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I really like downtempo deathcore. Black Tongue is really good.

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I’m very happy to have some insight to share!

I don’t think it’s very clear cut. Azerbaijan is close with Turkey, and buys a lot of Israeli tech. They’re not particularly friendly with the US in general, but do fall into that camp in some ways. Armenia has historically been closer to Russia, but I think not as close recently.

Azerbaijan took the Karabakh region back in a conflict in 2020, which had been de facto Armenian since the wars in the early '90s.

My impression is that Armenia wrecked shop in the '90s (because of holdover Soviet soldiers and technology), but Azerbaijan has more than closed that gap with oil money, technology, and allies.

Armenia tried to distance themselves a little from Russia several years back in a big democratic demonstration (color revolution?), and they don’t have many allies or resources.

There were several anti-armenian pogroms in Baku and Ganja, and of course the Armenian genocide by Turkey (who are now allied with Azer). There were a shitload of ethnic Azeris who fled Karabakh in the '90s (and were still in refugee camps a decade later), and a shitload of ethnic Armenians that fled oppression in Azerbaijan at the same time. Azerbaijan has worked to destroy Armenian heritage sites in the exclave of Nakhchivan.

I’m uninformed on anything happening right now, but they have a long history of border skirmishes turning into mini-wars. There’s a long history of ethnic conflict and civilian death. The collapse of the USSR was a tragedy for the Caucusus. It’s a lovely region.

Dawg I’ll mop floors if it means a stable secure life for my kids, healthcare, and some kind of security in old age.

Hey homie, it sounds like you might be kind of young. I can’t comment on anything medical, but even if you have brain damage, not all damage is permanent (like, stroke victims can learn how to walk again).

I don’t have anything really helpful add, just remember to give yourself grace and room to grow.

That’s the sad part, he really is! It’s just that he’s a liberal in the time and place he lived, so some of what he wrote supports that.

I’m not qualified to really say until I finish it, but the general premise is that white workers in the U$ have a different relation to the means of production and the empire then non-white workers. It’s basically a history of the U$ with that thought in mind.

People who dislike it seem to latch on to the idea that he says white people aren’t revolutionary or really proletarian. I think that’s a little reductive, but I haven’t finished it yet. You should read it if you’re curious!

I’m mostly interested in the history so far. “Proto-socialist” events like Bacon’s rebellion being wholly predicated on native genocide is a really fascinating alternate history.

It’s hard for me to read Terry Pratchett anymore. So much of his humor is based on his culture, and I have trouble getting passed it. Things like colonialism bringing “good culture” to “barbarians”, or talking about how much a character respects Winston Churchill end up jarring.

I lost part of my sense of humor when I became a communist.

I’ll laugh my ass off if AOC ends up being the semi-competent fascist that presides over the death of the empire, instead of Desantis or whoever.

Taco bell is, sadly, garbage food (unless you’re hammered at 3AM).

I highly recommend other Mexican food, or even the better Tex Mex. Tripas tacos are a delight 🙂

He had a time cover, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a vogue cover. At least not in 1939.

No, I think the og post was meant as a meme.


It’s not from vogue, this is a rip of joke post from Reddit

Black Hammer may be in some trouble
"The house at the center of a hours-long SWAT standoff and a deadly shooting in Fayetteville on Tuesday is connected to Atlanta-based extremist organization, the Black Hammer Party, according to the group’s social media posts."

it's a classic: "my country is killing us all because of China"

I thought this was an interesting read, with a an interesting conclusion. I don't know enough about Foco to measure his criticisms here, but the Mao except he includes was new to me! Another note: Rashid uses "Maoist", but I'm under the impression he opposes the Gonzoloite Maoism we're more familiar with.

How do you feel about caffeine? Do you drink coffee?
I used to drink massive amounts of coffee, but I'm slowly transitioning to tea. I don't think the caffeine does me any favors mood-wise, but I still really love the flavor of coffee. What do you drink?

Jack London, author of Call of the Wild, on why he's a socialist
I'm just now rereading White Fang, and I found out about this essay. I thought it was interesting!

the Cuban revolution & decolonization
I'm just starting Fidel's autobiography, and had a thought that I haven't found much information on: Cuba was a colonized country (sort of like the U$ in some ways), are there lessons to be learned for decolonization from the Cuban revolution? Were there enough Taino to have a voice in the revolution? Is there a Cuban version of landback? Or were the material conditions of the Cuban people so deteriorated that the differences between native/non-native weren't like the U$? just some thoughts! thank you!

Sanity check: what are the odds the Roe opinion was leaked on purpose?
I know it's pretty much just a conspiracy theory, but it seems pretty plausible and with a very predictable result. Could it be to distract from the impending loss in Ukraine? From the inflation and potential recession? Am I just crazy?

Found on a walk today

I hope this leads to peace for Yemen

when will the U$ follow suit?