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Bad colour accuracy — is glorious Bulgaria 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬💪💪💪💪

Mfs read parallel-universe “State and Reform” 💀💀💀

I recently learned that the man in the painting was arguing against rebuilding a burnt-down school

You argue for the crushing of indigenous people, you engage in White chauvinism, you attack everyone who has called you out on your bullshit, and you play dumb regarding your passive support of White supremacy by going “well, at least I’m not actively murdering minorities!”

You literally sound like a fucking colonial officer, for fuck’s sake

You are scum and will rot in hell next to Hitler

You are a White supremacist and you would fit right in with those bastards

as you did accuse me of being CIA earlier.

No, see, what I meant is that you are a buffoon doing the CIA’s job for free, and you should definitely apply for a career.

Do you genuinely not comprehend that by having privilege, by being exempt from oppression, as you yourself have just stated, you have more power?

didn’t I essentially acknowledge that with my comment?


I’ll grant I’m privileged, but power is something else that I neither have nor want.

Privilege IS power

That’s not what is being said, you dense fuck. Calling “cracker” a slur is fucking stupid, because White supremacy is still entrenched as the dominant ideology in the US.

It legitimately cannot be possible to be this fucking dense

I never advocated for it. Hold you fucking horses for a second

what I am proposing would be a large front including many indigenous people against one specific group.

You are chauvinist scum. It is laughable that you think indigenous peoples would align with people such as yourself to attack other indigenous peoples.

I am not suggesting “getting rid” of anyone.

You were “asking questions” about them being crushed if they don’t agree with your hypothetical future Mexican state.

I am clearly advocating solidarity between indigenous groups

You are clearly advocating “solidarity” between groups that agree with your idea of Marxism, and destruction for those who don’t

Appeals to normality now, huh?

Ad hominem. Whataboutism. Third buzzword.

Hmmmm, gee, I wonder who else wanted to get rid of the “problematic natives”

Hey, look on the bright side, you’ve got a *glowing* career down at the CIA

NORMAL PEOPLE do NOT go around “asking questions” about whether or not indigenous people should be crushed

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if they wouldn’t participate in a proletarian state in the event of one being formed in Mexico, proletarians would end up having to crush them and dispose of their unprincipled practices, right?

I’m not the one fantasizing about crushing indigenous peoples if they don’t comply

You are a cracker who thinks buying coffee and posting online are revolutionary activities

Is this what passes for an agent in the CIA nowadays? Sheesh, they’ve really let themselves go.

Turns out buying bullets at 10 quadrillion dollars a piece doesn’t magically help you win a war

Go ahead, call the Führer, he can’t unbomb the cuck pit

The problem with explaining socialism to Yanks is that you first need to teach them many basic things. The education system in the US is absolutely fucked

Clearly, Wisconcom hasn’t read Chairman Mao’s follow-up work, “On Touching Grass and Talking to Women”

Yes, I’m certain Libyans love 21st century open-air slave markets over ebil totalitarian redfash *checks notes* free housing and education

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“Yes, it is quite sad that your anxiety has gotten so bad that you literally feel frozen. Anyhoo, you should try to stop being anxious. Oh, by the way, we’ve decided we don’t like your insurance, so we’re going to need you to pay 60 euros. Cash or card?”

Dutch GPs and their assistants making 240 euros an hour over fucking nothing when it comes to mental health 💀💀💀

Anarchists after they stop receiving guns from the Soviet Union, because they abandoned strategic positions to the fascists: “But we were doing so well! Why would Stalin do this??”

I’m playing on Normal difficulty, and I’m not super far into the game. It’s fairly difficult, but not too much. I’ve also played the leaked November build, and it seems that some adjustments have been made to make combat a bit easier.

YouTube ads? I haven’t seen one in years 😎

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Keir Starmer is a transphobic piece of shit (a repost)
Original by Ratette ([]( "Vile cretinous bootlicking piece of shit. I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway but what a vile, slimes, performative piece of utter shit. How do I hate the Labour leader more than the conservatives at this point?! Utter scum. Scum. Worth less than the shit suits he wears. Rotten slime. Link: Scum. I deal with enough transphobia on this shit hole island without them legitimising it further. I’m fucking angry and I’m genuinely scared 😞"

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