Viva Posadas!
A Collection of Posadas-Related Essays

Hi all! Just joined from a friend recommending this on another website. I’ve written several essays on J. Posadas and decided to post them here. I take Posadas somewhat seriously, as I feel the ‘memey’ take on him is somewhat unfair and doesn’t really take all factors into account. Enjoy! …

Happy 109th birthday to Homero Cristalli aka J. Posadas 🎂

May his revolution spread to every inch of the ever-expanding universe. Viva Posadas! ✊👽…

To all my fellow Comrades in the Lone Star State: Stay Safe!

If you are from East Texas, evacuate in the few hours you have left. If, like me, you’re having to ride the storm out, find a room or closet in the center of your house without windows! …

Screenshot from wikipedia. …

Viva Posadas!

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