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I hope this will be good for the FediVerse. Perhaps a small positive of this.

Thanks for posting the link. I know that footage from other conflicts from different times are often circulated inappropriately and are used for misinformation. You’re correct in saying that I don’t know for certain whether or not any particular source is genuine.

I am from Lemmygrad, and had not seen this exact response from China, however I don’t necessarily need to agree with everything the Chinese government says. In 1979 they didn’t like calling their own invasion of Vietnam an invasion, instead opting in favour of the term “the self-defensive counterattack against Vietnam”.

I found a link to a similar article except it’s from an Indian media outlet and you don’t need to register an account to read the whole thing. Leaving this in case anyone is interested.


I feel a similar way. I think I have deliberately kept myself from learning the ins and outs of the conflict over the last years because of the language barrier in accessing original sources, as well as widespread disinformation and distorted framing of events on both sides of the conflict as well as unrest inside Ukraine.

For the past few weeks I was under the impression that the chance of an elevation of the Ukraine conflict was high, but would be limited, such as fighting around the Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts, and possibly Crimea. I was under the impression that Western and central European countries were too tied up with very corrupt aspects of Russia’s economy and too dependant on gas and liquid fuel trade with Russia and vice versa for an escalation to go as far as it has and is still happening. Another thought I had was that the prospect of conflict was exaggerated by the USA government (Ukraine said this at one point too if I recall correctly) and media, so that the military industrial complex would continue to prosper and arms companies who line the pockets of politicians would have an increase in their stock price and corporate worth. I didn’t think there would be bombs being targeted at airports in the west of Ukraine.

Whoever is to blame for the conflict or escalation of the conflict, civilians will suffer for it, and that riles me up.

there might be communities that decide by consensus that the provision of food is conditional

So if I’m understanding this correctly, if the majority of people in a certain anarchist society decided to deprive certain people of food, the onus would be on the individual(s) deprived of food to leave their home(s) and current lifestyle(s) if they don’t like being deprived of food?

Any 150 year old book that gives ideas or at least an outline of how to overthrow the ruling class, is more valuable in my opinion than your meme, or your response that you can’t elaborate on how to reach that goal.

That isn’t very specific.

How do you “become ungovernable together, render state violence unenforceable” against a government with huge amounts of police, prisons, and military infrastructure? Or is it just a case of “no more bourgeoisie” after you stop paying taxes, stop working, and stop rent payments? I hope those questions don’t come across as snide.

Sickness will be monitored

Sir are you a fucking Doctor?

gsmArena and kimovil.com are very good sources for checking out specifications. Which phone you should choose depends on what is important to you.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro has an excellent 108 megapixel camera and is very cheap for a phone, and also comes in 64GB and 128GB versions. Some less technically experienced people complain that Xiaomi’s phones come with bloatware and are less able to adapt to their MIUI ROM, however if you’re interested in switching ROMs I doubt this would be a problem for you. I don’t have experience using custom ROMs, as I haven’t felt the need.

I’m a fan of Motorola as I’ve become accustomed to their gestures feature. I am so used to being able to turn on my phone’s flashlight by just “chop-chopping” instead of having to use the GUI. Although there is probably an app somewhere that allows you to accomplish something similar without using a Motorola phone. Motorola puts out some very high performing phones for their price. For example the Moto G50 and Moto G60s are available to me for £170-£180 through their site and cheaper elsewhere, both are 5G compatible, have good performance benchmarks (if the listings are accurate), with good storage space and decent cameras. They also offer sub £100 smartphones in their E family, not that I’d usually recommend that, since they will be inferior performance-wise.

I think it’s more likely he would have made up “to prevent others from using my wifi" as a poor excuse on the spot. I’d imagine he enabled the jammer for the fuck of it.

Was unfortunately expecting this given the judge’s refusal to allow Kyle Rittenhouse’s online statement that he’d like to murder protesters with his assault rifle as evidence that he wanted to murder protesters with his assault rifle.

I only watched parts of a couple of days given how depressing the trial was. But I’d agree with most of the people saying the prosecution made mistakes. He crossed legal lines (allegedly commenting on the defendant’s silence) and brought up the video game stuff after the trial was heading down this direction. And the judge did everything he could to humiliate him. But at other times I believe he was on point.

I believe typical Americans are just too far gone to cause this to be a major motivator for substantive legal and judicial change. They don’t see a problem with gunning people down with assault rifles.

I’m more hopeful that Ahmaud Arbery’s killers will see some form of justice. This trial was a fuck up.

I’ve seen so many of these signs that have word for word the exact same message. How does this circulate so fast and why do managers or owners thing this makes them look remotely good in the slightest?

Do any comrades here have views on what is currently happening in Ethiopia?

I was researching it today, as I recently heard about the refugee and humanitarian crisis, however it is super depressing. It’s also difficult to know which sources are reliable, as there is conflicting information going around about the conflict.

I’m slightly late posting about this here but figured I’d do so anyway.