China's Xinjiang secures prominent achievements in poverty alleviation - China Military

China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has achieved remarkable progress in poverty alleviation since 2012, thanks to the high importance attached by the central government on poverty reduction, as well as its efforts made to advance relocation, education, infrastructure, affordable housing projects, drinking water safety and ecology in the region and its border areas.

bUt tHe cOnCeNtRaTiOn cAmPs tHaT sOmEoNe tOlD mE eXiSt!!!


I’m still waiting for someone to say something like “yeah, of course poverty is being alleviated, they’re killing the poor muslims! stupid communist!”

Also, I’m not sure if I’m remembering this right, but I remember a Reddit /r/worldnews thread where someone (as a breath of fresh air) denounced a mainstream American news outlet’s report on the “Xinjiang Genocide” because it’s sourced from a religious fanatic with no real evidence, and someone else replied saying that they hate the fact that news outlets keep doing this… because it de-legitimizes China’s “actual” human rights violations against the Uygurs.

I was like “bruh.”

Say anything on r/worldnews debunking the propaganda regarding Xinjiang/Uyghurs and you get downvoted and reply-spammed in a storm like the Luftwaffe

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