Suggestions to the owners to what to add next.
[Admin Post] Please Share Lemmy In Your Leftist Circles!

constant growth is the lifeblood of communities like this one, so please if you want Lemmy to be successful at providing the entire spectrum of anti-capitalist left ideologies a space to be openly free, link in all your leftist groups and help us expand member usership! …

I don’t see Comrade Dessalines on here anymore, but at some point they recorded an audiobook for Huey P. Newton’s Revolutionary Suicide. …

Several subs need new moderators

I have found some subcommies that have no active moderators. They will have one or two moderators appointed, but they are either inactive or sometimes have deleted their accounts. Communism101 is one example (only mod has deleted account). Other cases, I have found the moderator(s) without posts or …

Post and comment formatting

Plain text is fine for adding spacing between …


Cycling pages

When viewing a user profile, there are “prev” and “next” buttons at the bottom to cycle through older and more recent posts. However, you can continue cycling pages infinitely past that user’s final post. it’s a trivial issue, but if it’s easy to do, then it should be fixed…


[shitpost] Petition to Purge Repressers: 1 Like = 1 Signature

Y’all notice the forum rules bans capitalist cops and troops, but is enforceable only upon admission? …

[shitpost] Posting MMR

MMR = matchmaking ranking …

Should we have a way to talk online like discord for Lemmy?

I think it would be a great idea to have something like a discord chat to talk in voice chat but I know that some people do not like discord so we would need to find an alternative. Do you have any idea? And I would suggest having a new ‘‘discord like sub’’ only for this community. What do you think…

Comment "context"

Hey, …


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One cannot navigate to overview from another user’s profile

When attempting to navigate to overview (ie one’s own profile) from another user’s profile, the URL changes but the content isn’t updated…

Parties, Unions, and Otherwise should set up communities for themselves here on Lemmy

Lemmy’s capable of being a central hub for all of our left needs, It would be nice if organizations would utilize lemmy in the place of facebook or reddit communities. Because we’ll never suppress leftism. …

primary community mod, ability to keep other mods from deleting communities

Currently, it seems any mod of a community can delete the community. This could be an issue, should a mod of a community go rogue. …

Suggestions to the owners to what to add next.

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