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Happy 109th birthday to Homero Cristalli aka J. Posadas 🎂

May his revolution spread to every inch of the ever-expanding universe. Viva Posadas! ✊👽…

Theory 1: CIA Op floated through various media outlets. It’ll eventually seep into the DPRK and amp up his paranoia. Then he’d feel compelled to isolate a close (?) advisor.

Theory 2: The CIA is creating an international consensus that Kim Jong Un is dead, regardless of whether it is true. Repeat a lie long enough and it will become “true” to millions.

With that task out of the way, the boys in Langley play an old song: Surely we can’t let an ambitious, emotional woman have nukes, can we?

USA pushes for regime change. China and Russia protest. Brinkmanship ensues. US plans for coups fail because of our Imperial Hubris. China grabs the bourgeoisie by the balls and we quietly forget the whole venture. We make ourselves feel better by drone striking some Afghan School for the Blind.

The wheel of spectacle keeps on turning, the masses return to their work. The capitalist vampires continue to feed until this planet dies quietly in the dark. Have you seen Elysium? That, but with less coordination and competence.

To all my fellow Comrades in the Lone Star State: Stay Safe!

If you are from East Texas, evacuate in the few hours you have left. If, like me, you’re having to ride the storm out, find a room or closet in the center of your house without windows! …

Great podcast! I grew up during the Bush era. It’s horrifying to know just how much I missed.

Congrats on being unbanned. Content-wise I agree with your take on hobbies under socialism.

The dolphins circling the radiation symbol is a fantastic design. I’m getting great (albeit radioactive) vibes from this flag, Comrade.

Believe it or not, this episode was the first time I can recall ever hearing the word “communism”.

I know a few leftists who did. One specialized in the history of colonialism. I majored in economics. All it taught me is that (1) business majors are sociopaths and (2) capitalism is without morals.

Go to https://marxist.space/ and then scroll down to “News and Periodicals”.

I’d also recommend http://posadiststoday.com/ and the Freedom Socialist Party Newspaper. Both of them have a Trotskyist leaning. If that’s not your kinda thing, I completely understand.

Grim Fairy Talesplus-square

Before the revolution or after? If we are talking about educating the populace after the revolution, then it’s simply a matter of broadcasting informative and educational programming on tv and radio.

Another important tool will be the nightly news. If we don’t leave room for skepticism (i.e. we promote certain things about communism as fact and not up for debate) then eventually we’ll succeed in teaching the people.

Look at climate change. Because news outlets frame climate change and climate change denial as two equally valid opinions as opposed to one statement of fact with a mountain of scientific merit and the other as the dirty deeds of Capital promoting anti-intellectualism to save their bottom line, we aren’t making progress on a real and present threat to human civilization.

So much for Rule 5, I guess.

Seriously, how are we to build a united people’s front against the global capitalist bulwark and their fascist attack dogs if we’re too busy picking fights with one another?

Sounds like my old high school. The recruiters would show up towards the end of the year and you could do “try outs” during lunch. If you could do some set number of pull ups in the allotted time, they would give you a plastic medal and relentlessly pressure you into signing up. They would also just walk around the cafeteria “challenging” (pestering) anyone who looked capable of doing it.

APAB (All Pinktertons Are Bad)

Upvoted because Means TV, Cross-posted because nukes.

The downvoter probably lands somewhere on the Anti-Trotsky Political Compass

Viva Trotsky!

This is amazing! Thank you Comrade Dessalines!

EDIT: I’d also like to add theTeleSUR English YouTube and Empire Files to the YouTube list.

This must be real. The font choice, spelling errors, frequent use of run on sentences, and general word salad-ness are too perfectly chosen to have been faked.

I’ve received similarly written nonsensical emails (albeit lacking the racist subject matter) from my grandparents before. Therefore it’s more likely that this was typed up by one of the grandparents.

Based on the use of Jokerman, all-caps, and exclamation points, I’d say a grandmother wrote this.

An ad for this trash popped up while I was trying to watch a youtube video. You better believe I skipped it when the option appeared.

Shhh! Quiet or the lobbyists will hear you! They’ll pass the “Thrift in Medicine Act” and we’ll be required to call an ambulance if we have the sniffles.

…they’re always trying to upsell you extras, and you have to decide whether its a scam, necessary, or worth it for the money

This is especially bad when it comes to dentists. American dentistry has become a deeply predatory industry. Because dental insurance isn’t as common, few people go unless they are in dire straits (I speak from experience). They know our dental health education is poor, so they can trick us into all sorts of costly “treatments”. Plus their are tons of dental chains where impoverished dental school graduates upsell unnecessary procedures to pay back their mountains of student debt.

One rule of thumb I heard is: If they won’t put their name above the door, do go inside. (e.g. Avoid a place like " All Smiles Dentistry", consider the “John B. Smith DDS Dental Clinic” instead).

Friends function?

If a Reddit-esque private friends list doesn’t already exist, we should make one. …