The Dispossessed - Le Guin - Atlas Shrugged for anarcho-syndicalists
I'm about a quarter of the way through The Dispossessed, and I'm pretty disappointed so far. It seems like a flat character expounding on the virtues of Anarcho-syndicalism, but I just have a hard time believing it. It honestly reminds me of Atlas Shrugged. It's this ideal world where an idealist system works, and it's hard to make it believable. Maybe I'm just a hater. I guess I shouldn't have an opinion until I finish it.

Have only skimmed it so far, but it seems like a good introductory summary. Just enter some fake information and a temporary email address (unless you want to donate). License is CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

> Brewster Kahle: “Libraries are more than the customer service departments for corporate database products. For democracy to thrive at global scale, libraries must be able to sustain their historic role in society—owning, preserving, and lending books.

It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism
Also: Buy gold. ...And eat your sterile cereal before getting that job at Denny's.

Discussion Thread: What are all you reading in terms of fiction AND non-fiction? (NOW for BOTH fictional and non-fiction works) - #19
Discussion questions: What new books are you reading? Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Question of the week: Be honest: do you get your books from Amazon or directly from the publishers? If you do a bit of both, how often for each? Enjoy! (I do this so people here can talk about things other than politics so enjoy yourselves.)

Best Chinese books of fiction that aren’t anti-communist
I want to get immersed in Chinese culture, but apparently it's hard to choose a book while being certain that it won't contain a pro-Western moralizing story. I'd like to build a good list with these criteria in mind. Can you help me out, comrades?

Which ones do you think could be useful? Thanks in advance! (And yes, I'm well aware that I posted this on Lemmygrad of all places, but I want things that can help me with my financials and with whatever business career I might pursue; I don't mean that I stan capitalism or whatever, but I've always wanted to use small business know-how to help the movement and get myself afloat.)

So... What comics or graphic novels should I read? 🤔🤔 (Please leave a comment down below on suggestions regarding what to read or try out.)

Is anyone able to find this book for me online?
Like, maybe a PDF or ePub version of it? I'm talking about this one [here](

How to bypass the Z-lib ban
cross-posted from: > Use or access Z-lib through the TOR browser ( Edit: has been established

Discussion Thread: What are all you reading in terms of fiction AND non-fiction? (NOW for BOTH fictional and non-fiction works) - #12
Tagging: []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( []( Today’s discussion questions are… 1. What are your favorite fantasy series, if any? 2. What are your favorite sci-fi series, if any? 3. What are your favorite horror/weird fiction series, if any? My answers: *A Song of Ice and Fire* by George Martin Sci-fi series would be: none Horror fiction would be *The Terror* by Dan Simmons. Bonus question: What is your favorite fantasy character or list of fantasy characters? Mine are Stannis Baratheon, Davos Seaworth, Robert Baratheon, and Maester Pylos. Also, shameless plug-in for a Discord server that me, BayArea415, and some good friends created: Enjoy!

What books are you interested in?

Ok that's a lie, I got animal farm. I got it because because my English teacher seems obsessed with it but I was luckily spared from doing it in class and instead I'm doing An Inspector Calls. I thought I might read it so that I have a better understanding of it in case I need to refute it. Wish me luck, Yours truly

Discussion Thread: What are all you reading in terms of fiction? (SPECIFICALLY fictional works, novels, stories, etc.) - #5
I'm currently reading *Gideon the Ninth* and that's about it. Everything is either history or organizing (though I'm reading less of that for the time being).

Its not just an biography about Che, it is about what he was as an person, an ML, an Guerrilheiro, How the world around him changed him, and how he changed the world. It might be an very long book, but trust me you are going to learn so much stuff from it.

Enjoy. (Audiobook is actually kinda fun, especially if it's a short story.)

An audiobook. 40 minutes long.

What are all you reading in terms of fiction? (SPECIFICALLY fictional works, novels, stories, etc.) - #2
Hey, this is a continuation of the topic from this thread [here]( I thought I'd continue this now that we're a much bigger community. I recently started a full collection (by Delphi Classics) of Edgar Allan Poe's works. I'm still near the start (because it *is* a large collection of his entire repertoire). And, on that note, I'm *still* going through Ambrose Bierce's repertoire of novels, short stories, etc. (I think the collection I'm going through is also Delphi Classics). I've also started *Romance of the Three Kingdoms* (of the recent English translation), specifically its first volume. I kinda stalled on the two other novels a mentioned last time (*Acceptance* by Jeff VanderMeer and Book 2 of the *Three-Body Problem* series by Liu Cixin). So, basically, I made more progress on the long-ass collection of Poe and Bierce's entire list of works than I have for the two novels that I could probably get through in a day for both. 😅 But I don't mind, tbh. I read a lot of good non-fiction books on the side *and* finished them (though we're here to talk about specifically fiction in this thread). So it's all good. Hell, I'm actually going to take a brief break from non-fiction to more "lighter" fictional works. I may start the next *The High Republic* novel next (the recent one in the spinoff series of novels that came out for the Star Wars EU under Disney about a year ago, I think). In addition, I'm still almost done with VanderMeer and Cixin's work respectively so I'll wrap them up and pick one more book (I... kinda have an itch to essentially read 6 fictional books at once, but mostly, I'm going to use the month to de-stress *just in case* I may need it; *not* because I recently got stress, but simply to be careful). Not sure what else to say. What are you reading in terms of fiction? What will you read next? Anything you like in particular? Anything you didn't really care for that much? Discuss all that and more so long as it has to do with written fiction or anything related to it. 👍👍

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