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more nsa owend. i get we’re there coming from in terms of blocking western newspapers

what do you think about censorship in china

i don’t like it i know they use it to block western newspapers that promote “democracy” at the cost of a “free market” i just like accessing lemmygrad …

well i got tricked by the propganda

how would one run a Marxist study group

in terms of getting the books/pamphlets i don’t like the idea of printing it all out…


how did venezuela collapse

there seems to be a lot of “good” news surrounding the country lately which must meen there’s been pro-capitalist policy’s lately right…

how did you make this

how dose the imperialist media lie

how do the inner working of the imperialist media work how dose it portray its lies in such a way they are not factual incorrect just told from a different perspective …

how did china become a economic superpower

the news narrative is that’s its a story of capitalism saving chinese citizen’s from the evil mao…