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There are plenty of live-streams. There’s a huge difference between standing around behind the fence firing tear gas into the crowd and a full on dispersal.

I have. Point is they would immediately go into dispersal mode if anyone was actually getting blinded by lasers.

Great if true, but “planted” nails sounds fishy, and so does the “blinded” by lasers part. If those lasers were actually capable of blinding, the cops/feds wouldn’t be standing still while the lasers are on them. They would treat them as weapons and respond accordingly. They’d make an announcement saying you’ll be arrested if you’re shining a laser.

Idk. I’m very skeptical of this claim.

Good shit. Can you post the entire article?

I guess I’m not the expert, and maybe I don’t know the sub as well as I thought I did. There def are ppl on that sub who are really shitty and not worth engaging with, but they’re usually tagged as such. I just didn’t think it’s a majority or even close. I’ve had good discussions on there. Idk. I shouldn’t vouch for the sub. I think I’ve missed whole phases it has gone through.

Careful. I’ve watched r/stupidpol for several years. There is a mix of people. Plenty of comrades post there. Generally I’ve seen pushback against the reactionary takes, although I haven’t really assessed the sub since the recent sub bans.

Yeah a delay would only help in the moment. With current mobile tech, I think real-time facial blurring would demand too much cpu power to do on the fly.

Yes to both points. And, while they do have other means of intel, the Veterans for Peace streamer had such perfect footage of the building exterior, I guarantee it was being monitored and used. No need to even risk a plant.

Livestreamers giving the Pig too much free intel?

I’ve been checking in on Portland the past few nights and can’t help but think people like youtuber Veterans for Peace (who otherwise is tough as hell and battle-hardened, and the police tactics being used should be studied from his high angle, high qua…

Laika is sick! I wish Valentina Tereshkova‘s name was short and catchy like that. But Laika is cool as hell.

Lemmygrad is really nice. I’m going to use that for now.

RIP to a real one. Michael strove to make the world a better place. Gone far too soon.

I think this sort of thing is useful to have around. Maybe in casual?

Good. Wander though, right?

I agree. And I guess the fact that their post high school education, even the books and blogs they consume in their free time, are the hagiographies of war criminals and imperialists… well I guess that speaks to the power of ideology.

They also have really bad historical understanding. I’m not sure what they read or where they learn it from. Probably the memoirs of Kissinger, HRC, etc. It’s so strange how everyone on that sub has come to the consensus that, for example, the Sandinistas were the baddies.

Admins please add these usernames to the master spreadsheet. We can vote on whether they go under the re-education column or the skull and crossbones column. …

Mac apps

Currently I use rutracker and several other public trackers, plus Nmac.to, to search for mac apps. (Nmac has a lot of apps, and I’ve never run into malware that I know of, but be cautious if you download stuff from there, because who knows). …


This place is awesome

Just found this site today and it’s fuckin cool. Stoked to be here. …

Wiki intro: National Wake was a multiracial punk rock band in South Africa in the late 1970s that emerged from a series of jam sessions in an underground commune. They were created in protest at the apartheid regime. They were South Africa’s first multiracial punk band…

I put this together to celebrate the burning of the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct. Just to warn you, the audio levels are kind of fucked up. …