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Also, interesting how Linus mentioned “displacement” and “tearing apart neighborhoods” as justifications against switching from cars to transit+bike+walk models. Because guess what the fuck also displaces people and destroys community? Highways and viaducts! A single highway interchange can destroy an entire small town, while a single train station takes up the space of maybe two suburban houses. And a double track rail line is narrower than many laneways and suburban streets, while having more capacity than ten lanes of highway. You’re in Vancouver, Linus, ever heard of the Georgia Viaduct and its effects on causing the creation of the Downtown East Side slums?

Also, just a nagging thought in the back of my mind, is he only concerned about displacement because the places that most need to be redeveloped for walk ability, the single family suburbs, are majority white residents while BIPOC residents tend to live in denser areas? Hmm… You’re also living on land where Indigenous populations were displaced by the way (the ones that were merely displaced got off lucky, actually, most were murdered).

He ate all the darkness with it.

Cuba no longer has any darkness. It is like living on the surface of the sun.

Wait did they? Like they rescinded the accusation they made just this year?

Dude I was making a joke about how that article about Chinese politics is totally not based in reality and neither is their cover image.

A lot, loooot of anime creators are that way.

China’s doing a bang up job of making Asian-style cartoons lately (weebs that never seen a single Chinese cartoon yet just summarily say it’s not anime so it’s automatically terrible eat shit and die) and the DPRK has some hits too. What’s the problem?

PSA: If you don’t absolutely need ARM or the really tiny form factor and can settle for higher power consumption, you can get a used Dell or Lenovo business PC from a few years ago for less than a new Raspberry Pi or even some of the higher end alternatives/clones but with similar computing power. Or something a lot more powerful for not that much more.

I really like their ultra-small form factor models. About the size of a coffee table book so not that much larger than a raspi with a case, and if you factor in the fairly high quality case, more I/O, active cooling, non-soldered CPU and RAM, and expansion through hard drive slots and M.2, it’s an even better value.

As an Asian, I’m proud to welcome you into the family! You shall bring honour to it!

That’s not what atoms look like either. In fact it’s even less accurate if it’s meant to be an atom than if it was planets. The planetary model of the atom was replaced in the 20th century by the Bohr model and later quantum orbital theory. At least the planets are actually spheres moving in a circular path, electrons most certainly are not.

Isn’t this what the Chinese government wants to implement or has already implemented? At least for minors since they’re mainly worried about gaming addiction affecting childhood development.

Yep! Mostly on messaging platforms like Discord. We each play a few characters, and we go turn by turn each writing anywhere between one sentence to a paragraph to an entire page of text depending on the plot and everyone’s writing skills!

The article is as accurate to real life as those planetary orbits.

Mostly I just want to do literary roleplay for now (think Dungeons and Dragons but novelized and with talking bugs) with these concepts but I certainly want to write a chapatered web novel eventually. In fact, since roleplays can get very detailed, they can be and have been edited and adapted into novels.

Yeah, none of those countries particularly want Westerners and it’s really hard to get citizenship or even a residence visa. The response to “if you like socialist countries so much why don’t you go to to one” is “I wish.”

Because anime is full of Mary sues that would die immediately if their plot armour is taken away

What kind of meth are they smoking

not meth, schoolgirl panties

They really colonized those foreign lands didn’t they?

A Finnish edgelord posting racist memes on a Canadian instance. Truly one of the moments of all time.

Fiction, I’ve been getting back into Warrior Cats after forgetting about it since my childhood. Not suggesting it’s Shakespeare or that it doesn’t have plot issues, but I honestly like it. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and it also has animal characters both of which I love for a casual read. Currently re-reading my favourite parts of the old books but eventually I want to try the latest releases.

Nonfiction, I’ve been researching insect ecology and the perception of physics at tiny sizes for one of my fiction worldbuilding projects. Actually, my first worldbuilding project about talking bugs from when I was like 12 which I want to bring back and develop properly.

Bring it the fuck on you loli panty sniffers! You’ll get your kawaii ass handed to you by real soldiers.

This. The idea of button nosed babies with wings and halos on their head getting ripped apart by forceps is almost entirely propaganda. D&E abortions are rare and is almost always done as emergency surgeries because the fetus is unviable and would die either way and take the woman along with them, not because a baby was unwanted. Most D&E’s are done on miscarriages and not live, viable fetuses. Almost no one is investing the effort of carrying a baby to 28 or so weeks and still on the fence about keeping it or not. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but it’s very much an exception and usually the result of extreme unexpected life changes for the woman or her SO or family.

Vancouver, Canada: Isolated pockets of bike lanes. Not like a neighborhood or an urban center where you can reasonably do everything you need within it, literally a single block of new development will have a dutch-style paved bike lane but you’re out to sea if you go beyond it.

I mean Taiwan is a country that sentences you to death if you so much as smoke a joint. Not sure he has a choice here if he wants to live because the PRC is one of the few countries he can count on to not extradite.

Well the indigenous people that crossed the land bridge to North America did so from the Asian side. And look at them destroying the noble and peaceful white man with their savage ways.

They’re already in disguise! Everyone thinks they’re bugs but they’re actually crustaceans!

Technically, all land vertibrates evolved from fish, make of that how you want.

From high altitude balloons to high altitude people? China really is evil!

Wasn’t there some figure that was published that China has fewer people in poverty than the US despite having 4x the population and 10x the average density?

I mean I guess that downgrades it from racist to “merely” liberal anticommunism. So…

How is this blessed? It’s still not all red.

How about playing as a Nazi U-Boat captain and engaging in actual war crimes?

Ironically, of course. Totally.

It’s basically confirmed that the DoD funds it.

Say no to sino

Sino literally means Chinese people, the ethnicity. It doesn’t mean the PRC. It’s almost like “we hate the government not the people” is a complete lie!

Against monarchy and fascism were dealbreakers

Lol you think they’re thinking this through? People writing fanfiction spend more time trying to fit their own lore to the canon than these people spend trying to fit their hot takes to reality.

IDK man this proposal has some red flags on it.

The gear and wheat sprig is still good too! Possibly my favourite communist symbolism.

Should communist doctors treat “everyone”?
The Hypocratic oath states that doctors should treat everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, financial status, personal history, etc. First of all, Western countries already don't do that. They discriminate by race, religion and sexuality (Catholic hospitals), and *especially* financial status. So not doing this is already standard practice. But I personally think a case can be made the communist doctors shouldn't treat everyone either. If a Nazi comes in, no, he can go fuck himself and no doctor should be treating him. Or in a triage situation, the proletariat should absolutely get priority over the bourgeoisie. That's just my hot take and admittedly I do not really know the theory behind this stuff, and I definitely want to learn, hence this post. What do you think? Please correct me if I'm wrong on this.

“The Cult, Standoff, & Conspiracy of Waco” AKA “the US feds are so horrible that they almost make you feel bad for a child diddler”
To be perfectly clear, I am in no way defending said child diddler. I think he needs to be in prison or worse. But you'll see what I mean.

Do you believe Mass Psychogenic Illness exists?
Known colloquially as "mass hysteria" (which is now considered a non-PC term), it's one of the most controversial formally named diseases/diagnosis. MPI is basically where multiple people in the same place simultaneously or in rapid succession experience sudden delusions, psychosis, or other mental issues of a similar nature to each other. Notable examples include the dancing sickness in Medieval Germany where people in a town suddenly got a severe urge to jump up and down in the streets, some doing it until they literally died from exhaustion, as well as the laughing sickness of Tanganyika, where a number of children suddenly started laughing uncontrollably. It's said to be triggered spontaneously by things like severe collective stress (for example, the stress of living in a medieval town or a country actively pushing for independence from Britan). For some cases, it may also be due in part to exposure to neurotoxic pollutants, like the infamous ergotism that also caused the Salem Witch Trials. It can start with a single person going into psychosis and triggering similar symptoms in people around them who see the strange behaviour. It also tends to resolve spontaneously after some time, or some cases are resolved by things like exorcism rituals through the placebo effect and the sufferers believing that the "treatment" would help. I've even heard some theories that MPI is responsible for things like miracles supposedly seen performed by religious figures throughout history, or in more modern times, mass sightings of UFOs and paranormal activity. Do you think this disease is a real thing? Or do all the documented cases have a different underlying cause that we simply haven't discovered?

Thoughts on restricting regular people’s access to lab grade chemicals?
I've been on a chemistry kick lately from watching NileRed and NurdRage (both of which make amazing chemistry videos btw), and something they talk about a lot is how hard it is for an independent chemist not working for a lab, company, or university, to buy chemicals suitable for experiments (i.e. pure enough and in large enough amounts). Not only that, often buying seemingly innocuous chemicals can get you put on a drug making or terrorism watchlist. It can be a real pain to buy high grades of even extremely common industrial chemicals, most infamously it seems are the mineral acids: Hydrochloric acid, Sulfuric acid, and Nitric acid. These are used in an enormous amount of useful reactions like making plastics, fertilizers, dyes, medicine, and electronic components. But unfortunately, some of those reactions are also associated with making drugs, explosives, and chemical weapons, so it can be very hard to buy pure forms of these acids, and hobbyist chemists literally distill them out of things like drain cleaner or make it themselves from more readily available chemicals. Moreover, most chemical supply companies will only sell to universities and companies. So even if a chemical had zero restrictions, hell something like really really pure sodium chloride, you still might not have a good enough source for running experiments. It's also interesting that most other STEM professions don't have such strong restrictions for hobbyists. For example, some parts of the electronics hobby can be very dangerous and kill you instantly if you don't know what you're doing. But, any bored kid can take apart a microwave they find by the side of the road and extract some extremely dangerous high voltage electronics and a very powerful RF generator that can literally cook flesh. But, on the flip side, you literally *can* create drugs, explosives, and worst case scenario chemical weapons using industrial or lab chemicals, especially if anyone could order whatever organic compound they wanted, they could order the most similar mass produced one and potentially be only a simple reaction away from something illegal (NileRed managed to turn a common additive in latex gloves into, no joke, grape flavour, and the chemical that make peppers spicy. That's obviously legal, but imagine if someone wanted to make meth and had the entire industrially relevant chemical catalogue at his fingertips). Also, chemistry is pretty dangerous and amateur chemists get injured or killed every year, and that's *with* these restrictions in place. Finally, not everyone is responsible about how they handle chemical waste, and depending on what reactions they did if they pour it down the drain or throw it in the trash it can fuck up the environment or damage the sewage processing infrastructure. Imagine if some teenager decided to make a bunch of freon because he was rebellious at the ozone layer. What do you think? Should people not formally working for a lab or university have the ability to run chemical experiments at home? To what extent do you think we should be restricting the sale of lab chemicals to people? (Full disclosure I've never tried running chemical reactions by myself and frankly I don't see myself ever doing that. But, I do consume media from people, albeit often *actual* chemists just not working in a formal lab, who do it at home.)

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Understanding Dog Body Language - Part 2
Part 1: