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Qubes does not only use compartmentalization for stuff like browsing, if I remember correctly your /home folder is also a separate VM and I think there was something similar to this happening too, so I assume there’s always at least like 3 or 4 VMs running. Either way AFAIK you still need that amount, regardless of if there’s an alternative, which makes it non usable for poor people.

You need a CRAZY amount of RAM, not just more RAM. At least having 128GB RAM as a bare minimum is not something I’d ever seen in my third world country, even for people with moderately good PCs. The price for that amount of RAM where I live is 972.96USD.

It shouldn’t be, using Qubes+Whonix is for people who have the need for a super secure system, from starters you have a hardware barrier that would prevent a lot of people from using it. I mean, you can use it just because yes but I don’t think there’s much benefit.

I guess since they weren’t caught there’s nothing to report about it so we probably wouldn’t know… so I assume yes. Also Whonix works in perfect combination with QubesOS, so at that level of opsec is fucking hella hard to caught someone, IMO.

For things like petroleum companies receive funding from the government in order to keep the prices ridiculously low, but that’s as far as my knowledge goes.

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That is fucking stupid, half of what they say is either a lie, stupid or FUD. Why do people want e-mail to be something that it isn’t? We all know web based services aren’t great for encryption, stop trying to make the impossible, e-mail should be used for service authentication and that’s it.

If you create a ProtonMail account through Tor (which btw .onion addresses just take a bit of the load from nodes unto the server, it doesn’t “enable your authentication”, otherwise Tor would be pointless because you could only browser a very small amount of .onion sites) and use it to create an account on, and somehow the CIA wants your e-mail data, the only thing they’ll get is the sign up e-mail and its metadata, which can’t be used alone to identify you unless there’s another exploit or something attached to it.

“There is no doubt that Joe Biden is distancing the US’ foreign policy from a very isolationist position,” she said, alluding to the America First policies of Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump.

Washington was moving “to once again take on the role of world leadership, a role only the United States can take on,” Frederiksen added.

“And if the United States doesn’t do it, no one else can take their place,” she said.

Oof, she licked those boots clean.

je ne parle le fran¢ais, ma je suis pipi cucú come Monson

Why? I can’t really recommend anything but FF, honestly, all the other projects are just not really mature and secure.

The only alternatives I can think of are on FF. There’s XBrowserSync but Chromium based browsers on mobile don’t support extension; alternatively, FF supports this out of the box if you use a Mozilla account, which is pretty neat (you would also be fighting against net centrality and FF is more secure/private than Chromium based ones if you tweak it right).

What the hell

Today I watched a video about it, but it’s weird that it showed up while I was searching for a totally different subject…


Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien has committed close collaboration with the Cuban Embassy in Vietnam to effectively carry out bilateral cooperation activities, contributing to deepening Vietnam – Cuba economic and trade ties…