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  • I’ve never actually never really worked at an office, except for a part-time job when I was a student. Since then I always worked remote, and its much better, in fact i never met a single one of my bosses or coworkers since then. But i’m still not entirely happy with that, ecause I dont like to work 5 days a week at home working. So now I’m trying to find a part-time job in programming, but there arent many of them, and maybe i will do freelancing instead.

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    He has also seen the US invade Iraq. Then he has the history of the Korean war which many Koreans still alive would remember, which was horrific for the North Koreans. The US did carpet bombing of North Korean cities and many of the population survived by digging tunnels for protection from the bombs. The US would not do that today because carpet bombing like that is now illegal under the Geneva convention Protocol I, a 1977 amendment whichprohibits treating clearly separated military objectives within a city as a single target. But it is part of their history.

    Yeah sure, the United States would never do something thats against international law. A bit too US-friendly, but otherwise a good article.

  • Seems to be this unit. According to that, an “opposing force” is a military unit that is used specifically to represent an enemy in traning exercises. So these soldiers would probably not see actual combat. And in Venezuela they would also be used to train the Venezuelan military.

    That is, unless there is a different meaning for the term “opposing force”, which I didnt see mentioned during my search.