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Btw if you call them out. Your a NAZI!!! https://twitter.com/keatenmansfield/status/1526402722093842432?s=21&t=YvOmSYj1GLHPlAiKpA9BXQ

I’m in a Twitter war with a Patsocs. My gosh it’s horrible and hilarious. I think I tired them out.
Context I’m in a Twitter war with that account. Since they started sharing Haz tweets, calling people with non natural hair colours and furries liberals, and posting comrade Trump memes. I decided to have some fun with them for a few days. Enjoy the history.

Burn this nation to the ground. Were fucking finished.

The first big documentary on the Ariel UFO landing. 60 kids and some staff saw it land and seen the ETs as well. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/stories-57749238

Update: Worldnews bit my bait and Ukraine didn’t.

See what happens my bot and I posted the news of this on Reddit. See how world news and Ukraine feels

The mods who run the r/com do not run the lemmy version.

CPI is a patriotic socialism organization. Aka Caleb and Haz are American Nazbols.

Ex SLS mod here. There have been a slowing rift between SLS and GZD. One of mods of SLS accused one of the mods of GZD of being a Zionist or a Nazbol. The rest of the SLS mods don’t think kindly to a lot of GZD members.

Btw the mods here are not the same mods of the Reddit version. R/SLS has no interest in lemmy

Anti fascist huh??? Why is Ukrainian government treating these people as “heroes?”


Remember: When the revolution happens. Reddit will be sent to the gulag.

Yeah, but remember. Putin is an Anti-Communist. I wouldn’t like to see our flag being propped up by a anti-Communist State.

> Azov militant captured by Russians: "No I'm not a nazi!" > Russians: What is the password (of your phone)? > Azov militant: "1488" https://twitter.com/mapsukraine/status/1515020260210098178?s=21&t=asa8uJLPGf0xDeOrk9ccqg

Looks like Russia just want to slam those positions now.

The white helmets. The pro USA propaganda unit pretending to be a humanitarian group.

I think we should have a honorable mention to Bay Area.