Poverty Meals
Let's talk TVP: the meat extender that you eat all the time which you've probably never even heard of

So TVP is sometimes known as hamburger helper, meat extender, or meatless crumbles and if you’ve ever eaten a cafeteria meal at school or had a processed meal which included ground beef then you’ve almost definitely eaten TVP before. (Back when there was the European horse meat scandal and the EU wa…

Split Pea Soup

I get lots of dry good from the food bank, which works out okay because at least for now I have access to a stove. I was completely out of what I’d normally eat the other day so I threw together probably the simplest split pea soup possible. …


"pasta carbonara"

what i like to do is chop up half a packet of bacon and fry until crispy, at the same time i also boil 50-100 grams of farfalle and i add it to the pan with the bacon. after that i add a dollop of french cream and lots of freshly ground black pepper. this meal doesn’t need salt since it already come…

Food should be a right, but seeing that is isn’t, this is a community for sharing cheap recipes and suggested options for people in need.

Rice, Beans, Canned Soup. These three things kept myself, my sister, and my mother fed in my childhood, being poor taught me how to cook. But, some people aren’t so fortunate to learn culinary skills. Some people grew up around fast food culture, some only just came into poverty, I would like this community to serve as a free cooking class, a free meal planner, and a free kitchen to inspire you to make delicious poverty meals.

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