the most oppressed minority

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cross-posted from: > Hello G*mer! > > If you're looking to join a community of communist gamers, you've found it. You can join us on our [Steam]( page or on our [Discord](! > > And you're welcome to spread this post around to your comrades to help the community grow. > > We hope to see you there!

It's called Red Baron Corki, making reference to the WWI German fighter pilot. w h a t

DayZ Recruiting
I'm on Pacific time, Los Angeles but we have other comrades in different time zones. (Chicago, New Zealand, Czech republic) we have a big crew with two bases on a good server, that is sorta vanilla slightly modded. If you're new to the game or haven't played much we will take you under our wing. We have a discord and a very tight knit crew.

DayZ crew, join our clan.
I run a commie DayZ crew on a popular vanilla-ish server. It is very slightly modded more close to vanilla. I am on Pacific time, SoCal but we have comrades who play with us in all types of timezones. Please join us we got a big base and plenty of loot to go around.


Does anyone play Enlisted?
[Enlisted](!/) is a WWII shooter, if you're unaware. I highly recommend it for people who like this sort of game. it's FTP, and lets you play out your great patriotic war fantasies. It's honestly one of my favourite games, I'm obsessed with it. I'm curious if other lemmy(grad) users play it, I haven't found anyone else I can talk to about it.



the most oppressed minority
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