what do you think about censorship in china

i don’t like it i know they use it to block western newspapers that promote “democracy” at the cost of a “free market” i just like accessing lemmygrad

edit: thanks everyone for your replies it has changed my view on censorship in china


Lots of Western media isn’t blocked, CNN isn’t blocked

What was blocked recently was BBC in response to CGTN getting blocked first in the UK

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were blocked because they refused to take down terrorist recruitment pages and accounts. Remember 2011 ISIS Twitter? Like that. Those services were available before

Additionally, the idea of Internet sovereignty is important to a healthy Web industry in any country. Without the firewall, companies like WeChat and Douyin/TikTok could not have developed

Furthermore, getting around the firewall is trivially easy. OpenVPN on port 443 does the trick, I’ve set one up for a friend before. Anyone who wants to get a VPN account and browse the wider Internet is freely able to, and many do this

Finally, censorship has a purpose, and that’s public safety first and foremost. China doesn’t have large conspiracy cults like QAnon or antivaxxers, because rumor-mongering gets reported and dealt with seriously. It’s like shouting “fire” in a crowded theater, stopping it is censorship but also perfectly legal. They don’t have graveyards full of children or measles, mumps, or rubella making a comeback because of this


People in India are proud of our culture of churning out engineers but because of absence of protectionism Western tech companies have completely taken over the market. Amazon and Walmart run the ecommerce industry and while Facebook, Twitter and Google run communications aspect. So yeah if one does’t want non-western countries to be at the mercy of western corporations then one shouldn’t dogmatically oppose censorship.


If they hadn’t done it they wouldn’t have been able to build up their own tech services and start becoming a leader in those services

Everyone would be on the CIA/mi6 owned Facebook and Twitter

Although I believe they should block Western news services also - especially in the wake of this Grayzone reporting where BBC and Reuters have been acting as an arm of the Anglo states



more nsa owend. i get we’re there coming from in terms of blocking western newspapers

I think a lot of what they block is job well done, for example IMO every country should block Facebook for a lot of different reasons, but I find it a bit stupid that they block stuff like some Mastodon instances or Wikipedia (I know Wikipedia has its fair share of manufactured articles, but I think it’s counter-producing and all in all it has good information). Well, at least those are some of the websites in the Wikipedia page of blocked websites that I find not so reasonable.

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