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Note: Some of these were typed up manually while reading, so there could potentially be minor mistakes here and there and could stand to be looked at by someone else interested in simply reading them, marked and fixed if needed, and re-uploaded. …

Emerican Johnson - Self-Declared Antifa on Twitter (Two e-books by Luna and him will be translations of Vietnamese Marxist literature)

I’ll admit: I sometimes don’t know what to think of NonCompete, but he’s one of the few ancoms (?) that I like so there’s that, at the very least. You could certainly not have him at all and we’d be worse for it. So it’s good that we’ll get actual Vietnamese Marxist literature in the next three mont…

What Do All of You Think of My (Possible) To-Read List?

It’s huge, but I’m going to cross most of these books out, honestly. I obviously can’t read all of them and assuming that I have to pay for the ones that aren’t online it’s going to be costly if do that. Besides, no time and be redundant after a certain point to read that many books. …

Edit: I just stumbled across a new, online version of Works: Vol. 1-18 (2006) available through google translation. (Does anyone know of an alternate translation method?) …

Where do you buy books from?

I want physical copies, and I’d prefer to not get them through Amazon…

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa | Walter Rodney | download

I wasn’t sure where to post this so I put this in Left Piracy or something. Not sure if it necessarily counts as piracy on my part, but if there’s another place I should’ve put this in, then next time I have a PDF file or download, I’ll put it there…

pdf, 30 pages. The question on how the USSR reconciled their Vodka monopoly with the struggle against alcoholism was neat…

Leftist books, literature, analysis


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