Guerilla Warfare and the Iron Collective

The recent protesting forced me to reconsider how I want to release this book, I had a lot written, but not all of it was practical. And the bits that were both practical and relevant were already written and ready. So, I’ve decided to cut the book into volumes. …

Shoot Fascists!


There should be one simple fact you should take away from all this; War is no democracy. War is a dictatorship of violence. This, however, should not deter the revolutionary council government from holding democratic elections to elect military leaders, through the internal war department body…


Does anyone know about makeshift Aeronautics? If so, please tell me about it.

I’m including a part in my book about gaining partial aerial superiority, and need help researching this topic. So if you know anything about building planes in a small setting, air battles, specifics for doing bombings runs, or anything else that would be useful to me, please let me know about it. …

On Logistics

*"Without a stable logistics chain, any push into your frontline would become an impossible stretch for the opposing military force. If they’re unable to resupply ammunition, they’ll employ “shoot and retract” tactics. Wherein, the opposing Fascist force would enact raid-style pushes then quickly re…


On Liberalism

*"In the event revolution was forced to exist, it is likely the Liberal will oppose it. Perhaps they’ll uphold their dead system and their dying politicians, perhaps they’ll remind people of the “horrors” of Communism, or perhaps they’ll radicalize into Fascism against revolutionary efforts. It is k…

An Excerpt From My Book, to Give Me The Kick In the Pants To Keep Writing

*"The world we live in depends entirely upon our social and financial investments; we go on living in this world of low wages, high rent, and invisible chains, because everyday people wake up and, seeing no other viable option, invest their energy and ingenuity in surviving within the current system…

Guerilla Warfare and the Iron Collective

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