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From the photo, it looks like in all the space this thing takes up, you could have just planted a regular tree. It doesn’t make sense as an alternative in urban areas with limited space or whatever if it uses up just as much space.

That’s aside from the fact that trees are helpful in keeping the temperature down during summer. I doubt whether this thing does the same.

Very interesting, thank you for the additional information. Turns out he is a different Zalkind than the one I found when I tried to search the name.

Judging from that last article, I can see how the commandments made sense in the context of the time period they were written in. But I don’t believe it would be of advantage to strictly enforce these in the current society I live in, as the issues we are dealing with are different, and it would alienate many people without a significant improvement in productivity. Though, it is true that excessive sexual relations can be a distraction and damage the cohesion of the collective… But also, I think having a sexuality before 20-25 years is natural, and it’s better if they can live it in a healthy way, considering the evidence that making young people abstain before marriage either doesn’t work or results in marriages with unhealthy dynamics…

(Once again, just my opinion. I haven’t extensively researched this topic.)

Interesting. Did Zalkind write anything about the reasons for these specific commandments, or did she only posit them without giving a reason?

Oh, thanks. Must have not loaded for me because I block JavaScript by default…

Where can I look at the pictures? This article doesn’t seem to have them. (I just want to see them to form my own opinion on whether they’re convincing or not.)

I don’t know about cache or archive, but I can copypaste the entire text for you:

On Root of Escalated Tension in Korean Peninsula

Pyongyang, March 17 (KCNA) – The following is the full text of a commentator’s article “On root of the situation in the Korean Peninsula on the brink of burst” carried in Rodong Sinmun on Friday:

The situation in the Korean peninsula is inching closer to an uncontrollable and dangerous state.

The world is closely observing the tense confrontation among the nuclear powers on the brink of an outbreak of war with deep concern.

This grave situation is entirely attributable to the reckless and tyrannical moves of the U.S. and its followers to stifle the DPRK.

As well-known to the world, the DPRK has concentrated all its efforts on easing military tension and maintaining peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and the region from the outset of this year, out of its single desire to achieve fresh development and progress in its economic construction and improvement of its people’s living standards.

But the U.S.-led hostile forces are persistently resorting to dangerous hostile acts of violently encroaching upon the sovereignty and security interests of the DPRK this year, too, in the wake of last year, and their gravity and danger have reached an intolerable phase.

The U.S. secretary of Defense said on his junket to the puppet region in January that the U.S. would deploy more strategic assets such as fifth-generation stealth fighters and aircraft carriers, unhesitatingly revealing its intention to use nuclear weapons against the DPRK. Meanwhile, puppet traitor Yoon Suk Yeol, obsessed with confrontation with fellow countrymen, talked about the “establishment of a posture of readiness” and “punishment” at an underground air-raid shelter.

The warmongers, engrossed in bravado and blind bravery, announced that they would stage more than 20 rounds of joint military exercises in the first half of this year beyond the level of the past “Foal Eagle” joint military drills, and have staged madcap war exercises against the DPRK, including drills aiming at infiltration and joint striking at its strategic facilities and major core targets.

As talked about the permanent presence of extended deterrence, the U.S. introduced core air strategic weapons including B-1B nuclear strategic bombers, F-22, F-35B and other stealth fighters into the area of south Korean puppets in February to stage several combined air drills targeting the DPRK together with them in the sky above the West Sea of Korea.

In particular, the U.S. imperialists conducted a “drill for operating extended deterrence means”, which made it a fait accompli to mount a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK, together with the puppets in their mainland in late February, claiming that they would constantly deploy nuclear strategic assets in the Korean peninsula in the future, too.

Such reckless military confrontation and hostile acts drove the situation in the Korean peninsula to the brink of explosion in March.

The U.S. continuously dispatched nuclear submarines, one of the major strategic assets of the U.S. navy, and Aegis destroyers, to the puppet region with the black-hearted intention to escalate military pressure on the DPRK.

On March 1, the U.S. and the puppet warmongers brought the latest missile pursuit craft of the U.S. navy, Howard Lorenzen, to the East Sea of Korea to conduct espionage activities with RC-135S and other reconnaissance assets. On March 3, they conducted a combined air drill in the sky over the West Sea of Korea for the fourth time this year with B-1B strategic bomber and the MQ-9 Reaper, an air combat drone ill-famed as an “assassin in the sky”, and other strategic hardware.

Meanwhile, the puppet chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, together with his master, toured the special operation drill ground where the “beheading operation” of striking a surprise attack on the strategic bases of the DPRK was underway and inspected several military units of the puppets in the areas near the front to incite them to extreme confrontation hysteria, saying that “the enemy’s provocation has already begun” and they will “mete out a punishment”.

Despite the worsened military and political situation of the Korean peninsula and the region, the U.S. staged the fifth round of combined air drill by dispatching nuclear strategic bomber B-52 on March 6 and started the large-scale U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises Freedom Shield on March 13.

The reality clearly shows that the danger of a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula is shifting from a virtual phase to a practical one.

All the military drills staged by the U.S. in alliance with the puppets are a provocative north-targeted rehearsal and preliminary nuclear war to simulate a sweeping war against the DPRK, and herein lies their gravity.

As for the “Ssangryong” combined landing drill aimed at “occupation of Pyongyang” alone, they rehabilitated it five years after it was halted and openly trumpet that it will reach an all-time high in terms of its scale and scope.

The U.S. imperialists describe their war drills as “defensive” but that is a sophism making profound confusing of right and wrong.

The U.S. itself will not deny the fact that the nuclear strategic bomber B-52H, supersonic strategic bomber B-1B, nuclear carriers, nuclear attack submarines and F-35 stealth fighters, which it brings to the Korean peninsula and its surrounding areas anytime this year as well as last year, are not for defense but the most offensive military hardware specializing in strategic strike missions.

No one will believe that the constant deployment of the U.S. nuclear strategic assets in the Korean peninsula and such things as landing and infiltration drill, surprise landing and assault drill staged by special units under war scenarios aimed at “end of regime”, “decapitation” and “occupation of Pyongyang” are for “defense”.

Now the hostile forces are viciously scheming to isolate and suffocate the DPRK through unethical and illegal sanctions, while pulling it up over the non-existent “human rights issue” and resorting to their dangerous military adventures.

The U.S. and its vassal forces are faking up and spreading all rumors of “threat” to “demonize” the DPRK in the UN and other international arenas and contemptibly moving to prevent even one of things urgently needed for the daily life of our people from being entered our country by labeling them as “luxurious articles” groundlessly.

Being unable to isolate the DPRK anymore internationally with the nuclear issue, the U.S. is mobilizing vassal forces that are no more than rabble, for the smear campaign against the DPRK in the international arena.

The negative impact caused by the anti-DPRK moves of the U.S. and other hostile forces is not confined to the Korean Peninsula only.

Now the U.S. is working hard to turn the military balance in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia in favor of the U.S.-led alliance system while zealously egging the puppets and Japan on to dangerous arms buildup under the signboard of implementing the “Indo-Pacific strategy” aimed at maintaining the regional military strategic hegemony.

Getting absorbed in establishing a new military bloc such as the “Asian version of NATO” in the Asia-Pacific region, the U.S. seeks to build “integrated deterrent force” comprising of military forces of AUKUS and other vassal states and thus realize its hegemonic purpose by forming an encircling net against regional big powers and steadily isolating and weakening them.

The puppets’ development and introduction of “high-power ballistic missile”, launching of military spy satellites and attempt to possess nuclear submarine and Japan’s moves to introduce Tomahawk cruise missile for securing the “capability for attacking the enemy’s base” and develop hypersonic missile show that the arms buildup of the U.S. and its vassal forces is going beyond the intolerable red line.

Today the Korean Peninsula is turning into the world’s largest magazine and war drill theatre due to the frantic military expansion moves of the U.S. and its vassal forces.

It is a well-known fact that the regional security has been endangered and the foundation of international peace and security shaken due to the scheme for hegemony of the U.S. inciting division and confrontation and hampering stability and development.

All things have a wherefore.

As the international community estimates correctly, the situation in the Korean Peninsula has reached the present situation due to the U.S., which has steadily escalated its pressure and military threat to the DPRK, refusing to respond to the positive steps taken by our state.

This year alone, we made clear several times that the cause of sustained vicious cycle of tension in the Korean Peninsula is the frequent combined drills of the U.S. and the puppets, who have aggravated the regional situation with all sorts of threatening rhetoric expressions after repeatedly setting the unrealistic and very dangerous target such as “end of regime” of a sovereign state. And we strongly demanded a immediate stop to the military hostile acts of hurting the peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and the region.

Nevertheless, the U.S. has driven the situation of the Korean peninsula and the region to an intolerable red line, repeatedly ignoring the just demand of the DPRK and the international community.

In order to cope with the grave developments in which threat to the sovereignty and security of the state has reached an intolerable phase, our Party and government can not but take decisive and resolute steps to thoroughly contain the military threats from the hostile forces and defend peace and security of the Korean Peninsula and the region.

Our nuclear forces are not for advertisement.

They can be used anytime, if necessary, to discharge the sacred mission of defending the country, and they should be preemptively used anytime according to the strategic plan, if a conflict with possibility of dangerous escalation occurs.

The recent ICBM Hwasongpho-17 launching drill is clear evidence of it.

We will continue to contain with the overwhelming force the reckless military provocations of the U.S. and its vassal forces.

Clearly stipulated in the law of the DPRK on the policy of nuclear armed forces are the principles and conditions of using nuclear weapons under various circumstances to cope with any military threat and attack from outside to our state.

If anyone tries to encroach upon the sovereignty and security of the DPRK, its nuclear armed forces will discharge its crucial mission.

There is no vouch that if the dangerous military provocations of the U.S. and south Korea are continuously overlooked as now, a fierce physical conflict will not occur in the Korean Peninsula where huge forces of both sides stand in acute confrontation with each other.

In case such conflict occurs in reality, the U.S. security, to say nothing of the regional stability, will face an uncontrollable, catastrophic phase.

The U.S. should stop at once the reckless military provocations and war drills against the DPRK.

Hello there, fellow spelling enjoyer 😎

You’re off by one letter, it’s bourgeoisie if you mean the noun, and bourgeois if you mean the adjective.

Back from a two-day trip to another city, now time to catch up with the Lemmygrad again

Can you DM me link? Am interested to see.

The one on the right of the picture reminds me of a frog… They’re really cute.

I think you got a typo in the link, you wrote x instead of

But yeah, I saw that, Mastodon had a really fun day with this

They’re all Soviet city names: Bryansk, Smolensk, Orel, Kharkov, Stalino, Novorossiysk, Poltava, Chernigov, Nevel’, Taman’, Melitopol’.

Looks great on my desktop, thank you! 👍

Gentoo Penguin?

I mean, I thought most of it is… So why are you looking at it? What’s the point of inflicting that on yourself?

That’s not a world news, that’s just Zelensky thanking his army (at least according to the preview, I can’t bother clicking this link).

Yes, I suspected it as well. Can’t quite point as to what specifically, but something about the phrasing this tweet uses sounds very much like the way westerners talk when they try to parody DPRK media.

And also, “Public Relation Department”… What country would name their institution a “Public Relations Department”? I appreciate you confirming that this is indeed not a real account.

Can I get the original image without the trotskism symbol? It looks really good.

I can’t access, it just redirects me to Teddit frontpage…

Teddy Joseph Von Nukem

Couldn’t make a dumber name if I tried to. I was wondering what kind of parent names their son that, but no, turns out he inflicted that on himself:

Von Nukem, who was born as Teddy Landrum, told the outlet he changed his name in 2012 in a nod to his German heritage and the video-game character Duke Nukem.

You know, I installed Gentoo just fine on a machine with 1GB of RAM. As long as you’re willing to let large upgrades (e.g. LLVM, GCC) run overnight, it shouldn’t be an issue.

I ran out of patience on Firefox and Rust, though, and installed them both as binaries. These are the only packages where I do that.

But in any case, you will need the option of letting your computer compile uninterrupted for more than just several hours. Worst I had was 37 hours, but that was on a hardware that really wasn’t meant to run Gentoo. Best one compiled in under 12 hours, including the graphical environment, but I don’t assume your laptop is that powerful (that one also wasn’t my machine). In general, I would say 1 day should be enough to install Gentoo on a reasonable hardware. And then a second day to set up the graphical environment (X11 and whatever DE or WM you prefer). I would definitely set aside a weekend for the Gentoo install because even if compile times are fast, you will need time to figure out what to do, and possibly to fix mistakes, especially if this is your first install…

I also encounter this on desktop in the web interface. It appears that this happens with federated posts. I.e. on Lemmygrad, the title is fine and not cropped, but for you on Lemmy, it’s cropped. Similarly, I, a Lemmygrad user, sometimes look at posts from Lemmy and they appear cropped, but if I click on the original link, they do not appear cropped on

So pathetic, LMAO. (Also, why mark this as NSFW?)

What would be some of the charities that work directly with Syria? I would like to support the efforts if there is anything within reach for me.

Is there anything I can do to help Syria as someone who, regrettably, lives in the west?

No, I don't have the context to this

This is just an Israel-style propaganda article, “any criticism of my country’s policies is hate speech” type of thinking. Like, this is the first “incident” they detail:

The letter pointed to three separate incidents of graffiti appearing on campus from September to October 2022. In each, a “Z” appeared next to the word “Russia” in Cyrillic script. The “Z” has become a symbol of support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine and has appeared on Russian military vehicles.

The club also objected to the hanging of a Russian flag in a dormitory window

Oh noes, how dare someone fly the Russian flag? Not a harassment. If it upsets them so much that not everyone supports their American puppet state, go cry about it.

and detailed one account in which a Carleton student who was wearing a Ukrainian scrunchie on a campus elevator was allegedly told “all Ukrainians should kill themselves.”

OK, this is bad. But also it’s literally the only actual incident of harassment mentioned in this article.

the University of Victoria Ukrainian Students’ Society alleged that some of its members were verbally accosted on campus and one member’s property was defaced with the word “Nazi.”

Let me guess, they were nazis. Many of the Banderites and Ukrainian nazi collaborators fled to Canada. Given the way they put forward these accusations, I’m completely unsurprised if these are their descendants.

The club also said that members of the Young Communist League of Canada, another ratified club at the university, accused Ukrainian students of supporting fascism and antisemitism in a Facebook post.

Yeah right, that totally happened. They totally accused all the Ukrainian students of supporting fascism simply because they’re Ukrainian. Totally nothing to do with the actual fascists in the Ukraine that enjoy a disturbing amount of supports from westerners. Totally believable.

The Carleton Ukrainian club also denounced a panel discussion held on the university’s campus last week titled, The War in Ukraine: What is the Path to Peace?

It was organized by the Ottawa Peace Council, an advocacy group that favours disarmament and diplomatic solutions to conflict.

Anastasia Stoikos-Lettieri, president and CEO of the Carleton University Student Association (CUSA), said the student association and the Ukrainian club opposed the event because, in their view, it acted as a “mouthpiece for Russian propaganda” and promoted hate.

Wanting peace is a promotion of hate now. Whoever wrote this article is a fucking ghoul.

TLDR, this whole piece belongs in !, not here.

Thank you for your service. o7

EDIT: Please disregard everything below, instance admins added back the old blocklist.

I just went over the list of linked instances, if I remember correctly, we were defederated from these for being troll instances (though, you might have taken the last one down? also, I didn’t click on any of the links to confirm whether they’re still online because I really don’t want to see those images again):

and from this one for platforming alt-righters:

I think we had a couple more Lemmy instances blocked due to moderators not being very active and thus the same trolls would create accounts there. I don’t remember the URLs for these.

There’s a ton of Mastodon instances in the “linked instances” list which I can’t assess, but I think they’re not an issue right now, we can defederate from at any time if they come here to start causing problems.

You need to manually set it up again

The instance admin needs to set it up, right? Tagging, as this seems quite important of an issue to address. Wouldn’t want the troll raids to happen again if all these instances are accidentally unblocked now.

What happened to blocked instances list?
Question prompted by the fact that I can see a post from exploding-heads dot com, an instance I thought both Lemmygrad and have blocked: ![]( So I check the allowed/blocked instances list to see whether it's still there, and the entire blocked list seems to be gone on both instances: ![]( ![](

You may want to read this comment by comrade about what can be the options for a transgender teenager, I found it very informative:

TLDR, they’re not doing surgery on literal children for this, more common is apparently to hold off puberty and let them decide on further options when they’re older. (Disclaimer that I’m summarizing the comment, I’m too old to have any personal experience with this.)

I love this cheerful song about defeating the US imperialists

There happens to already exist a community called !, but it has one single post in it, and the moderator joined 3 years ago and never made even a single post. Perhaps you could ask an admin to hand it over to you? I think it’s in the best interest of all of us if communities are moderated by someone who actually checks them regularly.

As for interest, I probably can’t contribute much myself, but I’m interested to see how this turns out if you do go through with this.

Is that your cat? He is cute. 🐱

Testing whether Lemmy posts will show up on Mastodon
And whether it'll show only the title or the body text as well.


Invidious links: - - -

Recommend me a good Matrix client
I'd like to try Matrix, but I still don't know of a good client. I don't want Electron on my computer, so the official client is out of the question. I tried `nheko`, but I didn't like it (though I can install it again if it turns out that there is no better option). So, can anyone here recommend me a Matrix client? Either terminal-based or GUI, both are fine.

[]( I think you asked to be notified of anything capybara-related?

Monthly pinned Korean language learning thread - October 2022
It's October, time for a new thread. This is a thread for Korean language learners to share ressources, experiences, or ask questions. [(previous thread)](

Today I learned about BANCStar, an esoteric-looking language in use with finance companies in the 90s
More information + source code of an utility that makes it more readable:

The two programs involved are `toilet` and `lolcat`. `toilet` is a program that takes text as input, and turns it into fancy multi-line letters. It has different "fonts" available for this purpose; all the available fonts are stored in the `/usr/share/figlet` directory. Here are just some examples: ![]( Actually, `toilet` also has a built-in option to colour it, but it doesn't look very nice IMO, as the colour changes are too sudden: ![]( `lolcat` is a program that takes some text, and prints the same text, but rainbow-coloured. Note that you need a terminal with 256-colour support (rather than just 16) for the desired effect. It can colour any text in rainbow: ![]( (The wrapping at 80 characters is so that the lines don't get longer than the terminal width. `lolcat` starts looking weird when they do. And now, by combining these two, we can get fancy rainbow-coloured text! ![]( Enjoy! :)

Anyone here got experience with the Chinese RISC-V chips?
I've been thinking about acquiring one of these for a while, because RISC-V sounds quite interesting, but I think I should ask about it here before I spend money on this stuff and the shipping... First of all, how well does it run Linux? It appears that MangoPi uses their own distro, so I could imagine that a standard one wouldn't run... I don't know about the Sipeed chips. Did anyone here try? Secondly, which specific model do you have? It's a little hard to get an overview of what's currently available (MangoPi and Sipeed are the only two that I know), I would appreciate a list or just the name of the one you have. And, in general, what's it like? Does the shipping take long? What are you using it for?

It's intended for Windows and is from 2006, so I recommend running in a Virtual Machine with Windows XP. It also used to work for me with Wine (under Linux), but then I broke my config somehow... Quite useful software once you get it running, I use it to look up Korean words that I'm not familiar with. It supports translations to and from Korean with English, Russian, Japanese, German, and Chinese. Original source was a Russian student who went to the DPRK in 2011, bought the software and put it up on RuTracker. Here's the orginal link: And here's his blog, it is quite interesting if you can read Russian: The link says "access denied" for me currently, but that might be because I'm connecting via TOR; here's web archive just in case:

Actually, D is a real thing: And so is E: And F (though it can be argued that it's a subset of Fortran): So, if you're making a new language that's supposed to replace C, call it G. The letters even look kind of similar.

Papa the cat 🥰
cross-posted from: > ![]( > >

I hope you can enjoy the song as much as Eevee does. :)

Some people seem to consider them felines, others say they're foxes, and some say they're dogs. I'm curious — what does this community think? Or is it different for the different Eeveelutions? I've seen someone refer to Espeon as "weird cat" and to the other Eeveelutions as dogs.

Monthly pinned Korean language learning thread - September 2022
As suggested [here](, this is a thread for Korean language learners to share ressources, experiences, or ask questions. I'm not sure how much activity this thread will get; if this thread sees more activity, I will adjust the frequency to be bi-weekly or weekly. [(next thread)](

If you're not familiar with that meme, this page: has a pretty good explanation and some more examples.