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Imagine being an adult and believing in Ayn Rand’s drivel.
Read the article at your own risk of dying from disgust

You can bundle Japan with them. I think the phenomenon is stretched to the extreme here.

Seems so, I wonder what fraction of people from individualistic societies are aware this at least on a subconscious level. It’s had for me to have that perspective.

This makes good sense, I never made the connection between how the importance of a social characteristic can lead to confirmation bias. Good read!

Premchand Marxist the? Koi book ya novel recommend karna please 🙏!

They are so lazy that the order of the lyrics is reversed too.

Pretty amazing really, everything is clean, everyone is considerate and language is not that big of an issue at most of the places.

The only thing I’m still adjusting to are the endless non-verbal rules. Can’t do this, can’t do that… the list never ends. But then again, it’s just been like two weeks, it should become second nature soon.

I’ve recently moved to Japan. Never had a will to move to anywhere other than Singapore, Japan or China. So I’m happy with where I am for now.

In the Windows menu if you type ‘services’ and open it. Find the ‘Windows Defender’ service listed and you should be able to stop it from there.

Haven’t touched a Windows machine in years so this is from the rusty old trunk.

– Try stopping the Defender service before you copy/move.

– If you are trying to move them directly(instead of copying them) try copying them to a temporary folder and from there copy it to the folder you want.

– If all else fails, put Ubuntu in a USB device, boot it up and copy files (I would advise copying over moving, unless you know what you are doing) to the desired folder. (This would be the simplest if you know your way around Linux, just the basics)

I hope it gets better!

Btw, why did the nerve issue appear? Is it genetic, related to injury or might it have occurred because of your work environment?

I moved to Tokyo, which is something I wanted for a long time. Although time will tell if it really is a good thing, but for now I’m happy.

Pani puri, Daal Baati, Carpaccio, Afghani Chicken, Rogan Josh, Hainanese chicken, Vietnamese noodle bowls, cold soba.

Least favourite:
Pumpkin Sabzi, burgers in general, cheesy food.

Haha, as an Indian Jain, nenua ki sabzi(gilki as we call it) is frequently made in our household to my eternal dismay. Makes me cackle that someone else shares the hate!

But what’s vegan sushi? It’s hard to even get non-westernized(read bastardized) sushi in India. Is vegan sushi something like California rolls?

@ArtBot@lemmygrad.ml communist india in Jetsons cartoon style

It knocked the hand away in the second one lmao

@ArtBot@lemmygrad.ml the death of greed and the rise of harmony in old Indian art style

@ArtBot@lemmygrad.ml communist Indian party led by Bhagat Singh

Can you please point to any article on this?

I was hoping it said “when the time comes, comrade”

In my experience, gaming mouse or keyboard are expensive but the quality is better(ergonomics, endurance etc.)

But the two most unbelievably bad gears marketed towards gamers are chairs and headsets.

Gaming chairs are the absolute worst for my back and they generally lack good thigh support, both of which are absolutely necessary for long sitting hours.

On the other side, once I got into audiophile stuff I realized how bad these gaming headsets are. They are tuned to be shrill af so that you can hear footsteps better which you can achieve with an EQ(there isn’t any need of it anyways). Plus, their mics are absolute dogshit, and can be replaced by a cheap $50-100 standalone mic that will perform exponentially better with an added bonus of you not looking like a dork. Just buy an entry level headphones like the Meze 99 Neo and you would have a much more comfortable sesh because they are not bulky as gaming headphones tend to be and you’ll be salivating over good music after.


“You build a big factory and you crank these things out by the thousands, and you do it in a low-wage, nonunion country that probably doesn’t have environmental requirements,” Reinsch said. “You keep all the design and IP at home and you do all your sales, marketing, and service at home, and that’s where you make the money.”

Mask-off moment

Absolutely vile animals. It’s embarrassing that I used to be on it.

Of all of them, the “America’s racism” one is something that even the most propagandized westerner would have a hard time reading without a fit of laughter, at least I hope so.

vim on servers and vscode with vim-mode for dev. I want to learn emacs but it’s hard to get started with.

On a side note, I have unreasonable hate for nano and I refuse to use it even for a single char change.

Reminds me of my college days when I was installing new distros everyday but the huge sense of accomplishment, when I finally installed Arch after 2 days by building drivers one by one with the help of complete strangers on IRCs, will never be matched. Fun times!

For beginners, you can never go wrong with Ubuntu. The installation is pretty straightforward these days.

Apart from Ubuntu, I would also recommend looking at Mint, ElementaryOS, Pop!OS and ZorinOS.

The reason why there are so many to chose from is because Linux is customizable to the core. A lot of them are specialized to serve a niche purpose like entertainment, penetration testing, core development etc. For general purpose too, different teams have different vision and they end up making there own. The benefits over Windows 11 depends on which one you choose and what matters to you.

This might be a hot take, but if you are not looking to dig deeper into internals just to learn, Windows/MacOS is a better choice.

I love how fast they go from an article saying it’s “suspected spy balloon” to citing it as a fact in the next. I bet people will start messing with them if they keep being so trigger happy.

Can you please paste a link to the post

Nice! Are you going to paint it?

जी हाँ! मैं भारतीय हूँ! आपसे मिलके बड़ा अच्छा लगा!

Woefully, no. I want to learn Pashtun but haven’t started it yet, it’s on my list. It’s crazy how many languages you know!

That’s a lot! I would assume a lot of vocabulary to overlap between the Slavic languages, although I don’t know how similar they are.

> China has played a significant role in this deindustrialization of the United States. The explosion in job losses occurred after the U.S. Congress granted China the status of “permanent normal trade relations” in 2000, ahead of China’s accession to the World Trade Organization. Between 1985 and 2000, the U.S. trade deficit with China had grown steadily from $6 billion to $83 billion. But that deficit ballooned more dramatically after China joined the WTO in 2001, and it now stands at a stratospheric $309 billion. Once in the WTO, China unfairly undermined U.S.-based manufacturing by using exploited labor and providing sweeping state subsidies to Chinese firms. Even more than NAFTA—the 1994 free trade deal that allowed many U.S. I manufacturing and farm jobs to move to Mexico—the liberalization of trade with China decimated factory and rural towns, particularly in the Midwest and in the South. This devastation fueled the rise of anti-immigrant xenophobia, anti-Asian hate, and right-wing nationalism that has threatened democracy at home through extremism and violence in U.S. politics. Am I reading this right? - US made some policies that allowed normal trade relations with China - China used state sponsored subsidies to boost production, while US, out of greed, moved away from manufacturing to services. - US took a big L Takes a lot of logic bending to make people believe that not the US’s failure to compete but China’s success is the reason for anti-Asian sentiments. It’s like losing a race and getting angry at the winner because they trained better. The last part suggests that the anti Asian sentiment isn't the problematic outcome but the violence/extremism from it meddling with US politics is. The whole article just reeks of seethe.

Would Russia resume gas/oil supplies to Europe? How would that affect the momentum towards a multipolar world?
In the midst of European nation’s unrest over the energy crisis, if Russia resumes it’s supply, wouldn’t that be hypocritical and, more concerning, reverse the progress the world has made towards the destruction of this wretched hegemony?

Nothing to add, just 🔴🫡 It says “Long live chairman Mao” at the bottom