Anime - Socialism with Kawaii Characteristics
Welcome to the anime thread where you can talk about anime and anime-related things, such as manga and manhua and manhwa and Karl Marx fan art in an anime-inspired style This month's theme is animes, post your favourite animes here, and explain why your favourite animes are good and funny time My favourite animes is The Simpson and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (movie only)

hope you like my first post!

Source: Unknown, likely from a drawfriend in /leftypol/

January 2023 · Discussion Thread
Welcome to the eighth monthly family guy funny moments discussion thread Please discuss family guy funny moments Suggestions go to any of the mods, k? Thx ![famy guy lois](

made with [this thing](

cross-posted from: > Originally from [here](, taken from [Danbooru]( Do not look at the comments if you value your sanity. > > The artist also has some things to say regarding this piece it seems: > > ::: spoiler Original Mandarin > **每当你购买一颗俄罗斯糖果,就有可能变成一枚射向纳粹的子弹** > > 之前我跑了,是我怂,这回不会了,除非你把我弄死,否则我只要还有一口气就会跟你战斗到底,说的就是你,二鬼子 > > 亚速营啊,你看你背后那几个贵物。还有你,人不人鬼不鬼的二鬼子就你还要网暴我,嗷。在互联网上别让我看到你,看到你老二必须给你拽掉,必须给你煽了。 > > 我告诉你啊,二鬼子,到我这幅画下面,制定没你好果汁吃啊,你记住了。 > > 俄罗斯紫皮糖又吃完了,真的好吃 > ::: > > ::: spoiler English Translation from Danbooru > **Every Russian candy you buy, could become a bullet shooting the Nazi** > > It was my coward to run away the previous time, this time I will no longer. Unless you kill me, else I am going to fight till the end with you as long as I still can breathe. I mean you, [er guizi]( > > Azov battalion, see those trashy monstery behind you. And you, you are just an er guizi who neither look like a human nor do you look like a guizi, yet you still try to bully me over the internet, *cry*. Don't let me meet you over the internet, if I see you then I must pull off your xxxx, castrating you. > > I tell you, er guizi, come below this drawing, you for sure is not going to meet good ends, remember. > > I have ate an Russian Krokant candy again, they are really tasty. > ::: > --- > EDIT: I decided to revise the Danbooru Translation to be a bit more easy to read, for fun: > > ::: spoiler Revised Translation by Me > **For every Russian Candy you buy, a Nazi dies.** > > It was cowardly of me to run away last time; but this time I won't run away anymore. I will fight you to the very end as long as I can still breathe. I mean it, er guizi. > > Azov Battalion, look at the trashed monastery behind you. You're just an er guizi who doesn't even look human, let alone a guizi! Yet you still try to bully me in the internet, well, don't let me find where you live, er guizi; because if I ever see you - I'll fucking castrate you. > > Let me say this, er guizi - come after this drawing, and it will not end well for you. > > I ate a Russian Krokant candy again. They're really tasty. > :::


I might actually read Das Kapital, I'm very curious now.

Meaning : kawaii Saddam 😍🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶

귀여운 동지 Gwiyŏun Donji 😊

Anime - Socialism with Kawaii Characteristics
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