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  • blinkered demand signals

    Read: “Europe needs war on its doorstep to see clearly that it should listen to the US”

    Western arms manufacturers have the ability “not just to compete, but to out-compete and prevail” over Russia and other nations that the US considers its rivals, including China, North Korea and Iran.

    This is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long while. The west has the people and the resources but not the political economy. If it shifts to a different political economy, it’s already lost so what’s the point.

  • Spanish. But it’s the fun part now as I can just read/watch/listen. I miss the odd word and I have to pick my materials carefully but otherwise I can just sit back and enjoy. It doesn’t feel so much like studying/learning anymore. Although I do need to brush up on my grammar, especially tenses, and practise speaking. Unfortunately, I’m not too near any Spanish-speaking places to get that practice in.