<em> “Unity is a great thing and a great slogan. But what the workers’ cause needs is the unity of Marxists; not unity between Marxists and opponents and distorters of Marxism.” </em>

<strong> ― Vladimir Lenin </strong>

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I wonder what her family was up to that made Stalin deport it

Policemen and Firefighters actively fighting each other on the streets of France
Cringe government employees vs based government employees and the firefighters score another W

this is an actual post there:

I have recently entered this whole hexing business and i’m advancing quite quickly. I have beaten the main story bosses (ISIS, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah) but now i’m at the endgame i don’t know which raid boss i should go after first.

I’m playing solo so no support or healing besides those available from my incenses, i heard the YWMV is actually the best god to go after first since he’s focused on hard-hitting attacks and quickly wittling down on your HP before you can retaliate and that in spite of damaging attacks his accuracy is terrible, specially with his divine lazer trap that causes so many party wipes but is easy to dodge if your agility is great enough, which can be boosted very high thanks to the monk’s abilities and the amulet i got from farming in the Khomeini boss in the Iranian Revolution area that increases my stat by 1% by each attack i successfully make without stopping for more than 10 seconds between them.

Buddha meanwhile seems to be the most widely derided boss for monks since he is tanky as hell and has undodgeable attacks which can really fuck you up if you have nobody else to tank his attacks. What do you think?

BTW if anyone else is up to making a party to help me out, contact me in the astral plane, you will recognize me by my red witch hat with black stripes in it.

I legitimately cannot tell if this is satire or not.

Least braindead Finnish ultranationalist be like

“The Terror of England” sounds like a pretty cool title ngl

There’s literally a subreddit dedicated to hexing Allah called “r/bewitchthetaliban”

NAFO satanic “witches” genuinely trying for the 1324354657th time to hex Allah be like

Who the fuck has their first kiss and then loses virginity before even having a first relationship lmao

usually about as precise as a couple square metres, usually less

Don’t we have Lancets for that? It’s not as if we’re hitting every suspicious bush with 500 kilos of high explosives.

I think FABs are used to clear buildings with extensive defenses built into them (machine gun nests, etc.) instead of driving straight up to them with tanks and bombing them that way while risking land mines and ATGMs. That way, if we see enemy fortifications, we just delete the entire struture from existence. This sounds brutal, but it does not cause more civilian deaths than charging at these buildings while yelling “URAAAAA!” at the top of our lungs and then clearing these structures room by room with hand grenades and assault weapons.

They grouped up in Orekhov (ZA front) for a major recon-in-force but the Russian air force struck at the hotels they were sleeping in, killing and injuring at least 500, and they had to withdraw lmao

They’re so stupid its not even funny anymore

Even Western media is admitting that Ukraine to Russia casualties ratio is 100000+:16000 right now

Thank you. I am learning Arabic now, and then I will read the Quran.

“Russia weak because 200,000 Russian soldiers cant defeat 1.2 million Ukrainian soldiers in 3 days, who have received so many Western donations in one year it costs more than Russia’s entire annual military budget. Plz ignore how we spent 10 years in Vietnam with 3 million soldiers and still lost and then got assfucked by some Afghan goat herders”

“oeeoeoeoeoeux oeoeoeoeoeux oeoeoux ahhhhhh oui oui je t’aime”

“muh wholesome navalny will miraculously become president even though he’s not a part of the current government and most russians don’t like him”

“Kim Jong-un has blinked 44 times per minute while giving speech instead of usual 43”

IDK. Iran will stop arming them, and the war will thus end. I’m guessing that the Saudi’s will be advantaged, but not completely victorious, as China will demand a negotiated peace. In negotiation, when something is taken, something is given. We can only hope that our plans come to pass quickly.

Yemen is among the few things geopolitically that’s kind of bothering me now, but we must not lose sight of the bigger picture. They will be completely free someday.

Trust me, you do not want regime change in Russia at this current moment.

No sirree, things do not happen in vacuums.

>How long will this last? Recent developments certainly aren’t tipping the global balance in favour of the West. On the one hand, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Nato’s strategy in Ukraine isn’t working: not only is Ukraine facing heavy losses, while the West unable to keep up with Ukrainian demands for ammunition and equipment, but the sanctions have hurt Western countries, as well as developing ones. On the other, the financial crisis triggered by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is yet another reminder of the intrinsic instability of the West’s hyper-financialised brand of capitalism. >Only last week, America’s global standing took another hit with the signing of a historic agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia brokered by China (while, it should be noted, the Saudi foreign minister was in Moscow). As part of the deal, Iran has agreed to stop arming Houthis in Yemen, potentially paving the way to a resolution to the nine-year-long Yemeni war. Writing in Newsweek, David H. Rundell, a former chief of mission at the American Embassy in Saudi Arabia explained that the deal will be seen as “a watershed moment for Chinese influence in the Middle East”, while further eroding America’s already poor reputation in the region.

r/NonCredibleDefense in a nutshell

If the internet is banned then how are they accessing Chat GPT?

They chose the worst image of Sakhalin possible (it might be Alaska?)

while ignoring Alaska

New York City

Los Angeles

MFW it’s always the other way around

It is.

RuAF has been using new FAB-500 glide bombs on Avdiivka by the hundreds. FAB-500s are approximately 8 feet long (imperial system) and weigh 500kg (1100lbs). Designed in the Soviet Union, Russia has ENORMOUS stockpiles of them, and they remained kind of an untapped resource. They are very, very cheap (especially considering that they were paid for decades ago) and the wings allow them to drop the bombs from pretty far off, and the bombs will glide towards a precise target. This allows Russian bombers to bomb things without worrying about Ukrainian MANPADS. Urban wrecking balls

China actually singlehandedly reversed half the Arab spring in like 3 days lmao
After just three days of negotiations, Saudi Arabia and Iran have normalized relations and now Assad is in the UAE sharing warm words with its leader. Zionists coping harder than they were following their defeat to Hezbollah lmfao This follows tensions for years between Saudi Arabia and the US. The world's top oil producers are increasingly siding with China

Two childhood friends meet during a protest. One is a factory worker, the other is a riot officer. Guy Burmieux and Jean-Yvon Antignac were childhood friends but they chose different paths in life. On April 6, 1972 in Brittany, France, Guy was part of a protest to get better working conditions. Jean-Yvon and other riot officers were called in to quell the protestors.

Is Yuki no Shingun an imperial Japanese ANTI-war song?
I've looked at the lyrics and they come off as extraordinarily sarcastic, and Hirohito literally banned it, and yet Japanese ultranationalists spam it at people. Are they just illiterate, or am I missing something?