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That dude shouldve never left the water 😔

Bravery is when you commit war crimes in my country

I love this so much ahahaha, I feel like I might actually finish it

Makes me wanna blow my brains out ahahaa

These fuckers who try to justify what imperialists did to countries like mine can burn in hell. They call themselves anti-war yet love to stoke up the tensions that permit it. They look at the terrible state that imperialist war has left these countries in and still justify their intervention?

deleted by creator

deleted by creator

People cant see through this shit?

He’s scared ahahaha

Ok well, they’ve taken a right from me I would’ve never used regardless lol. That shithole is about to collapse anyways

Greece has a lot of revolutionary potential

How many ‘tankies’ do they think there are lmao

How disrespectful revisionism is to those who lived and died for the communist struggle

True patriots want to crush the america of today and rebuild it from the dust 💪💪