Can someone here get me an invite to, or recommend another Mastodon instance to sign up at?

Basically, I still want to get started with Mastodon. was recommended a previous post on here, that’s why I’m asking about it specifically. They seem to be run by anarchists though, should I be concerned about that? I’m open to suggestions of ot…

Any comic books, graphic novels, manga that y'all like?

For these, I have never been able to get into superhero comic books, which make a bulk of the popular ones because they feel too silly to me now. From the ones I have read, and I haven’t read too many, I really liked Sandman (Gaiman) and Hellboy (Mignola). …

Recommendations for getting started with Mastodon?

I’ve been considering creating a Mastodon account. Any recommendations about what instance would be good for signing up? And suggestions which accounts to “subscribe”/“follow” (how is it called on Mastodon?)?..

Livestreamers giving the Pig too much free intel?

I’ve been checking in on Portland the past few nights and can’t help but think people like youtuber Veterans for Peace (who otherwise is tough as hell and battle-hardened, and the police tactics being used should be studied from his high angle, high qua…

Any recommendations for VPNs?

Been using ProtonVPN for a while now for when it makes sense to use a VPN (mostly torrents but for some general browsing), but just realized their very overt pro-HK stance they’ve had and continue to have despite the breakdown of the color rev…

HKers celebrate the arrest of CIA funded HK rioters

“Stolen” from /r/Sino of Reddit, but I can’t not post this good video here. :grinning face: …

Gimme your D&D stories! (or any other roleplay, for that matter)

I’m setting up a game with friends, and it’s reminded me of all the great times I’ve had with the game, and I wanna know about those times for y’all. …

Secure messenger

I just got the secure messenger, Element. Is this what we are using for sending private messages? How would i connect it to lemmy? I noticed there is also a group chat feature…

Y'all remember an article from Vietnam framing George Floyd protests as starting from US Security Forces?

It was a brilliantly worded article reflecting how the US writes about other countries and I think FB removed my link and Google shows it as a suggested search but the result isn’t there. Anyone know what I’m talking about?..

Are there any Texan comrades about?

I don’t want specifics or anything, don’t dox yourselves, but I wanna know if I’m the lone ranger of Lemmy. …

When it comes to strategy, Bernie’s no Solid Snake. Too bad he didn’t think strategically and kneecap biden with, I don’t know, his record on literally anything. …

A casual chat.

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