The PIE model

I was recently introduced to this model but I am unable to find this exact one on Google, so this will be from memory.

It was modelised by an ex-spy (please forgive the imperialism) who turned to job recruitment. He found that finding a job was not that different from being a spy and many of the same techniques applied. When you have to create a fake identity to infiltrate a group, you don’t know anyone from that group and have to find a way in. When looking for work in this capitalist hellhole, you also don’t know anyone at your next job and have to find a way in.

The PIE model, at least the one I’ve been told, is very simple to execute. There are four questions you ask about someone’s hobby, and this will help break the ice. Of course, this implies that you have found a way to talk to them so if you have trouble initiating conversation you have to work on that before!

  1. Why did you start this hobby?
  2. What do you like most about it?
  3. What do you like least about it?
  4. If you had any tips to give me if I wanted to start, what would you tell me?

They are four simple questions, but they usually get people talking – especially the first one. Sometimes you won’t even get to finish the four questions because the conversation will naturally evolve somewhere else.

I have used it a little since I’ve learned about it and it does work, especially when you don’t know what to talk about, it’s always a safe option to fall back to. It is meant to be used on strangers, but I think there’s some merit to using that model on people you know a bit better too – because if you haven’t asked them yet why they started their favourite hobby, trust me, ask them next time you get the chance.

I think it can help establish a rapport with someone which will allow you to later talk more easily about topics such as socialism.

Learn to communicate your ideas

    A sublemmy to learn how to communicate, with a bias to spread communism more efficiently.

    This is different from propaganda as propaganda is generally deployed on a wide scale. Propaganda is a subcategory of communication, and communication is a very general term that encompasses anything that sends a message no matter what that message may be, essentially.

    Therefore all forms of communication are allowed, including visual communication.

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