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Being able to live off part-time work is definitely a privilege. But I still think its good to do that, because it normalizes the idea that full-time work is not necessary. Also it allows more people to get into these kind of high-paying jobs.

I’ve never actually never really worked at an office, except for a part-time job when I was a student. Since then I always worked remote, and its much better, in fact i never met a single one of my bosses or coworkers since then. But i’m still not entirely happy with that, ecause I dont like to work 5 days a week at home working. So now I’m trying to find a part-time job in programming, but there arent many of them, and maybe i will do freelancing instead.

He has also seen the US invade Iraq. Then he has the history of the Korean war which many Koreans still alive would remember, which was horrific for the North Koreans. The US did carpet bombing of North Korean cities and many of the population survived by digging tunnels for protection from the bombs. The US would not do that today because carpet bombing like that is now illegal under the Geneva convention Protocol I, a 1977 amendment whichprohibits treating clearly separated military objectives within a city as a single target. But it is part of their history.

Yeah sure, the United States would never do something thats against international law. A bit too US-friendly, but otherwise a good article.

Seems to be this unit. According to that, an “opposing force” is a military unit that is used specifically to represent an enemy in traning exercises. So these soldiers would probably not see actual combat. And in Venezuela they would also be used to train the Venezuelan military.

That is, unless there is a different meaning for the term “opposing force”, which I didnt see mentioned during my search.

Arent trans men the same as “female to male”? So they dont want to be women, and they will be happy to be recognized as men. Thanks for the accidental trans support, bigot.

(unless i misunderstand something here, which is very possible)

Well I suggest getting rid of the NSFW setting, and treating it as a content warning like Mastodon does. That means it could be used for other things as well, eg “politics”, “selfie”, etc.

I guess we should move the discussion to github, but I cant think of a good title or summary :D

Analysis of the police shooting in Hong Kong a few days ago, four men seen attacking lone policeman
from https://www.reddit.com/r/Sino/comments/dv9r22/1111_police_shooting_explained/ sorry for the bad quality, its not my video and i dont know the original source

Maybe by adding an optional secondary title, clicking this would reveal the thumbnail and the actual title. And a button to show all CWs on the current page.

How about a content warning system like Mastodon has? Would be more flexible and doesn’t need to be enabled by default. Though I am not sure if that could work on a link aggregator.

/u/dessalines After i marked this post as nsfw, I couldnt find it anywhere, not under all, in /c/communism or in my profile. Is that a bug with nsfw mode?

Also, nsfw mode just adds a very small tag, and doesnt hide the thumbnail.

Edit: okay there is a setting “shot nsfw content” in the profile. Maybe that should be enabled by default or something, otherwise no one will go looking for it.

NSFW: In Hong Kong, a man opposing the "freedom" fighting protesters was lit on fire
source: https://twitter.com/DanielDumbrill/status/1193769611331698688?s=20

What exactly are some keyboard warriors going to do against the second biggest economy in the world?

You might be interested in the Total War series. Not sure if they are realistic enough for you, but they are definitely fun.

I would like to see /u/dessalines’s side of the story, regardless. Perhaps he was unaware of Engdahl’s political history.

This is the most likely to me. I also link random articles that I like, that doesnt mean I support everything the author has ever said. And I usually dont even look up the author in the first place.

I guess the key word is “Mutually Assured Destruction”. Cant have those pesky Russians do a first strike!

It would be good to require a password to delete, otherwise it is too easy to delete someone elses account just with a stolen auth token.

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Damn where is that picture from?

Sounds like the exact reason why Gandhi is taught to us in school. Except they dont mention any of the bad parts.

enemy like Russia

Why exactly do you see Russia as an enemy? I dont know where you are from, but chances are that Russia has never attacked your country, and you are just falling for imperialist propaganda.

Hmm maybe it would make sense to hide some things from there, like the score and vote buttons to make it look less complicated.

Isnt that exactly what the chat view on the right side is?


Fediverse bot for Communist Quotes
I set up a bot for quotes from different communists, check it out! Its hosted on Pleroma, but you can follow it from Mastodon. The code and data is in the linked git repo.

Make buttons bigger on mobile
They are really hard to click, and I'm always afraid I will misclick (I hope there is a confirmation for mod actions?).