I am Very Edgy


I hate yt

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cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/389991 > It's always the same account. Some crackpot nazi furry.

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I am Very Edgy

    “Edgy” content is stuff that’s immature or specifically meant to get people riled up or offended, with no intent to make a serious point or have discussion.

    Some Examples

    • A video about an animal shelter in China, and someone comments “Hurr durr Chinese people eat dogs so this is probably a restaurant.”

    • Mocking or making fun of victims of a natural disaster.

    • Comparing real people of a certain ethnicity to fictional “evil” or “barbaric” characters, like Orcs.


    • Posts must actually be edgy. If it’s trying to make a serious point but just a bad take or factually incorrect, it’s not edge. Those would probably fit better in /c/shit____say communities.

    • Most types of edge is acceptable, whether related to politics/leftism or not, as well as most formats including social media screenshots, pictures/drawings, video or audio recordings, etc. BUT, there are limits, see the next rule.

    • Important: There are things that are too edgy to even be posted here! Don’t post them. Namely, this includes any form of sexualizing minors, or any advocacy or defense of sexualization or sexual abuse of minors. Those can indeed be edgy, but they’re also disgusting and should not be posted or reposted anywhere, not even as a call-out against the original content because that still exposes people to them.

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