I actually really liked *The Batman* (yeah, yeah, I know it had copaganda, but I honestly liked it much better than the overrated Christopher Nolan films).

Anybody see Terrifier 2?
I saw this last night and it didn't disappoint. I didn't even know they were making a second one until I was looking for a horror film to watch on Halloween weekend. I loved the first one so I jumped on it immediately. Wow was it ever good. The eerie, dreamlike atmosphere of pure horror from the first film is gone, which is one of the things I liked to much about it, but the direction they took with it worked so much better. The film had so much more substance to it. It had thought-provoking themes of anti-capitalism, mental illness, and Halloween culture. David Howard Thornton and Lauren LaVera knocked it out of the park with their performances as well. Highly recommended.

My thoughts on Prey 2022 (there might be spoilers idk I tried not to have any)
I'm not gonna spoil but anyone else was disappointed with the killing blow to the predator? (I mean, you know he's gonna die at the end, that's how these movies go). It was really stupid of the predator lol. Anyone else kinda wanted it to be without the predator and just Comanches vs. settlers? Seeing their war tactics against a real opponent, which would also leave screen time to show their culture and tribe life. The struggle of resisting never ending waves of colonisation, and the realisation that you cannot resist forever. The losses, the wins, the factual story that does not need a space hunter alien to be interesting to audiences. I'd love to see _that_ movie. Not this exploitation flick. The exploitation genre is not necessarily a pejorative. Blacksploitation put afro-americans into the roles of main characters at a time where they were relegated to being side characters whose existence was to be useful to the main (white) characters. But where blacksploitation was a letter of love to afro-american culture, with movies made by black directors, Prey was directed by the whitest guy you could ever conceive -- just look him up lol. Look. At no point did the Comanches speak their language, except to give some immersion with simple words here and there. So it's especially weird they could talk with the French foreigners in English. Ultimately you could have picked Comanches, you could have picked Genghis Khan's Mongolia, you could have picked Charlemagne's France, you could have made this movie with any culture or time period you wanted. The Comanches were not central to the story at all. So there's a contradiction in that movie, which somehow seems generalised in the exploitation subgenres. On the one hand they want to make an ode to cultures that were exploited (not in the good way this time) by Hollywood and the settler-colonial United States. On the other hand, they still made a Hollywood movie. Also it's weird they barely used bows when Comanches were very fierce bow warriors. It is said (and has been tested) that they could get 7 arrows in the air before the first one even hit you. They could use their bows with both hands, on horseback (using the horse as a shield), on the move, in any situation really. That's partly why settlers had so much trouble against the Comanches early on -- their flintlock rifles were not fast enough against their high speed and guerilla tactics. The best moments of the movie, to me, were not the Predator's screen time. This is boring (and I say this despite liking the idea of the Predator). There's nothing here we haven't seen in the 1987 movie. The best moments were when you could get the rare glimpse into what it was like to be a Comanche people in the year 1719.

Marvel fans are getting on my nerves...
I wanted to talk about this for a long time... So Marvel fans... I'm so fucking tired of them(note I'm not talking about og Spider-Man, I'm talking about MCU exclusively): They are so annoying with their superhero movie worship, they are talking about those movies like they are the movies of all time, masterpieces with masterfully written script and galaxy brain stories, like they are Nolan films in terms of storytelling... And the thing is, these are not just idiots on the internet, even in TV channels where they talk about movies, they are literally, I'm not shitting you, putting MARVEL MOVIES and directors in the same rang with Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron, George Lucas, Ridley Scott and Nolan!!! They think that their B superhero good guy vs bad guy, good guy beats bad guy after power-up movies are in the same rangs as: GODFATHER, INDIANA JONES, JURASSIC PARK, SCHINDLER'S LIST, E.T., JAWS, STAR WARS, INDIANA JONES, TITANIC, GLADIATOR, INCEPTION, ALIEN etc... And that Marvel movies absolutely deserve to take half of top 10 box office movies(with Endgame being 1st one time) list overtaking timeless masterpieces...

What movies are you watching? What do you plan to watch? What have you watched recently? - Film/Cinema General Discussion Thread #4
I haven't watched anything lately, but I plan to watch a movie from 1948 about racism and Jim Crow in the USA military while fighting fascism in Germany and all that stuff. The movie was recommended by scholar Gerald Horne and can be found on *Monthly Review*.

What movies are you watching? What do you plan to watch? What have you watched recently? - Film/Cinema General Discussion Thread #2
I do this thread, more-or-less, every seven days (though I probably could've waited till tomorrow since that's the beginning of the week). Anyways, I just watched: *Sonic the Hedgehog* (since my bro wants me to watch the second one with him) And *The Batman* (I actually enjoyed it despite the copaganda, which I expected) Not exactly Shakespeare, but it was alright and I needed some mindless fun. Also, I finished *Solaris* so that's something.

What movies are you watching? What do you plan to watch? What have you watched recently? - Film/Cinema General Discussion Thread #1
I plan to watch *The Batman* next week (yeah, yeah, copaganda, but I actually really like what I saw of the aesthetic and the cinematography is supposed to be really good, which, in an atmosphere of movie-making where style over substance is a constant thing... you may as well go for the most well-done stylistic performance; not really condoning "style over substance" so much as I'm being adaptive at this point lmao) Other than that? There's apparently a new Guy Ritchie film (which I actually didn't know about). I have a Criterion account (which I would recommend *if you were* planning to get *any* subscription service when it comes to cinema). Also, there are a few Soviet films I could watch on Criterion so that's something.

"However, none of the events have a mask mandate and the Oscars are only recommending that guests wear masks." Well, shit.

What are you watching or plan to watch soon? Also, didn't know Guy Ritchie had another film...

Probably should watch a movie sometime; haven't done so in a long while.

What are good Soviet/Chinese/AES films to watch?
I'm watching *Solaris*, dir. by Andrei Tarkovsky right now. Anything else I should watch?

I'm... intrigued. And I recommend watching the TV show *The Longest Day in Chang'an* to see Jackson Yee's acting chops. That said: the films mentioned here gives me a lot more stuff to watch. Anyone else excited?

Give me some movies to watch
I just finished Come and See, which is a famous Soviet film. I'm on a movie high right now and need more. What else should I watch? What other Soviet films or foreign films should I watch? Can be old Or it can be contemporary. Just give me some films to watch. Doesn't even have to be communist.

Watching this rn (at the 1:00:48 mark). Hope you comrades enjoy it too!

Cuties (2020)
I just learned of that movie's existence and have been following the outrage up until now. As I haven't watched it, I really shouldn't speak on this. But I do find it hypocritical how the right cries about cancel culture but then wants to cancel this film (you can't make me believe even 10% of the people posting comments online have seen it). For comrades who've seen it, what are your thoughts on it?

Discussion about upcoming and recently released movies.

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