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I can't even watch the mainstream media anymore, since I automatically discard everything they say as a lie and start getting anxiety, from the anger of listening to their bullshit.

I’d argue it’s even worse now. These Ukronazis have loads of Nazi insignia on display and Westoids couldn’t care less. Like you point that out, and they either say the Russians are the fascists or that these Nazis deserve support for fighting the Russians. It’s sickening.

Eh, we’ve been promised that for ages. Still waiting.

I get that, catastrophism is a very popular narrative. I remain skeptical as well.

Wow we’re really fucked. To think people here are laughing at the Russian economy… Euros have no clue what’s gonna hit them. Not gonna lie, the sadistic side in me is looking forward to see the European ego getting decimated.

When this war started I was expecting people to not care that much. I even expected some to point out the hypocrisy of the West considering we destroyed Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan in the last 2 decades. But this war fervor I saw everyone embarking on, made me disgusted at Europeans. Maybe there really is no hope, and this is a necessary step in our redemption.

I mean, this is typical behavior of comprador politicians. Europeans have been living in the illusion that they have democracy, when in reality, their quality of life was only possible due to them being a junior partner of US imperialism. This continent isn’t even sovereign.

They were just lucky enough they lived next door with the USSR. Their capitalist class wouldn’t be able to oppress them in the same way they oppress other third world countries, because socialist revolution was always a possibility. Greece and Portugal came very close, and Italy and France had huge communist parties. But now that the gullible complacent Western masses have allowed themselves to become demobilized and disarmed, its quite easy to just implement brutal regimes here and bleed them dry.

I guess it was only a matter of time, before the EU’s imperialist practices finally came home.

I’ve been watching The Duran recently, and they’ve gone full Armageddon. Are they exaggerating or is Europe really going to become part of the Third World?

I think the death penalty is justified after a revolution when purging dangerous reactionary elements from society. Using the death penalty against generals, coronels, chiefs of police, landlords, capitalists, is all fine. Provided there are proper trials of course. After the purging is done I don’t think it should be used. An exception could be like the POWs of an invasion, like Nazi prisoners after WW2. But I still think you’re better off sentencing them to forced work to rebuild your country.

Yeah, I’m sure the US can totally replace their 275 million cars with electric vehicles. They’ll just dump all those lithium batteries in a volcano or something.

I wasn’t inferring anything about nutomic. I don’t even understand what’s going on in this discussion. This thread popped up, and I stated a fact about people in IT. I disagree that programmers are proletariat. They produce an overvalued luxury good that will be consumed by first worlders.

Programmers are paid to develop software, they sell their labor and the excess value of that labor is extracted by the capitalist class. What they produce is only possible because of the ruthless exploitation of the Third World. Where do you think the money comes from to pay them more than a 100k a year?

Pretty sure it’s safe to assume that anyone that makes >100k a year isn’t interested in fighting a revolution. Hell, just give free college and healthcare to first world workers and you squash any far left militancy there is in those countries.

Considering tech jobs in the first world pay significantly above the average. It’s safe to assume that most people in IT are labor aristocracy. It’s also no surprise that many tech bros are libertarians and follow other crazed right wing ideas.

Edit: I find it funny that I keep getting downvoted because I work in IT and have had to listen to blatant racism and reactionarism from some of my coworkers. Face it, if you work in IT, you’re part of a privileged segment of the population, and while you might sympathize with communist ideals, you’re not gonna pick up a riffle and fight a revolution.

Anarchists love failed revolutions because if the Third World emulates them, then their status quo as labor aristocracy isn’t threatened.

Not good news for anyone. This seems to be escalating and more countries are starting to get involved.

Lol, in the US they can just set a drill right next to your house and start drilling underneath it. It’s called mineral rights.

What’s next? Who knows, at this speed they’ll reach Vladivostok by the end of the month. Truly a colossal defeat for Putin.

I don’t understand the obsession the West has with big jaws.

One can only hope. The EU is a corporate organization and a critical strategic zone for US imperialism. It’s destruction will probably cause some countries to start gravitating towards Russia.

It’s the Western media, whenever Ukraine does something they lose their minds.

Limit the number of posts from a community on a user's homepage
So the new stream of users from GenZedong is great, but it's flooding the homepage to the point where all you see are posts from that community. So my suggestion is to limit the posts that a community can feature on a user's homepage, regardless of how popular they are. Just pick the top 3 or top 5 most popular posts from that day and show them.

Yeah, that first picture is weird. I don't know why it's there.

For those of you who don't know, "Echo of Truth" was the channel of a North Korean girl, making vlog videos about her daily life in the DPRK. Since her channel started getting too popular, YouTube banned her multiple times. Now I find that even the WSJ had to attack her. I think this shows that Western Media is quite fragile and pathetic.

Is the US army really that incompetent or is this just an excuse to funnel even more money into it?

Just a small insight on what this trade deal consists. Seems like China is interested in protecting free trade, probably so that its exports are not hampered? What do you think?

What about?
Liberals: Whataboutism Also Liberals: What about Stalin? What about the Gulags? What about the Soviet Union? What about North Korea? What about Holomodor? What about 100 million dead? What about 200 million dead? What about human nature? ...

[Slight Spoilers] Anyone pleasantly surprised with The Outer Worlds?
I was just expecting the game to be a liberal critique of capitalism and providing no solutions to the problems of the Halcyon colony or some "both sides" gibberish that liberals love. I was also expecting something like "the other side is just as bad" like in Bioshock Infinite, where the Anarchists are considered to be just as bad as the racists that brutally exploit the Black and the Irish. But I gotta say, I didn't expect them to be so aggressive in their critique of capitalism and to portray the opposition in such a positive light. They portray the inhabitants of Byzantium (the capital city and the representation of the first world) as arrogant people who don't really care about the exploitation of workers in other cities. These people also believe they are rich because they "worked hard". The corporations have also enacted an embargo on the planet Monarch and depict the people living there as lawless crazed marauders that live in complete anarchy. In reality, the people living there are free from corporate control. Even though they struggle against the hardships of the planet, they are truly free from imperialism. This is similar to the slandering and propaganda countries like Cuba, DPRK and Venezuela have to endure. Also in Monarch you have two ideologically opposed groups. The MSI company that tries be treat its workers humanely and pretty much functions like a social democracy and the Iconoclasts. These are the communists that have abandoned the capitalist structure and formed their own community. I can even see some similarities between the leader of the Iconoclasts and Lenin. TL;DR: Maybe I'm just seeing things but I'm pretty sure this game was written by comrades. If you like RPGs and hate capitalism you'll definitely like this game.