I love this so much ahahaha, I feel like I might actually finish it


Wow. Was this made by an actual communist? Did you ask? I’m going to check this out. Though I will say this: I have my reservations because fiction, especially fanfiction, with communist characters don’t tend to turn out very good (from my own personal experience, though I’m a bit limited in this regard).


This one’s pretty good though



This gives me an idea… Maybe I should write my own fanfiction set in the Dynasty Warriors series, but with a communist Zhang Jiao!

Would be pretty niche though… but fuck it, I should give some serious thought to it, map it out, and just go ahead with it!

I’m ashamed to say I’ve read this.

Chapter 3 has been my fave thus far. “Professor Halliburton Pepsi” made me actually lol.

I’ve actually written a couple pages of an Elder Scrolls communist fanfic. I stopped because

  1. I’m terrible at naming things lmao
  2. I need to read more history to make the plot points seem more grounded in reality and less “and there was no resistance, gg communism has won”
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