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I don’t think he’s one those

I hate that liberals are mainstream and Marxism is not in the west

there domestic policy is not great it’s Islamist far right

This is also a good source about it I already respected him before now I do even more

I wish people, didn’t think liberals are the left
Since they still uphold the economics policies of Reagan/neoliberalism

Almost unrelated but he has the flag what does homeland security do

Sucks that so many Star Wars fans are reactionary when Lucas thought that America was a empire

We’re you left wing or right wing I didn’t libs were trash until I became communist

Yeah but it’s be against corporate interests for living standard to get better so that’s not how people will fight it under capitalism

king Sennacherib Is a ancient Palestine leader

Sucks that hamill is rooting for the empire that inspired the empire in Star Wars

It’s a post made from a member of the g w b intelligence also Mufasa a and simba were kings and definitely didn’t support democracy lol

Doug bowser Nintendo ceo with red lightsaber Grizzly and dragon fighting a bald eagle

They’re massive assholes especially when it comes to copyright

Seems fine idk what your talking about

Complete devoid of thoughts about forgein policy they are talking about stuff like gay marriage as being indicator of how right wing a country is

Cool just saw a girl shoo in the picture so amused you had one I still have one

Terrible post also what’s your Reddit

Am I allowed to say that fascists should be shot here

Opinion on Houston arkanas
It’s the most racist place in America or something like that

I’m evil then lol also during ww3 will the us and I t’s Allies be called the axis or Allies

I hope him being seen as a pedo hurts his reputation

Idk got any good sources but my dad listened to them but I asked him to stop and he did

Please don’t kill yourself get medical assistance and talk to your therapist about this

Damn Malcolm x would probably would have been killed by all of those guys lmao

What’s worse libertarians or conservatives
I would say conservatives are worse on social policy and libertarians are worse on economic places

What pro liberal media do you like
Like but dislike the messages in it but still movie/show/game

How to convince my dad Canada and social democracy aren’t great
Though my dad doesn’t release he’s a socdem he believes Canada is a democracy while America is not.

I hate military ads
Reddit keeps giving them to me even though I blocked the us army ad accounts but still won’t fucking stop