Suggestions to the owners to what to add next.
[Admin Post] Please Share Lemmy In Your Leftist Circles!
constant growth is the lifeblood of communities like this one, so please if you want Lemmy to be successful at providing the entire spectrum of anti-capitalist left ideologies a space to be openly free, link in all your leftist groups and help us expand member usership! I would personally recommend sharing in secured and private communities primarily, as to reduce fascist bandit army flooding. However, Lemmy should also be shared where leftist masses are, so don't be afraid to share on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and other places.

A culinary community.
Imagine the posts of non capitalist foods and tips on how to cook.

Limit the number of posts from a community on a user's homepage
So the new stream of users from GenZedong is great, but it's flooding the homepage to the point where all you see are posts from that community. So my suggestion is to limit the posts that a community can feature on a user's homepage, regardless of how popular they are. Just pick the top 3 or top 5 most popular posts from that day and show them.

I don't see Comrade Dessalines on here anymore, but at some point they recorded an audiobook for Huey P. Newton's *_Revolutionary Suicide_*. I had to read a portion of it for a leftist book club, but I have trouble reading (the irony is not lost on me). I usually have to struggle through, but this time I got by with a little help from my Comrade. Thanks Dessalines!

Several subs need new moderators
I have found some subcommies that have no active moderators. They will have one or two moderators appointed, but they are either inactive or sometimes have deleted their accounts. Communism101 is one example (only mod has deleted account). Other cases, I have found the moderator(s) without posts or comments for several months. If something should be done about moderation of communities with inactive mods, at what point can we agree a mod is inactive?

Post and comment formatting
Plain text is fine for adding spacing between lines. But if you add a URL then [] [] this happens, even if you press enter between the lines Preview will still show the spacing there, but when you submit the post, it will not be there for you, Does the site somehow remove spacing with URLs? Is there a way to get around this issue? Do i look like a huge dummy right now?

Cycling pages
When viewing a user profile, there are "prev" and "next" buttons at the bottom to cycle through older and more recent posts. However, you can continue cycling pages infinitely past that user's final post. it's a trivial issue, but if it's easy to do, then it should be fixed

[shitpost] Petition to Purge Repressers: 1 Like = 1 Signature
Y'all notice the forum rules bans capitalist cops and troops, but is enforceable only upon admission? THIS PETITION is intended for the brave Mujahideen fighters of Afghanistan. Wait, no, the anticapitalist hacktivist group, "Anonymous." No, that's not it either. This petition is for the world-renowned communist insurgency group, "Federation against the Undemocratic Terror-states of America (FUTA)." We demand that these antifa supersoldiers discover and ban all KKKops from our humble domain. TBH, I don't feel safe knowing psychos are cataloguing my futa, i mean, worker right's fetish.

[shitpost] Posting MMR
MMR = matchmaking ranking Big brain theory understanders will accrue MMR from schooling noobs in the comment section, gaining a few points each time. Victors are decided by the people's committee of rolfstomping. Clashing of big brains, e.g. on c/leftistinfighting, are "boss battles" and subject to proportional wagers of MMR. USSR war medals are awarded to the most heroic conquests by armchair theory soldiers. Lastly, repeat offenders of "gamer moments" or "lib takes" are obligated to "rage quit" the forum.

Lemmy Release v0.6.0 - Avatars, email notifications, and a whole lot more.
`v0.6.0` is here, and we've closed [41 issues!]( This is the biggest release by far: - Avatars! - Optional Email notifications for username mentions, post and comment replies. - Ability to change your password and email address. - Can set a custom language. - Lemmy-wide settings to disable downvotes, and close registration. - A better documentation system, hosted in lemmy itself. - [Huge DB performance gains]( (everthing down to < `30ms`) by using materialized views. - Fixed major issue with similar post URL and title searching. - Upgraded to Actix `2.0` - Faster comment / post voting. - Better small screen support. - Lots of bug fixes, refactoring of back end code. Another major announcement is that Lemmy now has another lead developer besides me, []( Theyve created a better documentation system, implemented RSS feeds, simplified docker and project configs, upgraded actix, working on federation, a whole lot more.

Should we have a way to talk online like discord for Lemmy?
I think it would be a great idea to have something like a discord chat to talk in voice chat but I know that some people do not like discord so we would need to find an alternative. Do you have any idea? And I would suggest having a new ''discord like sub'' only for this community. What do you think?

Comment "context"
Hey, I'm new here so maybe I'm just unaware of an existing feature, but currently, when I see somebody has replied to a comment or a post in my notifications tab, I am unable to see the content to which they are responding. Instead, I just get "lorem epsum" from "whoever" at "time and date." I have to go through my recent history to try and find the context. I put context in quotation marks in the title because that feature is called context on Reddit. Is there any way to add this? It'd be especially helpful for anybody who is active in more than one place on this site.

Lemmy Release v0.5.0 - RSS feeds, custom language, url archiving, lots of bugs fixed.
Special thanks to [/u/fidel_castro](/u/fidel_castro) for the RSS work!

Lemmy Release v0.4.0 - Username mentions, Default sorts, Vaporwave theme, Password Recovery, Arm64
[Lemmy Release v0.4.0]( - Username mentions, Default sorts, Vaporwave theme, Password Recovery, Arm64 support. [Closed issues here.]( Special thanks to @iav for assistance with Arm Dockerfiles. Vaporwave theme: ![Vaporwave theme](

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One cannot navigate to overview from another user’s profile
When attempting to navigate to overview (ie one’s own profile) from another user’s profile, the URL changes but the content isn’t updated.

Lemmy Release v0.3.0 - Themes, auto-updating front page, perma-delete posts and comments.
[Closed issues here.]( How to change theme: ![theme](

Suggestions to the owners to what to add next.

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