Canadian cosmonaut desperate for comrades in the worst province.

Yes, the dogs are also communists.

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  • SpaceDogstoCommieballsEurovision
    4 hours ago

    I honestly wonder if this has to do with the fact that Russians (on the European side, since it’s a large country with multiple ethnic groups) don’t look like visible minorities, so liberals feel better about spouting incredibly xenophobic things about them.

  • The “ terrorists that attacked me” comment is what confuses me the most, because what did they do? No, seriously, what did they do for him to say this shit? I highly doubt any North Korean was posing a threat to him, at best maybe someone contacted him to call him an asshole. This is so wild to me. He seems to claim to “care” about the citizens but calls them terrorists anyway. Wild shit.

  • Is it appropriate to call this line of thinking “orientalist?” Because thats what it feels like. With how active the DPRK is becoming nowadays I can only hope that the propaganda loses steam as more people realize that it’s just a normal country under a shit load of sanctions. It may just be my side of the internet but I’m seeing a lot more people brushing off Yeonmi Park as a liar and a joke, so thats cool.

    In any case I hope one day in the near future I’ll be able to visit.

  • This is actually incredibly embarrassing… why is he calling the DPRK a terrorist state that “attacked” him? What did they ever actually do to him? I’m sure the citizens of the DPRK are well aware of the outside world and don’t need some guy from Reddit to “open” their internet. They treat these people like they’re aliens from another planet that need to be exposed to “civilization,” it’s super weird.

  • SpaceDogstoMemesThank You China
    3 days ago

    Love the pandas and how they resemble their handlers. I saw a panda who learned how to break bamboo from humans, and since humans aren’t as strong as bears they grimace when snapping the bamboo, so now whenever the panda breaks its bamboo it makes a grimace face even though it doesn’t struggle to break the rods lol