the most oppressed minority


Apart from the obvious pro-US/anti-DPRK propaganda freight train of wank this game is, I’d only really consider playing this solely because the POV of a citizen militia fighting inside of an occupied zone is pretty swell. I do suppose the silver lining is that this game got me into roleplaying in…

Should I play Bioshock 2?

I played Bioshock for the first time kind of recently, own Bioshock 2, but really wanna get to Infinite…

Comments on post about israeli tanks reminded me of this. Also, of course, that USAF recruits gamers directly on social media and with their drone simulator game. Great video though, please check it out…


Y’all know how Desert Island works? Pick the games that you would pick if you had to play those games for the rest of your life. Just to keep it simple, let’s just imagine that if you want to pick an online game that the servers will always be online and there will always be people to play with. Let…

"OPFOR" Mil-Sim Units? Should we make our own?

I googled a bit (admittedly without much heart) and I didn’t find any active sim groups that play as anything but war crimin- I mean NATO. So this leads to me asking here if any of you know of any active groups for mostly Arma 3 who focus on playing operations as the opposing forces to NATO? If not,…

In all seriousness, everything Edmund McMillen touches is gold…

the most oppressed minority
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