Star Wars

What did you all think of The Bad Batch season 1?

I highly recommend watching TCW (The Clone Wars CGI series) and then The Bad Batch back-to-back. …

Personal ID numbers in Republic era

In Scum and Villainy at page 47 we see the ID number of Nack Movers: …

Lightsabers list and their color [CANON]

Since I did not find a list of all lightsabers arranged in this way, I made one. Hope you appreciate :-) …

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Official Mid Season Sneak Peek Trailer

I would suggest at least watching The Clone Wars series (that is, the CGI one) before watching The Bad Batch. Also, The Mandalorian is also worth a watch…

Praise him.
Praise him.


Thoughts on The Bad Batch (sequel to Star Wars: The Clone Wars)?

My thoughts: Omega is definitely a Clone Force-user. …

Oh no

Loved The Clone Wars; can’t wait for The Bad Batch…

"Production begins soon on Obi-Wan Kenobi, a special event series coming to #DisneyPlus."

Welp, looks like Hayden Christensen is coming back and apparently there are Clone Wars-era flashbacks which I’m excited about…

Please join if you’re a The Clone Wars fan and are anticipating The Bad Batch (streaming on May 4). …

Who here as watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars and plans to watch the sequel series The Bad Batch?

Just wondering as I really love Star Wars: The Clone Wars and it’s pretty much the reason why I’m still a Star Wars fan. I remember going through a brief phase where I was done with the series due to the fanbase but then the show came out and I really enjoyed it. It also got me interested in the *…

Anyone still a Star Wars fan?

I… kinda am. I’ve been one since the 2000s although I first liked the OT before sort’ve liking the prequels. I get that in many ways the franchise has sold out, but I like the new content. …

I get it: Star Wars isn’t what it used to be. …

Anyone else excited? It’s made by the same team that made Star Wars: The Clone Wars…

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