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Honestly I wished the interviewer had asked more questions about that. Also to that guy in the beginning, that said the DPRK is the only socialist country in the world.

wow, even in the 90’s Cuba fared better than the US.

Just a small insight on what this trade deal consists. Seems like China is interested in protecting free trade, probably so that its exports are not hampered? What do you think? …

Is it me, or is there a liberal that has infiltrated and is downvoting all the posts?

This guy’s documentaries are great. Learned a lot from him.

The game does have issues, especially in performance. But I haven’t encountered anything too severe so far.

Honestly, if Bernie Sanders had appealed to gamers, he would’ve easily won the primaries and the presidencial election too. With like 99% of the votes. Sadly none of these moderate politicians dare to talk about the daily horrors gamers have to face. Truly the most oppressed minority.

On a side note, I’ve been playing Cyberpunk 2077 and enjoying it. Don’t know what people were expecting.

Sisko had a pretty naive and benevolent view of the situation though. “They just forgot about these people” or something along those lines.

What is Federation?

Not that I know of. From what I know the Brazilian left is clinging too hard to elections. It seems like its their only strategy. I think PCB is more radical and is trying to mobilize the masses, but they have limited support.

I advise against buying Paradox games. While they are fun, the development and DLC policies they use are disgusting. They release the game in an alpha state and then release 20€/30€ DLCs over the course of a few years. Since many of those DLCs add new in-game mechanics, they are a must have.

This forces you to eventually spend around 200€ or even more money in the game, over the course of 2 to 3 years.

If so many websites use them, then it’s not completely useless. Besides it’s better to have them, rather than not having anything. Right now anyone can write a script to continuously attack the wiki. Even if a CAPTCHA can be bypassed, it makes attacks more complex and will filter out a large percentage of bots, which is better than nothing.

Are you using captchas? It’s usually a good deterrent against bots.

Don’t landlords also use blacklists?

Tbf, it really seems that a lot of right wingers do hate the world and everybody else. It’s like they feel pleasure when others are miserable and they are slightly better in life, or just pretend to be.

Was this written by anarchists?

Anarkidie because a neocon wouldn’t know what pan Africanism is.

When you need to kill kulaks and landlords.

That protester is so dangerous that 20 cops are needed to beat him up.

[Slight Spoilers] Anyone pleasantly surprised with The Outer Worlds?

I was just expecting the game to be a liberal critique of capitalism and providing no solutions to the problems of the Halcyon colony or some “both sides” gibberish that liberals love. I was also expecting something like “the other side is just as bad” like in Bioshock Infinite, where the Anarchists…