Learn to communicate your ideas
The basics of visual communication

I’m not going to do a whole post on visual communication (which you may know as graphic design) because I would be here for years, but I can give some 101 pointers regarding the things we are likely to make as activists – flyers, propaganda, etc. …

The two factors of propaganda: volume and depth

This isn’t taken from a secondary source but from my own observations. If anyone has studied propaganda I would very much appreciate a post on this sublemmy! …

The basics of communication

This is not even communication 101, this is communication 100. …

The basics of understanding and resolving conflict

It’s important to learn how to handle and solve conflict because it’s all around us, and we are never really free from it. In men especially, and you can blame the patriarchy, conflicts can start over the most minor shit and escalate to a full-on fight. …

Principles of active listening

Active listening is a skill that I personally think more people should learn. Following the model of communication (with the feedback loop) I posted on the basics of com., when listening you are still communicating and giving feedback. …

The PIE model

I was recently introduced to this model but I am unable to find this exact one on Google, so this will be from memory. …

Learn to communicate your ideas

    A sublemmy to learn how to communicate, with a bias to spread communism more efficiently.

    This is different from propaganda as propaganda is generally deployed on a wide scale. Propaganda is a subcategory of communication, and communication is a very general term that encompasses anything that sends a message no matter what that message may be, essentially.

    Therefore all forms of communication are allowed, including visual communication.

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