What are good Soviet/Chinese/AES films to watch?

I’m watching Solaris, dir. by Andrei Tarkovsky right now. …

Give me some movies to watch

I just finished Come and See, which is a famous Soviet film. …

Watching this rn (at the 1:00:48 mark). …

Cuties (2020)

I just learned of that movie’s existence and have been following the outrage up until now. …

District 9 or Elysium

Which of the two Neill Blomkamp films would you say you enjoy more from it’s thematic subject? I really enjoyed D9 but since I’ve become a Communist I’ve grown a whole new appreciation for Elysium and even considering it as a better film. I guess I say this because I couldn’t relate to apartheid; it…

Discussion about upcoming and recently released movies.

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