidies all the way down. Now the biggest thieves in world history, the white supremacist capitalists, are accusing their victims of subsidy.

It’s the same with “Vietnam War Syndrome.” The soldiers who handled Agent Orange got chronic illnesses, but let’s not even talk about the Vietnamese people they dropped it on!

“We’re nothing like the trumpies! When our guy mass-murders brown people, he doesn’t tweet about it!”


“Never mind that General CubanLastName33883837 once put down a slave rebellion with extreme force. What happens in the 19th century stays in the 19th century.”

MacLeod is a great writer! Thanks for this!

Furthermore, the implications of going to hospital in China are completely different from in the U.S. In China, healthcare is nationalized and so a hospital visit is not something an individual avoids at all costs — unlike in the U.S., where it can bankrupt you.


… Democrats’ change of heart might not have anything to do with new scientific evidence and more to do with the fact that they now control the reins of power and are cynically using the same tactics Republicans used before them to ramp up hostility towards China.

So the new cold war is official bipartisan US policy, and the parties are only fighting over which of them gets to wage that war.

It [the Atlantic Council] advised Biden to draw a number of red lines around the country, past which the U.S. would directly intervene (presumably militarily). These include Chinese attempts to expand into the South China Sea

“How dare China expand into the South China Sea! It obviously belongs to the US!!”

At the same time, Twitter, under counsel from a U.S.-funded think tank, decided to delete more than 170,000 Chinese accounts in a single day, the think tank having accused them of spreading pro-China narratives.

IMO this kind of censorship was the goal of Russiagate and the post-2016-election congressional investigation of social media. The US bourgeoisie saw that social media were less effective at manufacturing consent for its white supremacist imperialism, so it started pumping out flak forcing the social media companies to fall in line.

Q: “Books?”

A: “lol no!”

Anarchism in a nutshell.

Western Europe and its white settler states since the time of Columbus have genocided or enslaved a hundred million people and stolen three entire continents. There is no other crime in all human history that comes close.

Looking at it as US unrest is too narrow. I think the 21st century will be defined by mass migrations of workers from the Global South. This will be caused by the white supremacist imperialism of the US and allies (Western Europe and its white settler states) and, especially later this century, by the climate crisis. The total population of migrant people could be in the hundreds of millions or more.

One possibility is that this basically ends countries. Not just some countries, but the very idea of countries, from the point of view of billions at the bottom. The governments of their home countries will be too starved by bourgeois-imposed austerity to protect them from famine and gang violence. Other countries will fear them as dangerous and destabilizing. So wherever they go, they will be forced to live outside the protection of the law. They will be the first class in the world that truly has nothing to lose, not even a country.

The migrant proletarians will be fully networked. They will have to be, because they could be deported or forced to flee at any time. Their networks of family and close friends will stretch across continents by necessity. They will be the first truly global proletariat.

When it finally rises and becomes aware of its power, the global proletariat will be the only class capable of taking on the global bourgeoisie. It will be able to organize strikes spanning an entire continent, covering all stages in production from mining to manufacturing to programming. Since its members will only see laws and political borders as weapons to use against it, the proletariat will make a mockery of bourgeois countries and reach decisions in its collective interest.

My hope is that existing socialist nations, especially China, can help guide this proletariat. The reason I think so is that so far the world has given us two different models of industrialization: imperialistic conquest led by Western Europe and its white settler states, and state-directed domestic development by the USSR and China. The second of these will be the proletariat’s only option in a world with decreasing livable area. But I admit, I’ve grown up in a fog of Sinophobic first-world propaganda, so I don’t know enough about China to say something more definite.

It seems to me that the bourgeoisie is dismantling the class-collaborationist labor-aristocratic unions of the 20th century. Now that the world wars and the cold war are won, and the declining rate of profit is making bribery of the labor aristocracy more difficult, the ruling class is no longer willing to work with these unions.

In the short term this will be painful. But in the long term it will free workers from the need for bourgeois, bureaucratic permission for strikes and organizing. Imagine labor organizing on an encrypted chat with your pseudonym only known to a few workers in your web of trust. You’d be able to organize a strike before management could figure out who you were.

Climate crisis big enough to cause crop failures in the US will cause massive famines in the Global South. The world is in for a really shitty century.

There aren’t enough people in China to investigate all of the west’s genocides.

This part was also interesting:

But it turned out that the US officers did not have permission from the Icelandic government to operate in the country and Ögmundur Jónasson, then Iceland’s minister of interior, ordered them to leave. Meanwhile, the FBI were allegedly complicit in DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks on the websites of several Iceland government institutions. The FBI had then approached Icelandic authorities, promising to assist them in preventing any future such attacks. In reality, the approach was a ruse to fool Iceland into cooperation in an attempt to entrap Assange.

So, a possible false-flag DDoS attack by the FBI to worm its way back into Iceland after getting kicked out. It’s horrifying but fascinating to see imperialism at work.

narchos: “lol joke’s on you! i rebel against my central nervous system by not knowing how to read!”


Because y’all are here!

Reddit strangled or killed off its leftist sub. It sucks now for anything but memes if your politics are to the left of Biden.