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And Westerners love it. Again, completely oblivious to their hypocrisy. Imagine if Iraq and Afghanistan decided to do terror bombings in American cities. Or if Libya and Syria decided to commit bombing campaigns against NATO European countries.

What is worse is how they don’t understand their behavior justifies the invasion. Either Russia puts order in their borders by any means necessary, or the west will literally murder every single Russian and feel morally superior while doing so.

This behavior isn’t even restricted to online people, the amount of genocidal bloodthirst coming from average Europeans is appalling. It truly is grotesque that these people can only deal with others by murder and genocide, and still consider themselves to be a garden of democracy in a jungle of barbarity.

I managed to play a little bit, but it disconnected me. The progress from yesterday night seems to not have saved.

It’s saying the server refused connection.

Yeah, it’s usually a cover up for some fucked up thing the US is doing.

6: BlondieBoys needs to go to the gulag until we forget he exists.

Though it must be said I also get quite a lot of people who are really bad at budgeting as well.

I think this is further evidence that we shouldn’t live in an individualistic society.


We trained the system: ‘Hey don’t kill the operator – that’s bad. You’re gonna lose points if you do that.’ So what does it start doing? It starts destroying the communication tower that the operator uses to communicate with the drone to stop it from killing the target.

No real person was harmed.

Guns exist for 1 reason: to kill. I don’t think the creator makes it any better or worse.

These people can eat for almost free everyday, meanwhile in the West food and rent are out of control.

Even worse is “Should of” instead of “Should have”.

I don’t see Africans erecting statues to Europeans or Americans.

Wagner group has a statue in Central African Republic partially dedicated to them. Try to ask libs to explain how the Wagner group is nazi if Africans consider them partners and equals.

It’s projection. American cities are all riddled with debt, because all they do is invest in car infrastructure.

Resident Evil 4 Remaster. I played the original countless times on the ps2. I’m really happy it got cracked.

![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/927029af-eeea-48d7-8701-2eea7e0d6d0b.png) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/17928265-1aa8-4615-a1c7-64bda4f9c6cb.png) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/d904fb8d-780f-4ce8-8d31-441419355f0d.png) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/6a3d0ac8-0d7d-4080-b32d-2ec3487d2e94.png) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/d9683f9c-ffe3-4aa0-a237-d568b566fb0a.png) They really have to push the train because there's no electricity.

I don’t believe any of them are INTJs. Seriously who wrote that section a liberal from the Democratic party?

These things make me wish Russia was actually planning of invading the rest of Europe. Not much would be lost really.

The funny thing is that profiles don’t even have karma score. You can get a million downvotes on a post and nothing happens.

Lol, who is this Jay Jay? Is that a joke candidate?

By the way, any of these guys are pro-EU? I would just say to not vote for any pro-EU guy, if you even want to vote that is.

On the last live stream of New Atlas, Mark Sleboda claimed this would become an endless war. Man I hope he’s wrong, because this shit going for another 10 years would be a disaster. Just annex Ukraine and end this madness.

I think the show portrays Mars as China. The US is the declining empire, and China is on the rise. They also portray Marco Inaros as a sociopathic leader with a horrible temper. The show has a clear “both sides bad” vibe. Don’t know if the books are the same.

If this was happening in Russia, China or Venezuela, the Western media would be happily clamoring for the imminent collapse of the evil regimes. But since this is in France, it is a representation of democracy. They barely talk about the protests.

Libs doing praxis against us. Sometimes a lib gets into this website and starts downvoting everything to teach us a lesson. Eventually they realize just how pathetic they’re being and give up.

Doubt it. Hillary Clinton also said the US couldn’t compete with a planned economy years ago and nothing changed. Look at Biden’s build back better plan, even with a majority in the Senate and Congress, Democrats still chose to “compromise” with Republicans and completely gut the plan.

Let’s go Kim! Get rid of all them dogs!

It gets worse. Even if you don’t follow him, you’ll still see his tweets in your feed.

BRICS have barely started and the West is already scared shitless of them.

Probably because Bakhmut is of major strategic importance. If the Russians take, they’ll be able to start conducting attacks on several other locations.

You like S1? Man, you’re gonna love the rest. The best Star Trek imo are seasons 5 and beyond. The Ferengi are the representation of capitalism in the ST Universe. The Cardassians are space nazis, and it seems pretty obvious their occupation of Bajor is a parallel with the occupation of Palestine by Israel.

Never thought of O’Brien that way but yeah he’s great. Him and Sisko are my favorites.

I think we should be cautiously optimistic about this and assume full de-dollarization will take years.

@ArtBot@lemmygrad.ml Communists invade the Capitol in Washington D.C., pictured from above

@ArtBot@lemmygrad.ml Communists invade the Capitol in Washington D.C.

Decided to have some fun and balkanize the US. If the filthy liberals can have fun balkanizing China and Russia, then so can I with the US. I'll follow the Legend order: - **Florida**: Is an independent country. It's pretty much a fiscal paradise and tourist resort. Suffers with drug cartels which emerged after the fall of the US. The worst are the ones run by Cuban gusanos, which were forced to resort to crime when their US state funded subsidies went dry. - **Bible Belt**: As backwards and reactionary as you can imagine. Slavery is legalized against all non-whites. Christianity is the only legal religion. - **Free Men States**: These are regions that managed to break free from the Bible Belt. They frequently make armed incursions against the Bible Belt to free slaves and disrupt governamental operations. - **Native American Communes**: Similar to the Free Men States, but their larger Native American population banded together with common ideals and culture. They are in a state of unofficial war with the Bible Belt. - **New California Republic**: Has a large industry of high tech products, which it exports to several Asian countries. (Yes, the name is inspired by that game, you know the one). - **Soviet Union**: Yeah that's right. The Soviet Union is back and better than ever! Alaska just couldn't resist the offer and decided to join Russia. - **York Conglomerate**: Modeled itself after the EU (which no longer exists). It portrays itself to be a beacon of civilization in a sea of chaos and savagery, which it claims the rest of the US to be. If Canada falls, it has the daunting task of being the last bastion of white liberal civilization that's left on the planet! - **Canada**: It's still Canada, but its proximity to the Soviet Union is causing instability in the country. Many worker strikes are occurring across the nation. - **Great Midwest**: What's left of the US. These states are more or less independent with mostly local governments. Their economies rely on resource extraction and farming. They are suffering with mass emigration to their border regions. Many towns and villages only have old people left. There are a lot of lawless regions in this zone. - **Hawaii**: It's still the same but an independent country. **EU**: The EU dissolved in 2025. Following Russia's victory in the Ukrainian war, the EU was left with massive debt and crippling electricity prices that forced its industrial sector to relocate to the US. After the war many Nazi combatants felt betrayed by the EU and vowed to make the Europeans pay for such betrayal. Terrorist acts devastated what was left of the EU. Some governments, like Germany's, even ceased to exist! Following the massacre of 2027 where Ukronazi terrorists managed to bomb and kill the entire German cabinet of ministers. Many politicians fled the country for fear of further reprisals, and the country was left in a state of shock and disarray. This devastation lasted decades. Many Nazi terrorists eventually formed street gangs and mafias. However, in 2050 when the terrorism has finally subsided, a new wave of leftist militias have been ending these nazi gangs and establishing safe zones. Could this be a turning point for Europe? What about the rest of the world? It's actually doing pretty well. No longer oppressed by the boot of Western Imperialism many countries managed to develop their economies and mostly eradicate poverty. Socialism and Social Democracy are the reigning ideologies in the world. Global Warming has mostly been resolved. While extreme weather events still persist, climate apocalypse has been avoided. Humanity is also venturing into other planets in the solar system. A new Space Age is beginning and the future looks bright!

I think China is gonna open the economy.
I'm sure some of you have seen these types of [posts](https://www.asiamarkets.com/exposed-china-concentration-camp-as-far-as-the-eye-can-see/). We can't expect much from the idiots that write these articles. But there have been multiple posts on Twitter, of supposedly massive Chinese internment camps. If we know something about the Chinese government is that they plan ahead. They know that if they open the economy, they'll have a colossal number of infections. These buildings are very likely hospitals or quarantine zones where the infected will be sent to receive appropriate medical care. Of course Westoids can't imagine what it's like to live in a country where the government actually thinks of the future and cares about the lives of it's own people. So their conclusions are as shortsighted as their governments. I think the Chinese government is going to do a full reopening of the country and try to be as ready as possible, since their economy can't continue to operate like this. What do you guys think?

I can't even watch the mainstream media anymore, since I automatically discard everything they say as a lie and start getting anxiety, from the anger of listening to their bullshit.

Limit the number of posts from a community on a user’s homepage
So the new stream of users from GenZedong is great, but it's flooding the homepage to the point where all you see are posts from that community. So my suggestion is to limit the posts that a community can feature on a user's homepage, regardless of how popular they are. Just pick the top 3 or top 5 most popular posts from that day and show them.

Yeah, that first picture is weird. I don't know why it's there.

For those of you who don't know, "Echo of Truth" was the channel of a North Korean girl, making vlog videos about her daily life in the DPRK. Since her channel started getting too popular, YouTube banned her multiple times. Now I find that even the WSJ had to attack her. I think this shows that Western Media is quite fragile and pathetic.

Is the US army really that incompetent or is this just an excuse to funnel even more money into it?

Just a small insight on what this trade deal consists. Seems like China is interested in protecting free trade, probably so that its exports are not hampered? What do you think?

What about?
Liberals: Whataboutism Also Liberals: What about Stalin? What about the Gulags? What about the Soviet Union? What about North Korea? What about Holomodor? What about 100 million dead? What about 200 million dead? What about human nature? ...

[Slight Spoilers] Anyone pleasantly surprised with The Outer Worlds?
I was just expecting the game to be a liberal critique of capitalism and providing no solutions to the problems of the Halcyon colony or some "both sides" gibberish that liberals love. I was also expecting something like "the other side is just as bad" like in Bioshock Infinite, where the Anarchists are considered to be just as bad as the racists that brutally exploit the Black and the Irish. But I gotta say, I didn't expect them to be so aggressive in their critique of capitalism and to portray the opposition in such a positive light. They portray the inhabitants of Byzantium (the capital city and the representation of the first world) as arrogant people who don't really care about the exploitation of workers in other cities. These people also believe they are rich because they "worked hard". The corporations have also enacted an embargo on the planet Monarch and depict the people living there as lawless crazed marauders that live in complete anarchy. In reality, the people living there are free from corporate control. Even though they struggle against the hardships of the planet, they are truly free from imperialism. This is similar to the slandering and propaganda countries like Cuba, DPRK and Venezuela have to endure. Also in Monarch you have two ideologically opposed groups. The MSI company that tries be treat its workers humanely and pretty much functions like a social democracy and the Iconoclasts. These are the communists that have abandoned the capitalist structure and formed their own community. I can even see some similarities between the leader of the Iconoclasts and Lenin. TL;DR: Maybe I'm just seeing things but I'm pretty sure this game was written by comrades. If you like RPGs and hate capitalism you'll definitely like this game.