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  • The better a country becomes at using surveillance technology, the better it also becomes at hiding that it does. Until recently, China has had very little such experience, and thus everything it did was in plain sight. While in the West, intelligence agencies were already watching your moves, listening to your phone calls, and evaluating your metadata through your appliances, you could still see the massive security cameras from the past century on Chinese crosswalks. This is not a question of ideology or economics, every major country and organisation will inevitably try to keep pace as best it can with the evolution of vulnerabilities and threats. The perception of being a surveillance state, on the other hand, depends on the aesthetics of its technology, on the degree that you have the feeling of being stared at by it. Once China replaces the last of its last clunky old cams with more elegant models, citizens and tourists will eventually let go of that perception.

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    Maybe I’m not American enough to understand this, but how does this get bought? How do you store and cool this big-ass jar once you open it, how do you use it up without getting sick of the stuff, why wouldn’t you just buy it in a tube or a bottle, and why would anyone spend 20 bucks on a condiment?

  • Even if you ignore the unplastered brick wall with the trident hastily slapped on, the uncomfortably tiny glass table without a cloth, the main course being served on a saucer, and the fact that they brought the emissary of their most powerful ally water in plastic bottles and then just left it there, it really speaks to the post-Soviet rebirth of Ukraine’s cultural identity that senior diplomats on state visits are served Italian food