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Well at least they aren’t growing and we can thank their insane antisemitism for turning away reasonable people.

Jesus fucking christ who’s drank crazy juice in r/europeansocialists?

It was such an incredible game, I just remember some of the shit writing around the civil war and it was such a blemish on a game I spent hundreds of hours on.

If you are wrong just say your source who escaped the rabid werewolves that North Korea use to patrol the edge of their space station, is still traumatised from the time they were forced to eat dinosaurs live and therefore might have misremembered.

Skyrim was a weird one for me because it was my first Elder Scrolls game and I’d have sided with the Nords unequivocally (as they are rejecting the empire and imperialism) and I think Bethesda knew they couldn’t write a nuanced plot or portray imperialism as the good guys so they made the Nords wacky overt racists just to give the games civil war story line a “both sides” feel and its so shallow and obvious. Felt like a Marvel movie.

Also characterising the Altmer as the worser imperial group compared to the literal empire was another tone death attempt to legitimise who the writing staff clearly saw as the good guys (the imperials) which felt again very shit.

Lol r/historymemes like stalin now? When did that happen?

Lol just catra telling glowies to get a grip.

Any good replies feel free to screenshot and share 👍

I’ve heard they need some freedom 🇺🇸🛢⛽️

I always knew it was a… flat ideology 🥁 🛎

I’ll see myself out.

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Can’t wait for when they start saying good night too and alphabet HQ just erupts into flames.

By speaking while not thinking they’ve finally achieved horizontal organisation.

I missed a trick not becoming a political cartoonist, make nonsensical shit doodles and get paid for it? I do that for free already.

Lol reading Catra’s banned comments in the modlog was a treat 🤣

It's beyond parody at this point.


I had a nightmare the other night that I worked in a call centre and Stalin was the boss.
I didn't want to disappoint him as he'd put his faith in me but I ended up missing all my morning meetings because it took so damn long to set up my computer system. I woke up sweating and panicking. Pretty wild ngl. Anyone else top that?


Smol boy, big personality 🥰 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compsognathus

Frule 🥬