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I just went to read the Stalin archive to find his reaction to Korean war and he’s no longer on a list there and loads of irrelevant Trots are somehow at the top of the bolshevik list …

Hey Comrade

How do I create an article?

I can’t see where you go to create a new pagE?

Yeah I’ve been cranking out a bunch of them recently.

Perhaps we should consider setting up a Meme Factory here where people can fire off their ideas for memes and then those good with GIMP (or photoshop) can crank them out

Thanks I’m glad you like it. If you have any ideas for memes plz shoot them my way as I enjoy making them

I mean they already banned all my fave subs so I think they would

I’m shocked FullCommunism has lasted this long

Anyone else look at this election and see a blatant CIA coup?

Twitter and facebook mobilising to mark his tweets as fake news, Twitter forbidding users to share pictures of Hunter Biden smoking crack and getting a footjob even in private messages, Twitter removing NY Post… etc.

Don’t get me wrong I think genuinely Biden got more votes…but that’s only cos the intelligence agencies put their thumb on the scale

The dems will roll over if Trump seriously tries to coup them though

I considered it to have gone poo when they banned chapotraphouse/Moretankie chapo and moremoretankiechapo

I really don’t get the Deng love in modern (supposedly ML circles)

I think it’s obvious (if you consume any Chinese media) that Dengs reform led to the full on capitalist relations. Under Mao it was considered degenerate to have a mistress yet modern day China has fully restored this “mistress/concubine” mentality back into the men there

Deng was a full restoration of capitalism just without the political reform. As the Chinese said doing both at the same time would be suicide like the USSR did

So they kept the DOTP in this new revisionist form. After the 2008 crash there has been a revival of Marxism in the Chinese Communist Party but they still are not the defacto largest faction

That’s my take anyway. I’d be interested to hear why so many people love Deng when Marxist-Leninists had essentially scientifically analysed him in the 80s to understand his revisionism and counter-revolution

Like on this ML journal on Chinese revisionism…What has been written that’s new to upend these criticisms?


I generally think it sucks so far but that’s because I’m not a huge fan of the Twitter format and the character limit

Like it’s not really a platform where you can dig and see old master posts and stuff like that like reddit/chapo.chat and lemmy are

No wonder her father disowned her

No problem

Keep up the good work. I have been planning to do some podcast/video style thing soon. Perhaps we can collab in the future

why are they like this

Christopher Steele (who leaked that Trump may have been peed on) turned out to be paid by Clintons to dig up dirt on Trump

The report was full of shit and Mueller took a dressing down in public

Mueller testifying was actually painful to watch as his lies were called out

So whilst now it’s proven that the idea Russia tampered with the US elections is a joke (at least no actual plausible evidence has come out) it has been quite damaging for Trump.

Honestly I believe the US is going to experience their CIA tactics coming home at this election - the bourgeois have decided that another 4 years of Trump is unacceptable

I pointed to other user how the Dems spent 4 years on a Russia-Gate hoax than address why Clinton lost the election (everyone hates neoliberalism)

I think you underestimate how entangled the Democrats are with the State and the damage they have caused Trump on completely falsified conspiracy theories (like russia-gate which has since been disproven since Mueller took a dressing down)