I found this on the Daily Mail. The comments section is cancer so thick you could slap it on toast and spread it like butter. Your typical amorphous blob of “they just want free stuff, theyre all illegals/Untermensch, trump 2020, work harder, other borderline fascist posts, etc”.

That is fucking insane.

Agreed, but not because it’s happening, that’s entirely expected under capitalism. What’s “insane” here is the emissions from those vehicles waiting in line for hours.

I still think the length of the line in and of itself is insane. Yes that’s what happens under capitalism, but it’s amazing to me how they haven’t snapped at this point and formed community support structures etc. Food isn’t very expensive, especially if people batch cook for others.

It’s a country that still voted for either Biden or Trump, people who think masks are communism, wearing masks is seen as a sign of weakness, Chavez who died in 2013 somehow interfered in the election. What do you expect? The people willing to do those things are the ones working those food banks, it’s just there aren’t enough people like those in the country. If there were enough people, the US might actually have socialism instead of capitalist garbage.

Richest country in the world cant be bother to feed its own people

Late Stage Capitalism